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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Cannabis oil

Hi guys I’m posting in regards of my grandpa who is 74 and has been diagnosed with terminal cancer (aggressive prostate)

Just a question, has anyone on here used or know of anyone who has seen the beneficial effects of using CBD cannabis oil? I am in the UK so I know marijuana is illegal and any cannabis oil with THC in is too.

If anyone has any other working ways of coping with pain of cancer please message me.

Any replies through personal message are welcome too.

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CBD Oil does offer some relief of pain---THC/CBD combo does a good job--unfortunately you cannot obtain. If in Hospice in the USA--we are given Opiod's, including Morphine as you get near the end.

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa---as I am also 74. I have just offered a prayer. We also use Gabapentin for pain---requires about 8 pills a day---Check with your Doctor.



We have used an inexpensive PEMF device by SOTA to help with pain. It is inexpensive compared to the Bemer. The SOTA PEMF costs $350 - Bemer is $6500. I don't think PEMF works for everyone .. and don't use it if you have a pacemaker. It seemed to help my husband when his tumor bone pain would hurt. It is just a wand device and you hold it over the painful area. He uses it the whole 20 minute cycle. I think you can buy it on amazon now. We got ours from sota.com - it is called the magnetic pulser. They are a Canadian company and nice folks to talk to.

I wish I had the SOTA PEMF when my Dad was alive.. .I think it might have given him some relief for his back. It is a high power PEMF so it is not the type that will make you relaxed.

Also the supplement Bosmeric-SR seems to help. It is a curcumin/boswellia supplement.

Sending tons of hugs and prayers for grandpa.

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I would be cautious.

THC is known for pain relief.

Most cannabinoid oils don't include THC.

The reason for the caution is that prostate cancer cells have extra cannabinoid receptors. There are no definitive clinical studies, but Dr. Myers told me from his clinical observations and self-reporting by patients, he believed that Thc and/or cannabinoids promote the growth of prostate cancer cells.


My grandpa has been smoking it and for pain, it seems to have been working. He’s gained his appetite which has resulted in him putting on weight too. The steroids he’s been given from the NHS over in England has decreased the PSA level of his prostate, when they diagnosed him in September he was at 1300 and now he’s went down to 25!!!


Fetanyl patches with Hydromorphone tablets for break through pain, prescribed by my doctor have been working well for me

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Here's an article about cannabinoids and prostate cancer:


And a quote from the conclusion:

"Sarfaraz and colleagues[30] showed increased expression of both CB1 and CB2 receptors in cultured prostate cancer cells when compared with normal prostate cells, treatment of prostate cancer cells with cannabinoid CB1/CB2 agonist WIN-55,212-2 results in a dose and time dependent decrease in cell viability ,and increased apoptosis along with decrease in androgen receptor protein expression, PSA expression, and secreted PSA, suggesting that cannabinoids should be considered as agents for the management of prostate cancer. If the hypothesis is supported by in vivo experiments. It is our conclusion that it would be of interest to conduct clinical trials involving medicinal cannabis or other cannabinoid agonists, comparing clinical markers such as PSA with controls, especially in men with bone metastatic prostate cancer, whom would not only benefit from the possible anti-androgenic effects of cannabinoids but also from analgesia of bone pain, improving quality of life, while reducing narcotic consumption and preventing opioid dependence."


Fentanyl patches, 50mg ( low dose at 50 micrograms per hour) works very well for me too. This is very powerful so you need to take extra care in handling it. If you are the care giver, you need to be especially careful to avoid coming into contact with it. It is reported to be 50 to 100 more potent than morphine.

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Straight CBD oil is said to be helpful. Most recommendations are for a high ratio of CBD to some THC in some form. Since THC is illegal there, the CBD oil is probably your best bet.

Personally, I vaporize legal oils. I take CBD 2 hours before lights out, and a 1:1 mix just before turning the lights out. When I wake up to urinate or for whatever reason, I take a toke of the oil from my vaporizer. That seems to do the trick. I sure slept well last night.



1. "treatment of prostate cancer cells with cannabinoid CB1/CB2 agonist WIN-55,212-2 results in a dose and time dependent decrease in cell viability ,and increased apoptosis"

Very interesting.

2. "anti-androgenic effects of cannabinoids"

I was unaware of that. That makes this even more interesting.

3. Maybe we need to find someone willing to do a clinical trial.

The most important resource they need is patients (it can cost over $3k or $4k per patient to recruit patients to participate in clinical trials). That would be us. LOL So we would be us.


I was using cannabis oil before my lupron shot and radiation I would say it did stop it because once I took the cannabis oil I could sleep with my two legs together,instead of having to use a pillow like I did before the cannabis oil and when I got the Lupron shot 2 weeks later my psa dropped to .4 . I couldn't afford the cannabis oil so I had to quit, just making muffins with cannabis leaf, and eating apricot seeds, I had my psa last week and it was .1 it has been .1 for the last two psa test the urologist told me he didn't need to see me till March 2019. I did have radiation therapy and Hormone therapy and they are both completed. I believe I am in remission for more then one reason or protocols. because I did see the doctors and they got rid of the tumor in my prostate, I also believe the cannabis oil worked. we have to fight this disease on more then one direction, just like the doctors use multiple protocols with the clinical trials. I mentioned to the doctor I changed my diet to 80 percent plant food and I almost felt like he wasn't even listening. we as cancer survivors can make a difference because our life depends on it.

God Bless



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