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PSA stable? Good? Bad?

My dad just got his PSA results today right before starting his 2nd infusion of taxotere. His PSA has stayed stable. It is sitting at 20 exactly what it was 3wks ago right before his first infusion. Is this good? Bad? I am disappointed that it hasn’t gone down, but very thankful that it’s not doubling every 3wks like it was right before starting chemo.

He is on Metformin, Lupron, prednisone, taxotere, and xgeva. He’s also getting Neulasta with each infusion that is being administered by a little cartridge on his abdomen. Any advice on something I may be missing for him to take or to ask the MO about?

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When did he take his first Lupron injection? Was a one, three, or six month injection?

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He takes Lupron every 3 months and his first injection was when he was diagnosed November 2017.

Your father has the same treatment i had exactly a year ago. The taxotere did not work for me. I asked my doctor if I should continue the chemotherapy and his answer was” the important is the trend”. At the end my PSA went up few numbers.

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I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. What treatment are you doing now? I hope you are doing well.

How many cycles did you have?

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I had six sessions, one every 21 days. I am taking the BIRM that lowered my PSA from 13 to 2.1 in two weeks. After that i started taking zytiga 1mg/day plus prednisone, 0.5 mg/day (it was suposed to be twice a day but I reduced myself one dosis and nothing happened). I keep taking BIRM 3 times a day. Since March my PSA is around 0.5 and the last bone scan showed some bones alfeady resolved

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That is wonderful!!!!! I wish you continued success.

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Thank you

Docetaxel is usually very effective but it might not work for everyone and usually it takes time to build up in the body, you will start seeing noticeable results after a few sessions.

For my father it worked but not in the usual way it's supposed to (although he had a lower dosage), his PSA didn't drop by much and it even kept bouncing up and down after a few infusions, but it slowed down the disease by a lot and shrank all his lymph nodes, Zytiga did the rest.

It's a good thing that your father's PSA didn't increase, if it stays there it's sign that the chemo regimen is preventing the cancer from spreading.

Wait for a few more infusions to see more noticeable results, hopefully it'll go down or at worst stay there for a while.

Best wishes.

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This gives me hope. Thank you!!!!

I had my PSA test yesterday: 0.7

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