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Update 2017 Ablation


Not a good week started with very bad head pain numbness in arm and tingling in leg ended up in hospital had head scan to check for bleed thankfully ok still feeling bad went to gp for ecg while waiting felt very strange faint and sick ecg showed AF back but not fast as before ablation bleed pressure high then very low ended up hospital again checking bloods etc sent home again one gp says mini stroke others say severe migraine so very confused at moment. So st barts are going to be informed again as still under them. Sorry for long post but feeling scared at moment I was doing so well lost 2 half stone.

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Sorry for spelling put bleed should be blood pressure


Congratulations on the weight loss.

The good thing, when things go wrong, is that you get attention. Although you have had a really bad week, it could lead to long term improvement and let's hope it may be a turning point for you.

Sorry to hear you have this nasty scare, it must have been awful. I hope Barts get back to you quickly with a review date. Could you ring your EPs secretary on Monday, tell them of your episode and that you are being referred back to them and ask if they can rush you through an appointment. Stress your scary symptoms. It might be quicker that way.

Are you on an anticoagulants.

Well done with your weight loss.

sue13hils in reply to meadfoot

Hi yes rivoroxaban diltizem

I think it's always worse when we have no definite answers,so we worry more about it.I had a,similar episode in Nov which was said at the time was probably a TIA,but then had another diagnosis that it could also have been a vascular 'event' due to high bp ,going in and out of very hot shops into freezing cold East Anglia weather all day,dehydrated etc.I would think it's a good idea to ring your consultant s Secretary answer for urgent referral .Best wishes.xx

sue13hils in reply to wilsond

Thankyou I love this association makes you feel not so alone my GP has sent an email to st barts

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