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Went shopping and my legs went to lead?

Went shopping today a very small shop and not long after getting out of my car I felt a little strange but my calf's ached and my legs started to feel like lead is this my AF or my lungs?

I had lung rehab some time back and had the calf pain there and they said it could be my body taking oxygenated blood to my more important organs. Felt rough when I got home and slept for 2 hours which I don't do on a good day normally. Any one else had this?

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Hi there Offcut

Not having lung problems I can't say about that but I do get arms that suddenly feel like lead . This often happens when out shopping pushing a trolley . It almost feels as if they're too heavy to push it ! I mentioned this to the doctor who thought it was when my heart was teetering on going into AF .This makes me tired and often have a snooze. Hopefully someone else will give you some info..... if however you're getting it often I'd contact cardio and ask what he thinks.

take care



I am in AF and my breathing is rubbish at the moment.


Hi Offcut,

This has happened to me - walking uphill when I was on bisoprolol.

I just could not take another step - even though there was a handrail I could not even pull myself along.

Hope you soon feel better



Sympathy with all of you. I'm in permanent AF which is reasonably under control (whatever that means) and taking 7.5mg bisoprolol. Like some of you, it feels like I have to drag myself around the shops and house. Legs are so painful at times, yet GP doesn't seem to address the problem at all. Maybe it's the bisiprolol. maybe a form of a circulation problem? Walking uphill, up stairs or steps is just a painful embarrassment. I think it's now bad enough to be addressed properly to see what can be done.


Hi Offcut, so sorry you're in AF hope it doesn't last long. For what's worth weakness is the first sign of an attack with me. Walking upstairs can seem impossible, but is. My strength comes back when in NSR but tiredness needs rest then. Terjo


Hi Offcut, Sorry you are in AF again. Hoping for a short episode for you. When I am in AF and I try to walk up stairs my legs feel like lead too, and most episodes are preceded by a freakish feeling of exhaustion. It's like my body is saying "fasten your seat belt, you are in for a bumpy ride!" I hope you are resting well right now and back in NSR very quickly.


Hi Offcut -- I have certainly felt like this when I was mainly in A/ Flutter. It was quite frightening but a DCCV helped.



DCCV? If you mean a cardio version they seem to have give up on them 9 to date :(


Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well

My case is different , hope you will be better soon


Thought I would put my update went to the shops again today this time with a trolley but legs went the same but later than the last time. My calf feels so sore as well.


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