Angry! Need comfort! :/

Just had ablation went great called my EP he said that the pain in my leg I called about has nothing to do with the procedure. He sounded half asleep im like dont uou know im at risk for blood clots ??! He seemed so calm and said if its not swollen I should be fine but he couldn't tell me over the phone but if im that concernedyto go to the ER !!! :/ HELP please am I over reacting??

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  • I would suggest that any pain after procedure needs checking out, I would take his advice & go to ER & take it from there. Better safe than sorry. Good luck

  • I agree but my doctor and husband think its NOT possible so I just went and bought compression socks and calling it a night if I feel that lain again I am going I dont care how I get there !

  • Good for you, we know our bodies better than anyone!

  • You go if you feel you need to... My hubby's a bit of a cynic when it comes to AF too, and I've learned to be firm.

  • @ eatsalottie thank you && yeah mine is so fed up with taking me constantly it makes me sad he doesn't understand but idk what to do about that I just rather go when he doesn't know :/ sad but I think thats what im going to have to do

  • It's just that he doesn't understand. It's natural that you should worry but from the outside you probably look fine and like mine he will be an expert at turning a blind eye - they do it because they care, and if you're fine, that's good, right? Just do what you think is right - if you're not on anticoagulants then it would be good to discuss this with your doctor and if necessary ask to see an EP. Try and make them talk human language that us normal folk can understand, sometimes half of what mine says goes straight over my head!


  • If you're worried see your gp, but if you are on anticoagulants you should be fine.

  • Yeah im going to have to I really hate the er idk we will see what happens...&& nope they didn't put me on any !! Idk why not

  • lulu - regarding the worry about blot clots, I assume you're on warfarin or one of the anticoags?

  • Nope they didn't prescribe Amy after the procedure!

  • Hi Lulu - Never put up with feeling worried. If you have any concerns I would say get it checked. Lets not forget, you have had a procedure carried out on your HEART which is not a minor thing. Best wishes and big healing hug.


  • So true ugh idk whst to do it started around 6 pm now its 1:07 am idk :/ so confused

  • On a scale of 1-10 how bad is the pain in your leg?

  • Maybe it's only AF ablation that requires anticoagulation.

  • Yeah I asked my nurse he said I dont need them but now I have this bad ache and im scared I was feeling so goood now im just wondering if im ok :(

  • Lulu - I would eithe get an emergency app with your GP or go to your nearest casualty. They should be able to put your mind at rest.

  • After a heart procedure, the last thing you need is worry and feeling scared. Do go and see your GP or go to A & E - they are there to help you.

  • Hi again Lulu,

    Take note of what all these kind people are saying to you..You have been worried since the early hrs of this morning and this in itself is not good for you....Remember the "moccasins"....Cx

  • Hi Lulu91.

    I've had two DVTs - and a possible PE. Is your painful leg swollen, or does it feel warm to the touch? They're two classic symptoms of a possible DVT. Personally, I'd ask for an emergency appointment with your GP, or if that is not possible visit your nearest ER and ask for an ultrasound test. To the best of my knowledge, that's the only way to get a definite diagnosis one way or the other for this condition.

    Let us all know how you get on and meanwhile, my very best wishes.


  • All appropriate advice. Stress increases nothing but negative reactions. Better to be safe than sorry. And as far as anti-coagulants, I am one of the few who is planning on NOT being on anti-coagulants the rest of my life. All that said, I am certainly taking them post-ablation for three months. It is based on CHADS score and my own feelings. I would definitely show him all the latest guidelines for anti-coagulants.

    Don't let anyone intimidate you into not seeking help if you need reassuring, the only thing to think about is that you can be grateful if they don't find anything - it doesn't mean you shouldn't go. Friends and family don't know and they can't -they've often watched us suffer and continue anyway for so long they lose their compassion and /or patience. Odd as it may sound it is difficult to watch and feel useless, so many turn off, and we go bravely own. Get the answers YOU need to feel safe.

  • My fiancee Kenny went on a weeks holiday to Glasgow last year with an un diagnosed deep vein thrombosis ! They did an X ray before we went and he was told he was OK to travel. He had a sore leg the whole time we were away and spent alot of time resting in the hotel. When we got home he went back to the doctor who sent him for a scan and they found the thrombosis ! He was on warfarin for six months, it has now cleared up. :)

  • Yeah they did a ultra sound of my whole leg and found nothing my leg doesn't hurt anymore so im not worried no swelling nothing THANK GOD! :))) im glad your bf is okay!!

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