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Lupron versus Degarelex (firmagon)


I constantly see here and in other forums were the use of Lupron is very common and a high percentage of guys are on it or have been.

My MO started me with Degarelex (firmagon) saying that is was far superior to lupron as it was a larger molecule. I got less than 4 months of success with it before my psa which dropped to 0.15 started doubling every 2 weeks.

My question is this:

Has anyone here failed on Degarelex in a short period of time like myself and switched to Lupron and had success?

Thank you for your input!

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It's unlikely. You may be better off adding a second-line hormonal, like Zytiga or Xtandi to it.

Thanks, was just wunderin!

I just restarted zytiga after failing initially after 4 months then taking a 7 month break and doing 5 cycles of BAT.

Will be interesting to see if the BAT has resensitised the cancer cells as it appears to have during the 5th cycle.

Please post on whether BAT resensitized the cancer - I'd be very interested.


Hi Grandude58

I have read of several cases where LUPRON failed and then the person was put on Firmagon, and their PSA went down and they responded well to it. Your question is, if the FIRMAGON failed, will the Lupron work? Possibly. I dont know of any specific cases, but i have read cases where the opposite was true so this is certainly something to explore with your doctor.

I think it is a very important question, and if it were me, I would give it a go.

Good Monday Morning Grandude58,

I have been in this battle for almost six years (please see bio for complete treatment history). For first 4+ years under care of Dr. Snuffy Myers. He started me on Lupron, later switched to Firmagon, and back to Lupron when I complained about SEs of Firmagon. Went back to Firmagon after about 12 months, then Lupron, and after Snuffy retired, local Med Onc uses Trelstar.

Since throughout this time I was taking every drug imaginable, plus radiation and chemo, no way to pinpoint action of one versus another.

Best wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta

Lupron + Zytiga has knocked my PSA to undetectable thus far. SEs were tough and still linger some 7months later. See the Lattitude and Charter trail results. I have pushed to work out at the gym 3 days but have recently started Pickleball. I push harder physically and have increased my energy levels. I assume due to the competition aspect. It has really improved my mental health and gives me something to look forward. Warning, do not try to get hard to reach shots. This advice comes directly from my hip, my knee and my wrist. I love the game.

sour, dill or sweet?

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Monday 07/23/2018 12:55 PM EDT

HA! some days sweet. some days sour. just like life.

The result of taking either Firmagon, Lupron or some other primary ADT drug is to reduce testosterone levels to less than 20. The only way to tell for sure that they are working is to test your testosterone level. If your testosterone is in the "castrate" range and your PSA continues to rise you are "castrate resistant" and need to add another treatment such as Xtandi or Zytiga. If your testosterone is higher than 20, you may benefit from trying another first-line drug. I'd say that's unlikely, but worth checking.

ooooooo so you're a real Gherkin.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Monday 07/23/2018 4:38 PM EDT

Orchiectomy and Xtandi. Holding PSA in check for now. No need for Lupron.

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