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Natural Ways of Healing Prostate Cancer

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I have decided to opt out of the traditional way to treat my prostate cancer with a psa of 7.2. Please any advise on supplements and natural method is greatly appreciated.



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How do you know you even have prostate cancer. PSA doesn't mean prostate cancer. Get a proper diagnosis before you make any treatment decision.

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Kpatia in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks for the question. Indeed, after my PSA test had a biopsy with a Gleason of 3 + 4 (7).

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vforvendetta in reply to Kpatia

Did your medical team indicate that you were a candidate for active surveillance?

You may find others in your situation in the Prostate Cancer Network community.

This community is tailored towards those with prostate cancer that has spread from the prostate to other parts of the body.

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Tall_Allen in reply to Kpatia

What percent of the cancer in that core was pattern 4? You can get that info from Epstein's lab at Johns Hopkins:

If it is low, you may still be a good candidate for active surveillance.

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Kpatia in reply to Tall_Allen

I have no idea of Pattern 4. I will proceed and check the link sent. Most appreciated.


Did you get a 2nd opinion regarding the biopsy results and was the biopsy Guided or an inferior TRUS method???

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Currumpaw in reply to Kpatia

Hey Kpatia!

A TRUS biopsy? You don't give much info. A mp 3-0T MRI with a real time biopsy would be the very best--especially as T_A has said and I agree, with a transperineal biopsy, the chances of sepsis are dramatically reduced and access to areas of the prostate is expanded. Do you have a tumor? Is your cancer spread out in "clusters"?

I believe in a combination treatment and lifestyle changes. Most pay consequences for avoiding treatment.

Read about Dr. Ruth Heidrich. She gambled and won as have others but many have failed just as conventional medicine fails many.


Why not make your supplements complimentary? I have been taking supplements with my ADT drugs for decades. If you would like a list, here it is:

Vitamin D3

Japanese green tea

Selenium + vitamin E

Eissac tea

IP 6

Good Luck

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Spyder54 in reply to Magnus1964

Hi Magnus,What is IP6, and how does it bnefit you?



St Pete

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CalBear74 in reply to Spyder54

Mike,On Amazon you will find “ IP-6 and Inositol”, AKM Shamsuddin, MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology, Univ. of MD School of Medicine. All of your questions will be answered in detail.

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Magnus1964 in reply to Spyder54

You can find it on Amazon under ip-6 inositol. I assume you will due your due diligence research.

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spencoid2 in reply to Magnus1964

which one are you taking, brand and dose?

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Magnus1964 in reply to spencoid2

Cell Forte'

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spencoid2 in reply to Magnus1964


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Magnus1964 in reply to spencoid2

800 mg, btw, IP6 has magnesium in it. Check the label.

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spencoid2 in reply to Magnus1964

I was about to order cell forte but they also have Cell Forte Max3 Immune System Health which has the same 800 ms IP6 and also has some cats claw and some maitake mushroom. i think it is also cheaper? not really concerned with price, just wondering if i should get the Max 3 over the just IP6 Inositol and magnesium.

I will take the IP6 at a different time than the magnesium, one morning one evening, that should help if the absorption occurs in the digestive system?

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Magnus1964 in reply to spencoid2

I don't know what the benefit is of those other additives.

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spencoid2 in reply to Magnus1964

It seems that IP6 binds with and reduces the absorption of magnesium. I plan to take magnesium to reduce hot flashes. Should I pass on IP6 or is it important?

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Magnus1964 in reply to spencoid2

From what I have read a magnesium supplement should counter any magnesium loss due to IP6. But maybe you should do some additional research.

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WSOPeddie in reply to Magnus1964

I started incorporating IP6 & Inositol a few months ago after reading the book about it. Are you sure about Selenium + vit E? I thought these were contra-indicated for prostate cancer.

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Magnus1964 in reply to WSOPeddie

I took selenium and Vitamin E for several years until my PSA began to rise. It didn't seem to hurt me. I believe supplements should be treated like ADT drugs. Once they stop working, stop the supplement.

I have a naturopathic oncology that works in conjunction with my MO and RO. It’s worked well. While I don’t believe that the naturopathic path should the sole method of treatment it certainly can be incorporated into the treatment provided by ‘traditional’ doctors.

My current list of rotating supplements is:

Vitamin D3

Green tea extract

Mushroom extract

Pomegranate extract or juice



Magnesium (for ADT induced hot flashes)

Pomi-T - combined supplement of green tea, pomegranate extract, sulforaphane, and turmeric


what form of magnesium helps hot flashes and what dose?

Magnesium Glycinate -240 mg at bedtime

thanks, will amazon it right now. the best "cure" for hot flashes so far is cuddling with my dog but in the 90 plus weather? even if i just pet her it helps but i am having some very long hot flashes during the day. if i can get the hot flashes under control and with my new race horse peeing I can accept my condition.

The magnesium got them under control. I get 2 regularly at night. One when I go to bed and one when I inevitably get up to pee. I get them randomly during the day. Some days none. Some days 2 or 3. They are usually not severe. They last maybe 2 or 3 minutes. Before magnesium I was getting them more frequently and a bit more intense. I can live with them now if I have to.

i could not find 240 mg so i ordered powder, much cheaper too :). so i can measure out exactly 240 mg each day. i collect scales and have all sorts of very nice scales with no use. one is a torsion prescription balance that i would not mind having in the house. i am using so much of my stuff related to this PC thing :) got to use my centrifuge and microscope.

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donits in reply to Magnus1964

Hi Magnus, thank you for the interesting information on supplements. I take similar supplements: vit D3, green tea, curcumin etc.... I would like to ask are you absolutely sure that vitamin E is good for prostate cancer? I have read for a long time that this vitamin cannot be taken.Best regards,


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Magnus1964 in reply to donits

I took selenium and vitamin E a Long time ago and for a few years until my PSA began to rise. Since it was so long ago and I stopped talking it I have not followed any studies on Pca and vitamin E. So I guess I really can't answer your question. I only know it didn't harm me.

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cashlessclay in reply to donits

"Initial research on vitamin E and cancer has focused on α-tocopherol (αT), but recent clinical studies on cancer-preventive effects of αT supplementation have shown disappointing results, which has led to doubts about the role of vitamin E, including different vitamin E forms, in cancer prevention. However, accumulating mechanistic and preclinical animal studies show that other forms of vitamin E, such as γ-tocopherol (γT), δ-tocopherol (δT), γ-tocotrienol (γTE), and δ-tocotrienol (δTE), have far superior cancer-preventive activities than does αT."

If you want to take something without any scientific proof, good luck!

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WSOPeddie in reply to Poowater

Try actually reading material that supports the use of some of these, like IP6. There is scientific support, if not clinical trial 'proof', if you keep an open mind on the subject.

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spencoid2 in reply to WSOPeddie

there is similar scientific support for uva ursi alternatives are not likely get funding for clinical trials and this needs to be taken into account. anything free or cheap offers no profit for big pharma. if you can't patent it, forget it.

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spencoid2 in reply to Poowater

if by scientific proof you mean only a controlled study then there are certainly things i would take but based on scientific understanding of their possible actions. if it is shown that something contains agents which are known to have certain beneficial actions there is a greater chance that they will be effective but of course you need to consider all aspects such as mode of delivery. does the stuff actually get to where it is needed.

just a little a tangential thought

spencoid2 wrote --- " ... but of course you need to consider all aspects such as mode of delivery. does the stuff actually get to where it is needed."

My first colonoscopy 20+ years ago required drinking 16oz. of Magnesium Citrate as did my PCP required it before she performed her Sigmoidoscopy. Giving thought to the mode of delivery I surmised that if a transdermal patch was used for some important medication delivery, why not just spray the magnesium citrate on my skin and see what happens.

I sprayed and rubbed in a small amount of mag/citra on the inside of my elbows, the back of my knees, both sides of my wrists and rubbed it on my earlobes and low and behold within 12 hours I flushed out my colon. An easy-peasy laxative that can be used at any time and the the cost of a 16oz. bottle of less than $1.00 will last for years when kept in the refrigerator.

are you joking? putting it on your skin made you shit? I was highly suspicious of putting caster oil on my skin and getting it to my bladder. It did nothing when squirted into my urethra. all sorts of medicines are now delivered by trans-dermal patches so the skin is obviously more than just a container for our bodies. I don't pretend to know how it works all I care about is that I can now pee better and get a catheter in and can continue to live in my remote home without worrying about the fact that it is two hours to a competent hospital. I paid $10 for a pint of castor oil instead of surgery or a supra pubic catheter.

spencoid2 wrote --- "are you joking? putting it on your skin made you shit?..."

First time experiment I sprayed too much on and it was like opening flood gates. NO plop-plop-fizz-fizz but instead whoosh!!! 😲

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Poowater in reply to Poowater

Sooner you than me. I only follow medical advice not quackery.

You might want to get more information on your tumor type and have a baseline circulating tumor cell test run before you attempt a cure without the standard of care androgen deprivation route. You could benefit from having a medical oncologist and naturopathic oncologist on your team. There may be more biomarkers than PSA to track your disease state that would be crucial to know about before trying alternative treatment. Best wishes for a successful outcome🖖

Here's my alternative supplements




Going well so far. PSA fallen from 10.8 to 0.13


Honestly, you should not be here.

With your PSA, etc you are a candidate for RP, radiation, etc with a very good chance of being completed cured.

You may even be able to get away with active surveillance, although in your case it would be a bit edgy.

This message board is orientated towards men and their partners with cancer that has spread outside the prostate, remission is possible, cure is very unlikely if not impossible.

Don't scold people with any state of prostate cancer for being here. Mine isn't advanced ... yet ... but I want to be educated as to what to do when it does become advanced.

I am sorry if it sounds like I am scolding, but I do consider that he would be better off talking to people that have a similar level of cancer.

A PSA of 7 with a Gleason 3+4 sounds extremely curable.

If he takes action, he can dodge the prostate cancer bullet and die of something else!

Only a few men with prostate cancer end up with an advanced stage, most will be cured or die of something else first.

Too much good luck tea causes bad decisions.

You need to follow the science proven approaches to dealing with this or it will kill you. That does not exclude options for complementary therapies coordinated with your doctor. Seriously your life is on the line.

When in doubt you can always try medical marijuana and homemade chocolate chip cookies- that might work!

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monte1111 in reply to Chugach

Chocolate chip ice cream....two scoops.

You've come to the wrong place if you think someone here has a magic bullet for you.

You will most likely ignore any 'common sense' advice that some have offered as a better choice / path to pursue.

Like the others have tried to point out, this forum is for more advanced cases, so you are barking up the wrong tree, however, there are some 'practitioners and quacks' that will gladly relieve you of your purse .....

I noticed nobody actually answered your question so here ya go:Diet-cut out sugars, carbs as much as possible. Focus on healthy veggies, oils, good sourced proteins with more focus on salmon/turkey then red meat.

Pectasol C, Tumuric, melatonin, maybe RSO if available to you.

Hire a great naturopathic doctor to find a protocol and regimen specific to your body. Watch inflammation markers (LDH, CRP, SED) monthly. If these numbers rise, your body will start cancering. And mostly, get the stress out of your like, heal your head and heart and get good rest.

Humans have been around for a few thousand years. Presumably prostate cancer has been around that long, too. Valid medical science has been around for maybe 180 years. Most of the real advances in the treatment of PCa have been made in the past 30-50 years. You may want to bet your life on "supplements and natural method" but I would not. Yes as complementary; no as primary treatment. You need to take charge of your own treatment decisions, yes. Your answers above show that you have a lot of information to gather before you bet your life. Good luck.

Sure, most of us on this forum, myself included, wouldn't choose to forgo all traditional methods but you are an adult who has made a decision, and asked a question so instead of being condescending or lecturing you, I will simply answer your question out of respect to you.

Firstly, I would suggest working with a naturopathic oncologist if you aren't already. You can find one here:

Moss report on prostate cancer is a well rounded list on all things prostate cancer:

They also offer personal consultations.

Also, a free helpline for support:

Switch to an 100% whole food diet (absolutely zero processed foods), preferably plant-based, very low in or absent of meat, dairy, choline, sugar. 75% foods in their raw state. 100% organic or as close to it as possible. Overload your body with vegetables, greens, and colors. Variety is good. Low in high-sugar fruits.

Australia, US, New Zealand, and Ireland are among the countries with the highest cancer rates. Lowest are Israel, Lebanon, Bulgaria, and Japan.

The middle eastern countries and Asian countries have the lowest rates of prostate cancer. Ireland is one of the highest. Do what Israel does, not Ireland.

Entirely eliminate toxic products from your usage including cleaning sprays, shampoo, deodorant, detergent, air freshners, etc. Many ingredients in these products are known to disrupt the endocrine system. is a good site to find toxicity levels in ingredients and products.

Incorporate exercise you like into your daily regime. Yoga, pilates, walking, stretching and weight lifting are all beneficial.

Eliminate stress, bad feelings, negativity and learn ways to cope with them. Meditation, spirituality, religion, journaling, laughter, hobbies, gratitude lists, deep breathing, hiking in the woods are all good practices. Practiced daily. There must be a balance between work and play.

A reason for living; a reason to get up in the morning; anticipation and purpose. All are essential.

Healthy relationships with those around you. Learn to mend past emotional hurts, let go of ego, forgive, move on.

Good sleep. Research continues to prove how important sleep is. Poor sleep promotes cancer.

Take vitamin D.

Selenium-rich foods

Vitamin-C rich foods

Zinc-rich foods

Vitamin B12 methyl form supplement

Supplements/foods that may be beneficial. (Please research each for interactions or side effects. For example, turmeric can lower iron; citrus pectin can interfere with vitamin A; black cumin can lower blood pressure excessively):

Berberine, Modified citrus pectin, Barley grass, Melatonin, Resveratrol, Turmeric, Dandelion root and leaves (plentiful in your backyard), Quercetin, Tomatoes/lycopene, Broccoli, Cruciferous vegetables, Sprouts, Milk thistle, Green tea, Grape skin, Pomegranate, Astragalus, Beta Glucans, Papaya seeds and leaves, Black seed, Medicinal mushrooms, IP6, Chlorella, Olive leaf, Zyflamend

Take herbs/foods/supplements that cleanse the blood such as burdock, dandelion, and barley grass.

Electromagnetic therapy is something to look into.

Choose quality supplement companies (preferably NSF certified) such as Thorne and Vital Nutrients.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. With that being said, I'm not an expert. Not one little bit. I do know that change is the essential element in the healing journey. I wish you much positivity and healing.

Steve Jobs, pancreatic cancer, bet that he could be his own doctor. He lost.

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WSOPeddie in reply to monte1111

Everyone loses with pancreatic cancer. He might have stayed alive longer than the typical patient.

hi Kpatia ... this website might be of great benefit to you ... ... Dr. Geo is a specialist in prostate health and he believes in an intergrative approach ... "Hi, I’m Dr. Geo. I research – and then teach – the science to optimize the health of men, before, despite, or after prostate cancer. My focus is also the best medicine approach, mostly natural and holistic methods, to help men extend their life and resolve urological problems. Then, I write about it, teach at different platforms, or help patients at my clinic." ... best wishes ... Nous :)

My local priest and I were diagnosed at the same time. He went the natural therapy and in the hands of God. I went radiation which was six years ago. My current PSA unreadable my Testosterone unreadable however treating now to bring it up. Approximately four years ago hard for me Christmas mass priest was there in wheel chair PSA 3000. He passed within the month. I will never forget the tears in his eyes. I realize no two PC cases are the same.

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