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Third transdermal Estradiol update and 'exposure'!


Just received my latest PSA, T, E2, and AP results and I must say that so far I'm quite pleased. I am still using JUST tE2 gel daily, and one 0.5mg Avodart every third day and my PSA has reached a new 12 year low with NO side effects other than the little man-boobs which appear to have reached a plateau. My T level is approaching castrate level so I’ll never be a match for ‘Nalakrats’ whose “T level is 759, still experiencing damn good---and available daily orgasms, and still taking on 300 lb babes in their tights in the gym” (hope I didn’t misinterpret the last one?). Since he recently had the balls to "expose himself", I thought I would do the same since we are both ‘carbon dated’, 75 year old specimens!

PSA levels:

7/18/2017 - 1.30 [pre sacral excision]

9/11/2017 - 0.54 [post sacral excision]

10/11/2017 - 0.57

11/20/2017 - 0.66

12/29/2017 - 0.64

4/1/2018 - 0.71 [started using tE2 gel]

6/19/2018 - 0.49

8/3/2018 - 0.19

10/30/2018 - 0.046

T levels:

7/13/2017 - 455

6/19/2018 - 349

8/3/2018 - 106

10/30/2018 -72

Alkaline Phosphatase levels:

9/2015 - 78

7/2017 - 117

6/19/2018 - 97

10/30/2018 - 82

E2 levels:

6/19/2018 - 31

8/3/2018 - 123

10/30/2018 - 258

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Good for you--I just love the picture--you are an inspiration! We have taken different paths, My last PSA was <0,03----Alk Phos was 69, T was over 700, and my E2, was 20.

But we have different pathologies, and out AR's that are receptive to Hormones as well as things like D3, are different. Mine we find love E2--so I keep mine as low as possible--my Avodart is daily--> with Proscar, to cut off back channels. Regardless---Hope their are other men our age with 17 inch biceps. Thanks ronronHU.


ronronHU in reply to Nalakrats

Thanks mate!

You are also an "inspiration"...if I'm ever reincarnated, I want to come back as a 'Nalakrats' who never had to deal with PCa! I am soooo jealous of that "759 T score and those damn good---and available daily organisms"!

Strange how our protocols are so different; however, we're both experiencing great results. I don't know how long my regimen will continue working and if it does cease to be effective, I will certainly be receptive to trying yours.

As for those "17 inch biceps", speak for yourself, my photo wasn't photoshopped; however, pictures can often lie.



Nalakrats in reply to ronronHU

I started in January after coming off ADT in Dec. My paltry biceps had shrunk from 17 to 15 inches--as my T came back; and keeping to my regular Gym workout, I got back to 17 inches--measured yesterday Morning--I do not need to get bigger--I am at the point of Maintenance--dropped my weights down, and significantly added Reps. So where I use to do 120 lb curls, at 15 reps--I know do 50 lbs at 40 reps. And do 3 sets.

To check strength--once in awhile I will just take a high weigh number--and see if I can take it. Someone scientific--but can be argued.

As I said our Androgen Receptors can be very different as to our Pathology---Read Friedman's Book on Testosterone, Breast, Prostate Cancer, and Alzheimers---fascinating read by someone who is a Dr. of Molecular Biology and not some MD giving his experience. I follow his plan laid out in his book, and some of our famous USA MO's, also do. Patrick [pjoshea13]---a prolific researcher on this site also does--and we both do not want any E2 near us. Yet there are others that follow your protocol and have had success. This whole Pca Enigma--has not been figured out as it may be dozens of different diseases--under the heading of Prostate Cancer. Why one man responds to something, and another does not---and why have we been for 40 years still doing the cut slash and burn techniques, with the same old ADT drugs--with the addition --of ADT upgrades--that add a few months--while we suffer the end results anyway if we live long enough.

I am backed up on posts I want to do--have a funeral to go to----thank God it was not due to Pca---but a report I have--claims there is world-wide over 3,000 new drugs in the pipeline to fight Pca--that is amazing--as they are all seeking the golden ring--of billions to trillions of dollars if a cure or long term remission is found.


ronronHU in reply to Nalakrats

Thanks Nalakrats!

I always enjoy reading your informative posts and I'm very happy to hear that you are are doing so well. I haven't read Friedman's book yet; however, I've read Morgantaler's books/papers on T. I completely agree with you regarding "40 years" of the same old grandfather basically was subjected to the same crap 60 years ago.

Have a good weekend and keep your distance from those 300 lb babes in the gym!

Nalakrats in reply to ronronHU

I still look--ain't dead yet.


Nalakrats in reply to ronronHU

Oh do get Friedman's book--Morgantaler's was a good appetizer, but Friedman;s is the meat and potatoes, as to Hormones and the affect on the AR. He actually without knowing it comes to the treatment option, of BAT now being mostly headed up by Demeade at John Hopkins. Great read--much I knew so I skipped chapters--other data was confirmed--and some new info added to my small head.

He had over 200 bibliographies in his book--truly science directed.


j-o-h-n in reply to ronronHU

To ronronHU and Nalakrats:

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 11/10/2018 7:50 PM EST

ronronHU in reply to j-o-h-n

Thank you j-o-h-n! My best to you!

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