severe groin pain

Hi all. This is my second post/question. I've had AV node ablation 5 days ago. Yesterday I went out to see my GP. Following this I went to the shops. When I got home I felt ok. I then decided to lie down and when I got up for dinner I've felt severe groin and leg pain. I took paracetamol but didn't seem

to alleviate the pain much. Is this something I should be concerned about? I was thinking perhaps I've overdone the walking and consequently the pain. Any comments much appreciated.

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  • I would go back and see your GP again.

  • I was told not to do anything for 5 days and not to drive for 7 days. Do you have any extra bruising? If there is some the size of your palm you should seek medical advice. It might be a small leak I had it on my second ablation. Pressure on the spot soon stopped it.

    Be Well

  • Hi Offcut. Do you mean by small leak is bleeding? I went to see my GP yesterday and he had looked at it. There is bruising but he said it's fine.

  • In my case it was an internal bleed that was stopped with 5 min pressure on the point of the leak.

  • How would I know if it's internal bleeding? Thanks

  • you will see the bruise and it will grow and stay the same colour

  • I am hoping you mean a PVI ablation and not an AV node ablation? Sounds like you have overdone it, you should not be doing anything for the first week. You are legally not able to drive for 7 days following an ablation And should have been warned about that, and very great care going up and down stairs. Your wound needs time to heal which requires you to not use your legs.

    If pain continues please seek medical advice.

  • AV node ablation. I might have overdone it yesterday. I'm still in pain.

  • Ease up, and see the doctor... Take care!

  • Just a timely reminder that DVLA do need to be advised if you have AF and no doubt you will have been told how long you may not drive following any procedure including pace maker and AV node ablations. Do take it easy. Far too son to be charging about shopping!

  • That's interesting about DVLA notification, never heard that before. GP never told me either...hmmm?

  • This often confuses people but trust me this is gospel. Under DVLA Guide to Medical Practitioners AF is not a notifiable condition. In other words doctors do not have to advice DVLA that a person has AF. Under Guide to Drivers it IS notifiable but driving may continue if the condition is not distracting or causes incapacity. Failure to advise DVLA that you have AF could result in a fine of £1000 and this could also invalidate your insurance. True it is a while since we have aired this and maybe we should do a special FAQ about it but it does come up regularly. The is a form H1 I think that you can download and complete following which you will get a letter saying thanks carry on driving.


  • Hi all. Thank you for all

    your comments. I didn't drive yesterday. I took the bus to see my GP and same means when I went to the shop just to pick up some items then I went home. i haven't slept due to the pain. I have an appointment this afternoon to see my GP. Hope it's nothing serious. Will keep you posted.


  • Can anyone give you a lift?

  • Hi Rellim296. Yes I will get a lift this afternoon when I go to see my GP. Thanks

  • That's good!

  • I've been to my GP and said that there might be a muscle leak. Prescribed me codeine so hopefully pain will settle down with this. He said if swelling flares up I have to go back to the hospital. I didn't have a chance to ask why.

  • Can anyone please tell me if 15mg of

    Codeine is a high dose? Thank you

  • No but it can only be obtained on prescription. I am taking it at the moment for back pain which has suddenly come on. Now 30 mg is a pretty high dose but personally it spaces me out too much ... Need to lie down

  • Thanks Yatsura I'm scared to take high dose of codeine so I guess 15mg is fine then?

  • Have they done an ultrasound of the area? I had an ablation for Aflutter and my primary doctor told me to wait a week because of groin bruising. However, the doctor who did ablation called for ultrasound that showed 2 slow bleeds. At hospital a technician applied 2 hand pressure (about 40 lbs) for 30 mins. That saved me from an operation. Like you I had overdone with walking around.

    Heather R

  • Hi Heather. No as I've only been to my GP today. He examined my groin area and said that there might be muscle leak but no lump. He prescribed me with codeine for the pain and said it should settle within a few days. Should I wait until

    tom to see whether the pain gets better before going to A & E? Thanks.

  • I would contact the person who did the ablation and ask them if you should have further testing. It may be what GP said but since you are taking codeine for pain; it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion. My info from GP was sent to EP and he worked with my GP to have me get an ultrasound at hospital and subsequent treatment. I wasn't in much pain; just had redness in groin area.

    Heather R

  • I`ve had 2 AV node ablations but never experienced any kind of pain afterwards. I can`t imagine that your ablation is anything to do with it. If it persists, see your GP again - he might be able to pinpoint the cause.

  • Hi all. thank you for all your response. I went to my local hospital yesterday as the pano continued to persist. Doctor examined and couldn't find any lump or collection as he put it. He said the pain seems muscle pain so I I've learned my lesson to take it easy. I am so relieved as I was getting worried. Continuing with my codeine and paracetamol for now.

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