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Update 4 months after ablation

Just thought Id post an update - I had a bad start for the 1st three months with Af happening more frequently than before - every 10 days on average - but this month only had one turn and it only lasted 2 miutes.

So feeling Im getting my confidence back and feeling i can go further on my own as was nervous about travelling far on my own in the car as had got stuck at my destination before as went into Af and now wearing dresses to work that I never wore before as always wore my really old comfort clothes. So keeping my fingers crossed that the ablation has reduced my episodes. And hope this post reassures others in that first 3 month period. This site has been so much help to me.

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Well done, pleased things are vastly improved for you. Enjoy.


Thank you for this reassuring post. On Thursday it will be one month since my ablation and going into atrial tachycardia and my heart rate has been all over the place during this time. I had started to wonder if it had been worth it. But reading your post I know I have just got to give it time and all will be well.

I agree this site is amazing as are the people on it.

I do hope your health continues to get better and better as time goes on.


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This is good news!


It's hard getting used to the idea of yourself as someone who doesn't have AF. I am still trying to redefine myself as just a person in NSR. I try to not allow myself to even think about AF but when I get palpitations I immediately worry about AF returning. The point is, so what if it does? It might not happen and if it does you can deal with it just like you had to before. You can then re-evaluate what you want to do about it, - another ablation? I had my ablation last August and have been in NSR for almost 8 months. As one EP said to me, if you think the AF is coming back then 'bring it on' and you'll deal with it again until it stops. Take care.



I am not months post ablation. I had a rough 3M as well. Had to take amiodarone short term (less than 3 M). I have been mostly NSR since beginning the amiodarone.

At my EP appointment last week he now believes my mitral valve is causing the problem. Another 3 M wait and see to decide on the next move.


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