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Lupron verses Eligard

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Diagnosed with prostate cancer in October of 2019 . Radiation treatments suggested and Lupron. Started Lupron 3 month injection October 27 2019. Had second injection 3 months later. Finished 44 days treatment of radiation late February. Insurance does not want to pay for Lupron anymore. RO wants to switch to Eligard ,which she says if better than Lupron because absorption is better anyway and insurance will cover. My understand Lupron and Eligard are the same anyway. I have experienced minimal side effects from Lupron. Should i switch to Eligard?

13 Replies
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Same medicine.

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norman44 in reply to Tall_Allen

Tnx TAll, Wondering if insurance get better deals from one manufacturer than another ?

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Tall_Allen in reply to norman44

Probably. Eligard is probably less expensive because it wasn't the first.

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gourd_dancer in reply to Tall_Allen

17 years ago price was the same. My insurance covered it 100%.


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I've been on Eligard six month injection for two years now no difference other than the injection smarts a little mainly because of needle size.

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I was on lupron for about a year then doctor switched me to eligard. I can’t tell any difference except that the shot stings for about a hour instead of a week Good luck with the monster

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Trelstar stings very little compared to Lupron and Eligard..for the 3 month shots...

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I experience irritability and tiredness angry behavior when taking Eligard went off it for awhile and numbers went higher now taking orally Finasteride and Flutamide 1 time a day. Will find out God willing whether or not this is working. Blood test end of April. I feel good and that’s good. Good luck with your cancer condition.

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norman44 in reply to Shorttimer

Same symptoms as you Shorttimer and minor hot flashes tnx for the good luck !

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I took bought; which ever was in inventory. Same medicine. I preferred Eligard..... after initial sting, no soreness at all.


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Same thing .....


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I’m pretty sure it’s the same drug!

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