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For Prostate Cancer You Don't Need a Rocket Scientist

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until you fail all the standard treatments. For garden variety PCa the treatment used to be: rising PSA....DRE...Biopsy...PCa....RP....BCR...SRT....BCR....Lupron....CR...Chemo....Death

Then the new drugs came out and Dr. Meyers said they had to learn how to use them:

So...SRT....BCR...Lupron/Zytiga....CR.....Provenge.....Lupron/Xtandi.....Rising PSA.....Chemo....Lupron/Zytiga/Apalutamide....Rising PSA.... Clinical Trials.....Rising PSA....Death

I got to SRT....BCR....Cryo....BCR....I went to see a couple of arrogant sob's at the big research hospitals and they would not deviate from the standard drug protocols...I told them my goal was to avoid/delay CR..they said I would have to follow the drug protocols to CR and then a clinical trial when all the drugs failed.

I also watched all of Dr. Myers videos and corresponded with Dr. Strum. Then I found an old time urologist who only knew Lupron...I told him my goal and asked for prescriptions for Xtandi/Avodart/Metformin/Arimidex/Cabergoline rec'd by Myers and Strum, and also T shots so I could do Xtandi/BAT and he said only goal at this point is to try and prevent CR.


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when you say anti-inflammatories are you talking about Ibuprofen and aspirin

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Chinese Skull Cap? Now I’m picturing my Chinese Dad in a yarmulke! He always wore a hat but I never saw him in a cap of any sort. Thanks for the smile and special thanks for all I’ve learned from your posts.

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Hello, I am sure to many followers on this site the abbreviations and acronyms are very familiar. But I am also sure that there are those like myself that are not familiar with them. Just something to consider. Thank you.

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rpol in reply to MCWill

Wiki says BCR = biochemical recurrence. Is that right folks? I'm still trying to work out RP and SRT

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FCoffey in reply to rpol

Yes, BCR = biochemical recurrence

RP = radical prostatectomy - surgical removal of the prostate.

SRT = stereotactic radiation therapy - a method of applying radiation to the cancer tumor in a way that reduces the dose to other tissues.

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rpol in reply to FCoffey

many thanks FCoffey

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Shabazz in reply to MCWill

right i do not know any of them....I almost feel like I should go to another site, because I just really do not understand all of these letters. I'm desperate.

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If I am on the last treatment besides chemo (lynparza) can I still employ the other therapies Gus outlined at this point? The lynparza has dropped my PSA to 0.70 from 60.0 and it's still dropping. Wouldnt this be a good time to employ other therapies? How much antiinflammatory? I have begun taking tumeric. Baby aspirin?

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Doesn't taking all those drugs/supplements endanger your liver or other organs?

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Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 05/02/2018 2:03 PM EDT

You. ARE damn near a rocket scientist if you think we chart the future.

Thanks Nal!

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I am new to these drugs although I had PCa for 15 years. i am from the Prostasol era and 3xADT.

But I havent gone into CR nor advanced PCa of any form.

I am very lucky and my PSA is actually reversing. Look the drugs may have changed but the rules governing them havent. We are still treating PCa with characteristics very well documented. As I remember CR comes about if you overrdo ADT.

So that means too much suppression of hormones leads to it.

Lately I have read that by using T replacement you can repeat ADT with good results.

I have had a 15 year hiatus from ADT so I could repeat it although there is no need now.

Men have taken Lupron for decades without nasty results. I have to come up to speed on Xtandi and Zytiga. Are these just stop gap Drugs? Some are using low dose DES and I dont see anyone hear using it.

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