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1 Month Lupron? Firmagon injected in hip?

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I want to move to one month injections. I had a Firmagon injection before my surgery but it was into my abdomen, which I had an injection site reaction to. I'm wondering if anyone is getting Firmagon injected into their hip rather than their stomach? Alternatively, i read online that Lupron should offer a 1 month version which I assume would be in the hip like my 3 month version is. Does anyone get that? When I sent an email to my MO asking to switch to 1 month Lupron, he said that would mean a switch to Firmagon (Degaralix). But I really want the 1 month Lupron. Am I asking for something that is not available in the US? My MO said that the monthly shot is only about 1/3 the dosage of my initial one, so my reaction should be less. Can any of you confirm that you get the Firmagon monthly and not have trouble with it in the stomach?

17 Replies
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One month Lupron is available in the US. It is called Lupron Depot 7.5 mg. You get it in the hip. Your MO is either lying to you or he is so incredibly ignorant that you should run for the exits.

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I have Firmagon monthly. The reaction I get varies from month to month. Sometimes I hardly notice the injection site afters day, other times the site will be red and sore for 4-5 days, I have also had flu like symptoms a couple of times. I've watched the injection procedure closely and a few things were apparent. Once the chem is mixed there can be chrystals that should displace fully before injection. Also the angle of the needle going into the stomach dictates the depth of the injection site, which seems to determine my localised reaction (shallow angle = red inflammation).

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Good Wednesday Morning cfrees1,

Over the course of my 6 year battle, I have had Firmagon twice for about 12 months each time. Your MO is correct that the loading dose is 240mg, but after that each 28 day dose is 80mg in abdomen.

Between Firmagon uses, I would have Lupron, and now Trelstar, given as injection in buttocks every 12 weeks. Did not like need for every 28 days with Firmagon, nor flu like side effects.

Please see bio for complete treatment history.

Mark, Atlanta

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Thanks all, you've confirm my thinking. I'll push for the 1 month Lupron.

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For my last injection, I asked the nurse to wait one minute before withdrawing the needle -- forgotten where I read this tip, this made a big difference as there only a hint of injection soreness and it was a very small area (needle-sized). This went away in three days. One thing the nurse did forget to do was to withdraw slowly so I will ask her to do that next time, and hopefully I won't have any problems at all!

BTW: The instruction manual from drug manufacturer say abdomen ONLY.

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I get it monthly. What works really for me is have the nurse wait one minute before needle withdrawal. This allows apparently the solution to solidify somewhat and not trace the needle hole back to the just underneath the skin surface which creates the irritation.

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I've been on Lupron for several years. At different times I've had one-month, 3-month, and 4-month injections, all in my butt/hip. However, when I was traveling abroad there was only firmagon available and I think I did get that in my stomach. I don't remember how I reacted to that. But the Lupron hurts like a bruised/sore muscle for a day or two.

It does strike me as odd, maybe a little disappointing or disconcerting, that your physician is not acting as your advocate by proactively gaining the knowledge about all your possible options... not to mention the fact that he does not already know in the first place. Good luck.

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My experience with Firmagon (degarelix) is that the injection site reaction diminishes with time. Make sure they leave the needle in for a bit rather than just putting it in and pulling it out. Have a health professional do the injection.

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I think you should needle your MO.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 07/25/2018 7:54 PM EDT

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My understanding, and experience is Firagon hurts a lot more. I do the 3 month Lupron, much less pain in the stomach injection site.

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Hi I have been getting Firmagon injections monthly for 6 months now and frankly I wouldn't change to any other form of ADT. Firmagon is an antagonist whereas all the other ADT meds are agonists and it's been shown in studies to be better for OS.

I can honestly say that I have minimal site reactions. I think that this is because I insist on the correct procedure for the injection.

1) Don't shake the bottle to dissolve the powder. Gently swirl it until all the powder is dissolved and the liquid is clear with minimal bubbles. Don't rush!

2) The injection site is usually into one of the 4 quadrants around the navel (where it won't be irritated by clothing), but my initial injections were into the 'love handles' on my sides so other injections could probably be given there.

3) Grab the tissue between the thumb and fingers to make a bulge.

4) Insert the needle at an angle of about 45 degrees (not too shallow and not too deep).

5) SLOWLY inject the fluid. Take at least 1 1/2 minutes. This is really important.

6) Leave the needle in position for at least another 1/2 minute so the liquid has time to form the gel depot under the skin.

7) Remove the needle slowly to avoid the possibility of dragging any fluid up the needle track into the dermal layer, because this can cause irritation.

8) Calm any inflammation over the first few days with an ice pack.

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I had two Firmagon one-month shots in February then went to six-month Lupron in March. One of my Firmagon abdomen shots is pretty much gone now (July), but the second site will get painful from just moderate touching. Guess the nurse didn't do that one properly.

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Just received an email from my MO that my request for a one month Lupron was fine and we will do that next week during my appt. I go in for labs today. Fingers crossed i5 hasn’t advanced too much.

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I have knots in my stomach from nurses wanting to give me monthly Firmagon shots all I on place. Initial shot split it into two spots with better results.

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cfrees1 in reply to TEBozo

I am getting monthly Lupron shots in my hip. You may want to talk to your medical team about that option. I also had a reaction to firmagon in my abdomen. I didn't like that option.

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TEBozo in reply to cfrees1

Thanks; that is precisely what I will do.

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