I'm new here - looking for oncologist to replace Dr Myers

Diagnosed with Pca 10 years ago - surgery and radiation - now PSA on the rise. Started seeing Dr Myers assistant in October 2016. Myers now retiring. I face same issue as others - looking for oncologist who shares his philosophy of treatment. Visiting with Dr Myers today - my last appointment ! The posts I have read here have been most informative - I hope I can contribute.

Live near Philly - will probably use Penn but oncologists there do not treat as aggressively as Myers. Will be interested in what advice I receive today. Will share with you.

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  • Dr. Scholz of Marina Del Rey is great. I've had him for 5 yrs. He and Dr. Myers worked together to help me fight my cancer. His telephone number is 310-827-7707. Email is mark@prostateoncology.com

    Good luck . I think you'll be in the best hands with him helping you.

    motosue (Wilfred)

  • Wilfred, I agree

    Dr Sholtz would be my first choice is travel was not an issue. With him you are in the best hands.

  • Call the office because they may give you a phone consultation after you send your records to them to review like they did with my friend . We both live in Hawaii. You might have to pay out of your pocket for this consultation but just ask them how much would it cost to have a phone consultation with Dr. Scholz or one of his doctors on staff.


  • Dr Myers referred me to Dr Anna Ferrari at Rutgers. That's a lot closer to where you live.

  • See who dr Myers recommends for you , he will discuss with you a best fit new dr for u

  • If travel not issue what about dr bob Liebowitz

  • Dr. Timothy Chen. Capital Health Pennington NJ Heis the man 1 hr from Phila

  • Many thanks for all of your replies. After consulting with Doctor Myers, he made two recommendations , Charles Drake (Columbia Presbyterian in NYC) and Anna Ferrari in New Jersey. He has worked with both of them in treating his patients and felt they would follow a treatment plan more consistent with his aggressive approach. I have heard Scholz is great, but will start on East Coast and see what happens. I have been caught in this difference in philosophy in treating PCA. Unfortunately, I have not had the personal attention in evaluating my present situation at some very fine medical centers here in Philly - very conservative in approach and do not seem to share same ideas on treatment protocol for PCA with Dr Myers. The blood test results from my Guardant 360 revealed some gene mutations consistent with aggressive PCA. Apparently, not all oncologists are using this blood test as a treatment tool. Hence, the need for someone who shares Myers individualized treatment approach.

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