Senses are better while on Lupron

I have noticed that since a have been on Lupron injection that my sense of smell and hearing is much better! Also have noticed that my reaction time is a lot better. I have been on Lupron for 3 years but I am being taken off it to go on Eligard next month. One other thing that is being noticed that woman are responding to me much better when I talk to them. I think the reason is because I understand the female mind better because I have very very low testosterone in my body! Does anyone have this situation?

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  • Most of us on Lupron or Firmagon have a marked decline in memory and cognitive abilities, which is called "Lupron Fog." It's not impossible but it is unlikely that it has increased any of your senses.

    Conversely, I had remarked to my urologist a couple of years ago that "I'm having some memory problems---I never had them before." My uro replied, "You were never 65 before, either." ----a great comeback.

    Perhaps the lower testosterone levels while on Androgen Deprivation Therapy make us less aggressive, which could explain to some degree why you have the ladies responding to you much better, and another part of it could be that if you've told them about your prostate cancer, they're sympathetic.


  • Was on Lupron for 3 years 111/2 years ago and I did not have any brain fog or memory problems then and I have been on Lupron 3 years in August and have no problems now! As far as woman being sympathetic to me because I told them that I have cancer I never have! Thank you for your input on this matter.

  • women also come on to gay men....on lupron you are not a threat constantly try to get sex

  • I will have you know that I'm not gay! I love woman! And remember all medication react differently on people! Thank you for your opinion!

  • I've been on Lupron for these past 3 years or so and before that Zoladex and what I've noticed (besides the incessant hot flashes) is my immune system seems to be working better than ever. Haven't had a cold or sniffle since and even the occasional sore throat goes away overnight. I wish I could get on a Prostvac trial while this immune boost is still in effect!!

  • I do notice a sore thoat once in a while too!

  • No ... never noticed this and I've been on Lupron for a few years.

  • Thank you for your opinion!

  • I had Lupron about 3 years ago as a co-treatment for radiation. I had hot flashes, on the good side I laughed more at stupid jokes. I guess that is why women laugh at my stupid jokes :)

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