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How do administration of Eligard, Lupron, and Firmagon differ? How are the shots given?

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How is administration of Eligard performed? Is it different than Lupron? Is it different than Firmagon?

My husband is getting his first 3 month injection of Eligard and he is wondering what to expect. He was previously getting monthly Firmagon shots and for the last four months he's been taking Orgovyx.

The firmagon injections were painful, left a big knot on his belly, and he felt bad for several days after.

Any help will be appreciated. He is not confident in the new nurse at his doctor's office and wants to know what to expect.

Thank you.

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I had two eligard injection, they gave it in the back of my arm. The needle is bigger then the lupron injection. I had a big knot on my arm, it goes down over the three months. My lupron was giving in the hip with no pain. I would take lupron over eligard.

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Thank you for reply. My husband just started seeing Dr. Sartor at Tulane and he said they usually use Eligard. I wonder why he would suggest Eligard over Lupron. Any idea?

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Don’t know but both do the same thing.

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I had bothe : Eligard is Sub-Cutanous and Lupron is Intra-Muscular.When done properley, they are painless for me.

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Eligard is cheaper. I suggest Lupron monthly. More effective according to company male reps with PCA.

I've gotten both Eligard and Lupron and I prefer the Eligard injection which is typically given in the belly fat. It burns a little going in, but then the pain is gone in a minute or two. You do have a small lump there, but it's not a big deal and there is no pain at all after a few minutes. With Lupron, my backside was sore for several days after the shot.

I've found that taking a couple extra-strength Tylenols about an hour before the injection takes the edge off the initial pain/ burning sensation. The nurse also uses the cold spray to numb the injection site. That helps too.

I was kind of apprehensive before the first shot, but after that it was no big deal at all.

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My experience is similar to gregg57s

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I just received a 6 month Lupron injection. The injection kit it comes in specifically states it’s an intramuscular injection. Took it in my butt cheek. We’re your lupron injections the 6 month version?

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I got the 3 month version.

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They probably need to go intramuscular for the larger dose. Why do you opt for the 3 month Gregg?

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As far as I know, Lupron is administered intramuscular regardless of whether it's 3 or 6 month. I got the 3 month because that's all they offered.

Later, I started treatment at the VA and they use 3 month Eligard.

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I really hate the fact that we aren't allowed to self-administer. When I give myself injections I take my time, wiggle around, can split the dose to make it easier on my body, know where the "sweet" spots are and I generally have zero pain. When doctors do their stuff, OUCH!!! They won't even allow me to inject myself under their "expert supervision". I'd be fine with a nurse drawing the medication since apparently I can't be trusted to get the dose right. But they insist on drawing and then giving me SubQ or IM pain.

Does anyone have experience with self-injecting IM or SubQ antiandrogens? Do you need certification in the states?

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I have been getting an injection of Lupron in my butt every 4 months for more than seven years. I have had no pain from any of the injections.

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Lupron vs Eligard -- One goes in muscle, the other in fat. I've had both, and I prefer Lupron. My two Eligard shots stung really bad. Probably just me, but it stung like a hornet, initial pain lasted 10 minutes, slowly easing up over an hour.

I am currently on Orgovyx, and I love it. No more shots, no more pain.

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6357axbz in reply to alephnull

I just read both websites and unless I misread both injections are subcutaneous, not intramuscular.

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alephnull in reply to 6357axbz

I stand corrected. My first onco had told me that. I just checked drugs . Com, and it confirms what you said. Thank you for the info.

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Concerned-wife in reply to alephnull

I think you were correct the first time. Apparently the discontinued form of Lupron was subcutaneous. They use Lupron depot now.

Unfortunately the pills are very expensive on many insurances such as Medicare PartD

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alephnull in reply to Concerned-wife

Thank you!! I thought my memory was worse than it is!

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teacherdude70 in reply to Concerned-wife

Correct on Lupron Depot. I should have been more clear on that in my previous post.

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Eligard and Firmagon are different drugs. If he has cardiovascular problems it will be better to continue with firmagon.

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I went back to eligard, the Lupron in the hip made it sore for a couple of days, the elegard if administered correctly is not that bad, sore spot for a day with the small lump for 3 months, no big deal.

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binati in reply to Muffin2019

Firmagon gives fewer cardiac problems. However it is painful for a day and some fever possibly. Moreover it's monthly unlike Lupron which could be six monthly as well.

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My Eligard injections are in my belly fat every 6 months. Since 2016 I have had 11 of them. A slight sting when they go in but no the problems with me.

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alephnull in reply to Brightman

It is so interesting how our experiences are so different with Eligard. I had it twice, and both times it was such an intense sting, it felt like a hornet sting that wouldn't go away. The initial sting lasted for close to 10 minutes, and then it slowly subsided of the next hour. After the second shot, I asked the doc to change me back to Lupron. Lupron for me, didn't hurt at all, not even a bump.

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I’ve been on monthly Eligard shots now for about 3 years. They shoot me in the belly. Leaves a knot and burns like heck for a little bit .

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I received Eligard injection every six months and it is given in my lower stomach area. I have no pain and just get a little sore to the touch for about 24 hours. It is definitely who administers the shot that makes a difference. The six months injection is by far the biggest of the needles and amount of Eligard Don't worry about it its not a big deal . Leo

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Eligard for 3-1/2 years. Under skin in back of arm. Never a problem.

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Eligard and Lupron are not bad at all for most, they just sting a little bit. Skill of the injector matters, maybe take the ice. Firmagon has a reputation for being more painful.

Why is he stopping the Orgovyx?

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Everyone has pretty much summed it up already but I'll add my 2 cents. I've been on Eligard 3 month shots for 1 1/2 years. The shot is given to me in my belly fat and it stings/burns pretty good for a minute or so and leaves a bump. The nurse warned me the first time i got the shot about the burn/sting so I was prepared. My most recent shot was 2 weeks ago and was given at a different office (and different nurse) than I usually go to and the shot did not sting or burn at all, and it left a very small bump. I was a little disturbed by this because I thought maybe they mixed up and gave me a 1 month instead of the 3 month. I called back that office and they assured me they did not mix up the dose. I emailed my usual urologist's office nurse, the one that always gave me the shot and she replied "Eligard should be administered subcutaneously, meaning the medication should sit in the fat pocket on top of the muscle causing the lump. If the medication was administered to deeply into the muscle that can cause you to not feel the burn or stinging sensation as well as the lump will not be as protruded because the medication has been absorbed into the muscle and not being released into the blood stream at a slow rate". I'm sure she spoke to my urologist about it but she went on to say if it was administered to deeply it isn’t detrimental to my health or treatment. The medication will still work, it is still in your body, it just is being digested quicker then usual. She felt like everything will be okay until my next injection and offered to check my PSA levels mid-way through just to monitor where they are at during this time.

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I was receiving Lupron Depot and was switched to Eligard as the was a shortage of the Lupron the Lupron depot was in the muscle high on the buttock slight soreness, the Eligard was given in the fat on my belly and the nurse had me hold an ice pack on the shot site before administering and I had only a slight burning . I will ask for an ice pack in the future if it is not offered. These are just shots and in the scheme of things pretty minor. Best wishes

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Lupron on the left buttocks works for me,,,,,(left cause, I'm right handed)......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 09/08/2021 5:52 PM DST

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Been of Eligard for a while as it was available and Lupron wasn't. Started in the butt and somewhere had one in the belly. It was very bothersome, so back to the butt with no problems .

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Just had my 6 month Lupron injection. Unlike most other times was left with a huge lump in my butt cheek and agonizing pain for going on a week now.

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