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Oncologist recommendation for Southwest Florida


Quick summary:

- G9 PCa with recent biochemical recurrence after 2016 RP and adjuvant radiation and ADT therapy.

- Traveled from home in Fort Myers FL to Johns Hopkins to meet with Dr. Mario Eisenberger on 10/10/18. Recommendation was to check my PSA level in 3 months to determine PSADT.

Upon returning home I made an appointment for 10/19 with a local MO who my RO had recommended. I wanted to discuss the JH visit and several other things, including a potential visit to Dr. Kwon at the Mayo Clinic. I prepared a fair amount for that visit (some clinical trial results, potential participation in current PSMA clinical trials, etc., etc.). When i arrived however I met with the doctors PA who talked with me for about 30 minutes before informing that the doctor decided at noon to take the afternoon off - to play golf apparently. I was told that Wednesday morning is the only day that I could avoid that risk. Rather than reschedule for a future Wednesday morning I've decided to find myself a new MO. How do a research a good local (Fort Myers or Naples Florida) MO? Does anyone have any suggestions? My desire is to find a good competent local MO who would actually administer the treatment prescribed in consultation with other experts such as Dr. E, and potentially others that I may decide to visit in my quest for knowledge and treatment options when the time comes.

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We lived in Fort Myers and found Dr. Michael Katin at 21 Century Oncology to be excellent. He was an RO. He seemed really caring and dedicated to his patients. He called us personally in the evening with questions, clarifications, etc. You know a good one when you have the pleasure of their care.

We also had Dr. Steven Poletsky as husbands urologist and he and Dr Katin seemed to enjoy working together. We got into Dr. Reeves as MO but he was trying to get more into research but he was good as he also has prostate cancer. He was at a fancy new clinic but we were not happy with their administration of Provenge during the hurricane and making my husband get a port for no reason.

You are also near Dattoli and lots of docs in Naples catering to the wealthy.

You also have Jan Manarite who is Vice President of Prostate Cancer International and a wealth of info. She lives in Fort Myers and just put on the pCa seminar in Virginia Beach. Her email is jan.pcainternational@gmail.com

She has another conference in April 2019 in Fort Myers and Dr Katin is a presenter there.


Dr James Reeves at Florida cancer centers in Ft Myers. I was seen by Dr Kantoff at DanaFarber but Dr Reeves had no problem following Dr Kantoff's plan, and did, and still does administer my treatments. Good luck.

shueswim in reply to Joeym1040

I’m curious about who you are seeing now that Dr. Reeves is no longer seeing patients. Based on your (and others) recommendation I became a patient of Dr. Reeves. After his move into research I switched to Dr. Daniel Morris. And now Dr Morris is retiring so I need to find yet another MO.

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