Changing me to Eligard

I have been on Lupron for 3years and now Im told that I am going to be on Eligard. I get my shot ever 3 months and it has my PSA down to< .1 Doctor says I'm doing very good. I am a 11and half year survivor. My concern is will this work as good as Lupron and will I have different side effects with Eligard. The nurse told me the only difference is the manufacturer of the drug. Has anyone had this situation? I am going to get my injection on August 19th at Smilow Cancer Yale.

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  • Lupron and Eligard are just different trade names for the same drug. There should be no difference between the two. You can type in Lupron or Eligard on your browser, and you'll find that they're the same thing.

    And congratulations on your long-term success in treatment. I only had two years success and then with rising PSA, Xtandi was added. Firmagon and switching later to Lupron (they're similar, but not the same) didn't manage to bring my testosterone level down to the therapeutic level, so I had to have a bilateral orchiectomy as a last-ditch effort to control the testosterone level.

    Have you had a bone density test? (A Dexa scan) The hormone therapy can interfere with the calcium needed to maintain bone density, and my doctor put me on Xgeva injections to help maintain bone health. I also have to take calcium citrate supplements and vitamins D3 and K2. The calcium citrate is more easily absorbed by the bones than calcium carbonate, and the K2 helps to keep the calcium to be deposited in the bone instead of arterial walls and heart valves.

    I've got osteoporosis now, after even a shorter course of androgen deprivation, and am at increased risk for fracture, even with the Xgeva.


  • Thank you for answering my question. I was on Xgeva for about for 2 years and I had a tooth pulled out and it took 6 month for it to heal after I was taken off Xgeva. I had to go to an oral surgeon every 2 month until it healed!

    This medication effects the teeth so my oncologist took me off it. I walk a lot which will help my bones! I walk 3 days a week. I walk 2 -3 hours steady! And yes I did have a bone density test a while ago. I'm sorry to hear about you having osteoporosis and wish you good luck! You sound like a very strong and positive man! Thats what got you though all of your cancer treatment! I have a lot of excellent people that take care of me that I thank every time I see them! Unfortunately the surgeon that operated on me died in February which sadden me very much! He had pancreatic cancer! When I walk I have a favorite place that I go and said a prayer for him! I will not forget him ever!

  • At least I was lucky in that I had all of my teeth pulled about fourteen years ago, so I don't have to worry about the Xgeva and dental work.

    I can't walk very far; I use crutches--the ones that clamp onto the forearm, and they help me to keep my balance, as well as relieving some of the strain on my back. I've got to be very careful not to fall, with my increased risk for fractures.

    And you must be very strong, having gone through the prostate cancer for eleven years. I was diagnosed almost four years ago, but it was very advanced, especially the extensive lymph gland involvement.

    And I wish you the very best,

    Eric (CERICWIN)

  • I read of good results from Hopkins study for Prolia shot every six months to avoid osteoporosis. Been doing it and have survived several violent falls with nothing broken. Onc gave shots at my request.

  • I have taken Prolia for about 3 years now, every 6 months. I had a Dexla scan at the time of my first shot, and was told it showed some osteopenia. In January of this year my new urologist (we moved to a new city) ordered another scan. I asked about it yesterday. My urologist (and I after I heard what it showed) was amazed to see I no longer have any osteopenia - that all areas that would be expected to deteriorate we in great condition. So for me, Prolia has been the answer.

  • Just had tooth work done. Google ONJ to find out what cancer patient Must do prior to any dental work re: drugs you take.

  • Thank you, you always have so much valuable information. 10 days ago I took a tumble out of the back of my pickup on my ATV, I hit the ground first, head, then the ATV landed on me, 5 ribs broke and bruised lung and huge hematoma by my right glut muscle. I think the fact of me being on Eligard and Xgeva saved me from broken bones. My psa is on the rise, 1.3 so I'm hearing a change is needed. It's been just over 2 years with current plan, I believe the plan was to add phirmagon(sp). I really appreciate all the knowledge I am gaining by reading this blog.

  • Hi docbulldog,

    I was on Firmagon for several years, and it's almost the same as Lupron.

    The Firmagon injections are kind of painful, given on either side of the navel.

    It comes as a white powder, and is reconstituted just before injection with sterile water, and becomes a time release, forming a gel immediately after injection. The injecton site can be painful, but some ice in a wash cloth, and then put in a plastic bag can relieve the pain.

    You can read about my experience with Firmagon on my profile.


  • Thank you for the information bhammel

  • If it is at all possible you should only start it with a one month injection to see if there are any other side effects that are different from what you're already taking. They gave my husband a six-month injection of eligard and he was practically in bed the whole entire six months with severe fatigue and a few other symptoms. My best wishes to you and I do so hope that you can get the one month injection so that you may try it first. Most sincere, Jackie

  • Did you ask your Dr why the change to Eligard?

    If Lupron was working well, then why change. Only reason I could see is a bit cynical, but maybe the Dr has been offered some incentive from the manufacturer of Eligard?

    I would never accept a change of a working treatment without knowing why.

  • It is the same as Lupron, different brand name. Got my last injection of Eligard on July 22, 2016. Have no idea how long it takes this medicine to leave ones system and allows the body to produce testosterone normally, we will see, may have to start getting testosterone shots, other then that everything is good. The exception is I still get wore out easily and my walking is unstable, my legs feel like lead, I still work at the fitness center every other day, until I run out of gas, then I go home, shower and take nap for an hour. I'm 76, so I feel pretty lucky. Good luck.

  • Thank you for the info and I will get my shot on August 19! Do you get the shot in the butt? I got my Lupron in the butt. I hope it is in the same place

    I have found that walking helps with the tireness! Try it it should help because it works for me! Wish you good luck! I think the shot stays in body for 6 to 1 year and your level of testerone comes back to normal after that. Hope this helps.

  • Though a 7.5mg dose of Lupron has a half life of about 22.5 days before renal secretion, it remains effective for 28 days. It takes about 45 days (1 ½ months) to have exited the system.

    A 22.5mg dose of Lupron has a half life of about 67.5 days, but remains effective for 84 days. It takes about 135 days (over 4 ½ months) to have exited the system.

    A 30mg dose of Lupron has a half life of about 90 days, but remains effective for 112 days. It takes about 180 days (around 6 months) to have exited the system.

  • They give me the Lupron/Eligard shot in the stomach, it is a 3 month shot. Thanks for the info.

  • I get my 6-month dose Lupron injection in the muscle area of the rump and if I remember which rump it was, I get it in the opposite rump the next time,,,doesn't really make any difference at that long intervals, Best to put weight on opposite leg of that being injected to relax the injection muscle

  • You're in great shape...I go to Smilow...recently became a patient of Dr. Petrylak

  • Yes Smilow is excellent! I have been going there for 3 years now and like my doctor. His name is Dr. Robert S. Folman. He has been my doctor for 11 and half years! I go to Smilow Trumbull just off the Merritt Parkway. I love the nurse that gives me my Lupron shot! I requested her because she is knowledgeable kind caring and very sweet and I am not shy around her! Which Smilow do you go to wrando?

  • New Haven...just started...Dr. Petrylak is pretty famous. It's easier getting an audience with the pope. He conducts most of the trials so maybe he can find something for me.

  • Dr. P is the best. I switched to him from Dr. Scher at MSKCC almost 3 years ago. I see him at Smillow Greenwich.

  • Eligard is just another brand name of Lupron, to my understanding. I am on a Vantas Implant. It is placed in the inside of your upper arm. And it puts out a daily dose of Lupron. It is good for one year and some patients have used it without replacement for 2 years. Nice thing it is a 5 minute procedure, and you do not have to get injections every 3 months. So you do not get highs and lows of the drug, and with myself taking Casodex with it, I have none of the menopause side effects as many report when taking Lupron.


  • They changed my hubby to eligard also ..and he recd the injection in his abdomen Not his buttock ...more concentrated .. Saved the package to show our oncologist at home ....

  • I had my initial injection of Eligard 4 months ago and have experienced no apparent side effects ( no hot flashes. No Breast enlargement). I am 70 years

  • Where do you get this injection in butt like Lupron?

  • In the stomach - really no pain.

  • :) You will, Eligard and Lupron difference - only the manufacturer.

  • You must be off Xgeva 3 months prior to invasive dental work and 3 months after for adequate bone healing ....we ran into a problem with an infected tooth. Antibiotics to the rescue ..

  • I have been on Lupron, Eligard and Trelstar because i move around a lot

    and get treatment at different locations. i was assured all are the same and

    i can say i have been doing very well for 5 years and no different side effects.

  • I have been on Eligard for our year and a half. My doctor says Eligard and Lupron are the same drug. I think they only difference is the Eligard is given in the abdomen and the Lupron is given in the buttox

  • You mean I cant get this shot in my butt? Where in the abdomen do you get it and does it sting?

  • You can let them know you wanted it administered just as the Lupron the muscle area at the side of the rump. Make sure to rest your weight on the opposite leg to relax the rump muscle getting the injection.

  • My doc is making the same change with me. I guess they just don't want old farts like me pulling their pants down all day long for an injection in the buttocks. From what I've read online there is pretty much no difference between Lupron and Eligard.

  • Let me know how you make out with your shot Hal. I am going to miss pulling my pants down for that cute gorgeous nurse that I requested to give me the Lupron shot! lol!

  • Eligard is as thick as Elmers glue and it is ice cold . I get the injection in alternating position on the lower abdome about 2 inches below the navel . I get four month injections which is a little more Chemo. I was joking with my nurse who is the injections asking her how big the needle is. She says Mr. Frank don't look at the needle. I said Allie how big is the lneefle?she said Mr. Frank don't look at the needle. I've never watched her give it,

    Frank O Hunt

    Charleston, SC

  • I only hope it works as good as Lupron did! It kept my PSA <.1 which is nondetectable!

  • Same stuff. I took them interchangeably for about six years. I actually preferred Eligard. IMO, the delayed sting of Eligard was over in 10 seconds than the lingering pain of Lupron.

    Gourd Dancer

  • Why the change--is your PSA rising--and your Doc. wants to try another Hormone antagonist? My Doc. if my PSA crops it s head up prefers to go right to Xtandi. I am on a Vantas Implant---in the arm that puts out a known amount of Lupron every day and is good for a minimum of one year--I take Casodex and Proscar---daily---My failed Surgical PSA after 90 days was 7.4--complete failure--could not get radiation, as it was determined the cancer had metastasized. Yesterday my PSA was Totally undetectable--and I have a rare very aggressive type. So if you were doing good on Lupron--again why the Eligard? Looking for more info.


  • I dont know the reason they are changing it yet but I will talk to the doctor on August 19 and the nurse said she will talk to me too! I will let you know when I find out. Thanks for your input. The psa is not rising! PSA is undetectable now!

  • I met with my Doctor today Jeff--for an information session---I am also undetectable. We did some strategy as to future--Since I am on a complex Nutritional Supplemental program--we both agreed that the Drugs[Lupron implant, Casodex, and Proscar] are doing their job and my supplemental program of which some items are in Clinical trials now--is also doing something. We both agreed that we killed a bunch of the cancer cells and the rest went to sleep. I mentioned your situation, and asked for his opinion---he was not a fan of making the change--and the injections hurt, and Eligard plays a bit with your Pituitary Gland. He said if the current drugs were keeping you at undetectable---the only thing he might do is take you off all drugs for a month or 2 or 3 with PSA's very often for active surveillance. Then put you back on the drugs to play the sleeping cancer cells like a yoyo. This is a typical protocol, that I am aware of. He has had men on Lupron---especially the Implant Vantas--which keeps levels constant from day to day--for 4&5 years---And when PSA's cropped up it was not another choice of displacing Lupron---But Keeping the Lupron and adding Xtandi, which he told me usually got things back to zero. My advocate from PCRI--had to go on Xtandi--after his Lupron gave in---He lives on the west coast--and he was put on Xtandi, keeping his Lupron and has been undetectable for another 3 years---he is 10 Years out. I asked him if he plans to take a vacation--he said 'no sir'.

    So get more opinions if necessary--my Doc. has been at it 25 years--does not like changing things that work but ready to move in a day if things start going south.



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