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Just booked my husbands Mayo Dr. Visit


Going to Mayo Mar 4th , seeing Dept head of oncology and nephrology Dr. Greggory. They said he works with Dr. Kwon. Couldn’t get a appointment with the urologist yet. They said my husbands psa needs to be at 1.25 before they will make a appointment.

Headed to our hometown urologist we use when we’re not at our current choice of treatment CTCA Zion. My husbands nephrology tubes coming from his kidneys are infected, in a lot of pain.

Then we will see our oncologist and urologist and cardiologist at Zion Ill feb 5th.

Also trying to set something up with a Dr. here at sitemans that was at the LA prostrate cancer convention here locally .

Hoping we will start to get some answers. My husband hasn’t been able to sit, sleep or do much because of pain, has to be a solution somewhere.

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Have the got a culture and sensitivity from the urine draining from the nephrostomy tubes yet? Need to identify what is growing in the culture and what medications/ antibiotics will work against it. They need to provide him with pain medication for now. Hope they get him feeling better soon.


Ty, hopefully they will get something figured out tomorrow morning. Thank you for your concern.


Prayers for answers

Hugs and prayers for both you. I hope he feels better soon and you get a chance to rest.


That’s sweet. Ty

Well nothing much happened today. People really don’t want to mess with you if they didn’t do the original surgery . Although these were the docs that saw him in the hospital for his original renal failure. I remain hopeful , hoping Mayo and the hyperbaric chamber he will start next week will give us more hope. My husband sister in law passed away in her sleep last night from years of fight with Parkinson’s disease and most recently sinus cancer . She was 58 only. We all have some kind of fight. Hope you and your husband and children had nice holidays together.

So sorry to hear about your hubby’s (and your) ordeals, and your sister in law’s passing. She was so young! I know it’s easier said than done, but keep the faith and try to be strong.

Hopefully your trip to Dr. Gregory at the Rochester Mayo will be fruitful. My Jax Mayo, Dr. Tan, works closely with Drs. Gregory and Keon. You will be in good hands there.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both!

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Thank you for the information! Same to you also. Yes his brother is devastated they married when he was 17. But he’s also been her caretaker for 20 years due to the Parkinson’s. Every days a gift for all of us!

Oh GOD... Please answer their prayers, they definitely need your help.

j-o-h-n Saturday 01/12/2019 12:22 PM EST

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Thank you , the power of prayer has graced our family with many miracles. Our prayers are with you John.

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