Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Hello I'm a newbie.. Here's my story. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1994, very little treatment available at that time. We started out with 38 treatments of radiation, opted out of removing the prostate since Dr. said, "cancer was detected in lymph nodes". Started taking Lupron months later. PSA was down 0.002 for years. Moving along the timeline, PSA started rising and then came Casodex, few years later Lupron was added every three months. 2012 was introduced to Zytiga with Lupron every three months. My father has maintained a very active lifestyle, (hunting, fishing, gardening and etc). PSA remained under 2 for years. Now the story begins.. we went in for a checkup in October, had his CT, Bone Scans, no changes. PSA was up to 3.5 and we were told that Xtandi was next option. Jan 9th, 2018 he had a knee replacement nothing to with cancer, Feb 2018 went in for his 3 month checkup and PSA had risen to 7 and started on Xtandi (4 pills daily), within week and a half had swelling in joints and left foot was swollen. Went to Dr, they done a ultrasound and found a blood clot behind left knee. ( surgery done on right knee) he was introduced to 150mg Enoxaparin injection daily and reduced his dosage to 2 pills a day. Currently he has no desire or energy. THIS IS THE WORST PAIN HE HAS BEEN IN!!! Told me last night that he has had father is a christian, always upbeat and through all of this he has very positive. His nickname is FANTASTIC!! That was his response that he gave others when they asked how he was doing.

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It is good that they did discover the blood clot, Cancer in itself can cause blood clots as well as inactivity, these problems and the pain should resolve soon with blood thinners, stay close to him, he needs you, and tell him it will get better as the blood thinners work. The xtandi should work well too. There are also many new drugs, In fact if he is non metastatic there is a new drug similar to xtandi called apalutamide, there are also other oral medications in clinical trials. He has done well being 24 years from Diagnosis, and he should do well for a long time to come, He may need encouragement to get through the current blood clot pain.

Keep us posted,



Thank you!! Will check alternatives

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Things will get better, give the blood thinners a chance to relieve the pain. Ask your doctor if he can give him something for the pain. There are other drugs available for the future,

He has been blessed to be alive 24 years after diagnosis. When I had a serious health issue; My mother said to me. " God gave you a strong back to carry your cross." Continue to give him encouragement, and see if this a support group in your area for face time to share his experiences with his fellow brothers.

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Thank you, I spoke with his Doctor last night, he prescribed some tramadol. Will start it today. Yesterday he turned 73, was able to lift his spirits. He got dressed and we went to Walmart. Very ☺


Keep Dad moving and grooving.... Best wishes for him (and you).

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Saturday 03/31/2018 11:59 AM EDT


Thanks John. While I was mowing his lawn today, he came outside and started doing his exercises. Very pleased!!!##

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Do you mean he was chasing some lady down the block?....LOL

Good luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n 04/01/2018 9:13 PM EDT


LOL!!!😂😂😂 If only you knew!!!!


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