Dr. Myers Retires: Doctor Recommendations

Hi Everyone. My husband Rob has been a patient of Dr. Snuffy Myers for the past four and half years. We recently learned that Dr. Myers will be retiring in November. We understand that Dr. Myers will be supplying Rob with possible alternatives when he meets with him for his scheduled appointment at the end of June. I am quite nervous about the possibility of Rob not being able to continue with the same type of care he has received with Dr. Myers and would like to get started on finding another doctor right away, as I know that it will be difficult to find someone who is as knowledgeable and able to treat patients with other than the basic protocol and in a more individualized manner, as Dr. Myers. So, I am reaching out to you all to ask for recommendations. We live in Virginia, so someone who is at least on the East Coast would be preferable, but we would certainly consider doctors further away in order to get one who is exceptionally good.

Thank you in advance for any and all help and God's blessings on each of you in your battle against this very insidious foe. Barbara Lockridge

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  • Check out: cancer.gov/research/nci-rol...

    Georgetown University in Washington is a top rated place and there are highly rated places in Charlottesville and Richmond.

    Of course you can't do better than Johns Hopkins in Baltimore if you don't mind driving that far.


  • Thanks very much for your reply, Alan. We will definitely put your suggestions on our list to research....and no, we certainly, would not mind driving to Baltimore...or further, to be able to have a doctor like Dr. Myers who will continue with the same type of treatments. God's blessings on you. Take good care.

  • DUKE is terrific!

  • This is Rudy. What.makes Duke terrific, who are you seeing there. I am also looking for a new oncologist after a long time with Dr Myers.

  • Thanks to you, as well, John. We will certainly check Duke out.

    Can you name specific doctors there?

    I hope that you are doing well! Blessings.

  • It occurs to me that, if you can get a list of oncologists that have been recommended to you, either by other people on this forum or by calling the hospitals, Rob can take that list to his June appointment with Dr. Myers and see of Dr. Myers knows any of them that he would particularly recommend.


  • Thanks sounds like a good plan, Alan. Thanks, muchly.

    Take good care and all the best to you!!! (You aren't related to Dr. Myers, are you?)

  • No relation. We spell our names differently too.

  • Oops! Yes, And I misspelled Dr. Meyers, didn't I. Thanks, again! ;)

  • Just for information....Hopkins didn't do anything for lg. He was given one 6 month injection and a 6 month follow up with no labs for 6 months. He was in bed for 8 months after that 6 month injection. I think he would have been gone if we would have listened to them any further.

  • Thanks for that input....we need to be made aware of the poor experiences, as well as, good. I am so very thankful that Elgie was able to get proper treatment elsewhere and is doing so much better. Continued blessings.

  • Thank you 4luvofrob. That's what I was trying for...the awareness to go prepared with some knowledge and preparation of this disease from the Internet or help from everyone here .... because any certain doctor isn't everything because of a reputation. In my opinion.

  • I'm sorry to hear that they weren't more helpful. I know that their reputation in the research world is very high. My son had a heart problem and went there for some cardiac surgery (obviously a different department), and I was overwhelmingly impressed with the two docs who did the surgery. One of them, besides being a heart surgeon, had a PhD in electrical engineering and was able to explain things to my son, himself an electrical engineer, in terms that convinced my son he was in the right place.

  • I have had good experiences at Hopkins. They have an excellent Sarcoidosis Clinic and they may do better for someone else with prostate cancer. We were new at it when we went to Johns Hopkins. We didn't have all of you to help guide us. I think that makes a world of a difference when you go to a doctor with questions and a generalized knowledge of your illness. I don't think it should be that way but it is. The yahoo advanced group of friends and Chuck Maack helped guide us to Dr. Myers to help Elgie to still be here. I am hopeful that Hopkins has greatly improved in the pca department since all of those years ago.

    We are so blessed to have all of you.

  • Dr. Earle Burgess, of the Levine Cancer Institute In Charlotte. He is an Integrative Oncologist like Meyers, and Runs many of the Clinical trials at Levine as to Pca. They have a Nutritional, Integrative group, and they also receive Lab to bedside drugs, from Drug companies. He has one now that he is getting 80% remissions, in very late stage 4 Pca. We cannot get his drug, it is only for certain patients--in test. But one must ask why was he one of the Doctors chosen by the Drug Co, to play with this Lab Drug?

    I travel over 2 hours to see him, and his Father has advanced Pca, now in remission, and the Dr. himself based on Gene Mapping has a 50% chance of Getting Pca. He is invested, really invested! And if on medicare--you are covered--he does not charge the Meyers fees. And the nicest doctor you would ever want to meet.


  • This is wonderful news!!! We will check into your Dr. Burgess, right away.

    Thanks so much for your reply. God bless and keep you. Barbara

  • Thank nalakrats for your generous offering of info. on this matter. I will pass it on to a member of my us too grp. who is a patient of dr. Myers

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