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Ice-Cap immunotherapy trial update


In October I started a phase 1 trial of ipatasertib in combination with atezolizumab. This immunotherapy trial is designed for patients with

advanced solid tumours with PI3K pathway hyperactivation. Today I got the scan results after three cycles which show no tumour progression and no significant SE's. This is still very early stages but I will now push on with the trial and see how I react to the treatment. I have been told PSA is only one key marker ( it has risen since trial started) with scans and how I feel being equally important. I am now one year into my Pc journey.

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It seems very interesting what you are doing. I hope it works very well for you. And I also appreciate the information you are publishing. It can be a very valid path.

How are you feeling?

Like I said no harsh side effects. One notable change in the last month is that I don't get up in the night to pee. Getting 5-6 hours straight sleep is great after being used to getting up a few times every night. We will see how this plays out in the coming months. I'll keep my progress updated but don't want to post every cycle.

Follow and improve And you will inform us at the moment that you consider it appropriate

I have that same getting up several times a night having to pee problem. Glad to hear you won’t have to deal with that.

Appears you are doing a Checkpoint Inhibitor combined with a PARP inhibitor--this seems to be a up and coming direction---can you confirm what the drugs are--I could search them. But wonder if you knew and what they were suppose to each bring to the party. Appears you may have already been Gene Mapped, and checked for the P13K pathway!


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Yes I was fully informed how both of these drugs were supposed to work. They are ipatasertib and atezolizumab. And yes I've been gene mapped which is why I was asked to take part in this early trial.

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Glad you got mapped--new study I will post about mapping, and Targeted Drug Therapy--that which you are now doing--the new study supports your treatment by a factor of nearly 100% TTF[Time to Treatment Failure], over those who without Gene Mapping, who were just given Immunology drugs that were not targeted, as yours are.

Good luck.


Who should one talk to about immunology, a MO or a different doc who specializes in immunology. Is there such thing as an immunologist in the hospital or is that a naturopathic thing?

I use two, a MO---> who is head of Prostate Cancer Research/Clinical trials so he is pretty much up on what is going on in Immunology.

I also use a Geneticist who works with Cancer. Few people do this--but I need to, to be able to keep up with my research.

But yes there is a Class of Medical Doctors that work in Immunology as their key Clinical Interest. But most are involved in research.


It seems that ipatasertib is beneficial in PC with PTEN loss.

I hope the combination of this drug with a PD-L1 inhibitor will be more effective.


I am pleased, so far so good for you

I also tested positive for a PI3K mutation (tumor tissue genomic analysis by FoundationOne). Were you also tested for level of PI3K protein expression in tumor tissue? This can be done using immunohistochemistry, as mentioned here:

Where is this trial?

Sorry, I missed your post. The trial is at the Royal Marsden in London, UK

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