Hi everyone.

Because I watched "The Truth About Cancer" and liked the page on Facebook, I was recently made aware of another documentary with the title "The Sacred Plant".

I have watched 6 of the 7 episodes so far. And I am quite interested in the whole subject.

Even before that, I was a firm believer in the healing effects of Cannabis. I have always felt it should be made legal so that people can decide whether they would like to try it for one or more of its healing compounds.

Medical Cannabis is not yet legalised in Ireland, although they are talking about it. We are certainly not allowed to grow it ourselves.

So many people still think of it as a drug, as something that makes you high, as something that you get addicted to and as something that, ultimately, will damage your brain and other parts of your body. I so much feel we should start talking more about the benefits it may have when it comes to our health.

I have only had one joint in my life so far, and I don't think I want to do it again, although I quite enjoyed the experience. But this is neither here nor there. Of course I don't think that it would be desirable that we have people who are high on drugs walking around everywhere. But I do feel that Cannabis should be available for medical reasons and for people who really need it and it should be available in the strengths and dosages that they need.

My husband and I ordered Cannabis oil from a shop in the Netherlands a while ago; not because of his cancer but because of an ongoing chronic pain in his stomach area that has never been diagnosed and for which he is taking strong pain killers that only work a little bit, yet they increase the doesage all the time. We then thought that this oil, while working for the pain, might also work on his cancer. It is CBD oil.

He is taking it when he has a severe pain, but usually it doesn't work very well, it certainly doesn't take the pain away completely. So I don't think we are going to get it again. Also, in the documentary they were saying today that the compound that is most effective when it comes to treating cancer is THC, meaning that whatever product you get you have to make sure you get one with THC in it - not so much that it makes you high but enough to work on the cancer.

The documentary is really cool. They show organisations in Israel where they grow and sell it to patients, they show people from the US who have used it successfully to treat their cancers, and they have people on it who actually explain about how Cannabis works in the body and also admit that so far most of the research has been done on mice and not on humans. It feels to me like a very good documentary with lots of valuable information in it.

I would love for my husband to be able to try Cannabis. And he would love it too. Isn't it crazy that we cannot try it unless we are willing to do something illegal?

I am writing this post because I would love to know if any of you have found any research over the years, any information out there would be helpful. I trust people in this forum more than this documentary or any documentary for that matter. I know that the people on this forum are, like us, looking for a way to prolong their lives or even cure their cancers, and that is why I feel confident that we can talk about this. Or maybe it has already been talked about before my husband and I joined this forum.

I know that this is a very sensitive subject because there may well be people on this forum who use Cannabis - maybe even grow it themselves - but who can't say this because it is not legal in the state of the US or the country they live in. So I am not expecting anyone to reveal anything personal here. Yet I feel it is important to raise this subject so that all of us can have a think about it ourselves and do our own research.

Thanks for reading.


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  • Hi Mel, if you use the search function on the top right hand of this site and use terms like "Cannabis", "Rick Simpson Oil", Medicinal Marijuana" etc, you'll find loads of posts and comments. I was very keen on cannabis oil about a year ago, but I have searched every forum and facebook group I can and I am yet to find a convincing case of anyone 'curing' their prostate cancer with that method. I am not a skeptic and I truly believe cannabis does cure some types of cancer, but sadly, not prostate cancer, based on the information I have found over one year of intensive research. There is a Facebook group called "Cannabis Oil Success Stories" which I've joined which has 80,000+ members. I have posted a question several times in that forum along the lines of "Can anyone let me know if they have experienced anyone with advanced prostate cancer achieving a cure". The comments I usually get include "Dennis Hill" who is apparently a biochemist who cured his stage III or stage IV PCa (it's not clear what stage he had, but his story is the only one which seems credible and if he's successful, why are no others?) or "You must also alkalize your body" or "You also need to take B17" or "I know someone who knows someone" but when you dig deeper, there is no reasonable evidence of anyone (that I can find) achieving anything like a cure. When they do have good results to share, they are usually also on ADT and/or have had chemo in their past. Having said that, the oil is an amazing sleeping pill, which you can't overdose on, is also helpoful in tolerating chemo and for many it also provides pain relief.

  • Hi.

    Thank you. I will research the posts in this forum.

    I am not so much thinking of Cannabis as a cure for my husband's cancer. There are, as you say, so many stories of people who have been successful in curing their cancer with Cannabis, but I am quite sceptical if this is really the case. No, but I am interested in Cannabis because it might improve his over all health, help with side-effects of other medication and maybe, just maybe, have a tumor shrinking effect.

    It just annoys me so so much that a plant like Cannabis has such a bad reputation when it is full of compounds that we can use to heal and possibly even cure ourselves.


  • Hi Mel,

    Please see the long reply I wrote to Joe, above. I talk about the positive effects smoking marijuana in the evening has had on my enjoyment of life. I didn't mention it there, but I'm talking about the last 50 years of my life. (Obviously, it wasn't legal here for much of that time, but I was always able to buy it from friends.) When we travel, for as long as 2 1/2 months, I don't bring it with me. I do fine without it when we travel.

    I tried cannabis oils, but I was going to have to be higher than I wanted, for more hours per day than I wanted, to reach what they claimed was a therapeutic dose. Also, when I increased my dose from 20 to 50 mg as advised by a nurse in the program, I think it was too big a jump, & I had what turned out to be a negative drug interaction with gabapentin (Neurontin).

    There's a website, I'm pretty sure it's called Green Flower Media. They have recorded talks by experts in topics of interest. I just haven't got around to it, but I want to see what they have to say about cannabis & cancer. Please let us know if you check it out, & I'll report if I do.


  • Hi Neal.

    I will check it out and of course I will let you know what I found.


  • Hi Mel,

    Please see what I just posted.


  • Hi again Mel. Did you see my post on Cancer as Medicine, Free Booklets a day ago? If the classes interest you, I have a proposal. But our deadline is Friday night, Pacific time zone (California). If you know how to turn this into a private conversation, we could do it that way. I know it can be done, but not how. I posted to Darryl a day ago asking him, but I don't have a reply. Thanks.


  • Hi Neal.

    Well, I missed the deadline you gave, because I was in work all day Friday and yesterday and only got around to reading messages this morning.

    I don't know how to turn a conversation private. You can email me at:


    though, if you would still like to have this private conversation.


  • Very good. Cure is a big word. I have no signs currently,but I'd never say cured ..I've done rt & adt , currently on test drug Tak-700 until failure.Also total naturalpathic schedule since onset ..Holistic diet -no sug, except I've cheated here and there with Belgium chocolate and once in awhile pizza..Organic as much as possible.So yes I have done a lot of things but I'll continue to peruse new things even if there is a chance that they'll work. I've done mm and RSO also for 2 yrs and don't plan to stop. What really has put a huge smile on my onco's face as he said "You are cancer free" and jumped up and down..That's what we all want to hear ,right? So whether it was this ,or that that has brought me to this point I will take the advice of the head of chemo at my onco center when she told me a yr ago told me "Whatever you are doing keep doing it..I'm not an idiot however. I know this is only the 1st chapter in this saga with pc..I was first told that I WILL die of p c for sure and I will not see 80. I'm 57 now They gave me 39'months. Now I just thank god that I can pee and that I'm alive..Thank you ...

  • Mel, here's my two cents.

    When I was Dx in 1/10, my Phd sister-in-law, told me to reach out to my old friends, so I did. Eventually, I couldn't stand inhaling the smoke, so I was introduced to BHO, or Butane Hash Oil. It's derived from the buds of the pot plant, and has the consistency of a wax. But, it's not smoked in the usual fashion, it's vaporized, and inhaled. And, yes it's just as illegal as Heroine, Cocaine and all the others, it's just not nearly as "dangerous". You can see these things, and how they're used on Youtube, but they are blown up a bit, not like one would do at my age.

    So, go googling, Joe

  • Oh thanks. I will definitely go googling.

  • After losing 3 friends to cancer using this Oil, and another with a large tumour he told me had disappeared using Cannabis Oil, I'm afraid I'm incredibly cynical. Why would this work when it's a complex genetic disorder?

    All I ever see is anecdotal. A Japanese trial that didn't double blind and was retracted, a Spanish trial in vitro (so what?) but no real further evidence.

    I'm in agreement on its ability to help sleep and its anaesthetic qualities, but a cancer cure? Most of us on here are well educated in our disease, and I've never once seen a post saying it cures PCa or any other for that matter.

    Still, I'm prepared to be amazed, but so far, so what. I'll put it in the same folder as bicarbonate of soda and alkaline blood and all the other half baked ideas.

    Abiraterone will do me just fine.

  • Hi. I understand what you mean. Of course we need a lot more research - and research done on humans and not on mice - to make the anecdotal evidence into science-based evidence. In the meantime, though, I think people should be able to try it wherever they live. As I said: Even if it doesn't cure, at least it might have effects that are desirable such as increasing apetite in people who, due to their other therapies, can't eat well, or it might help them to sleep better, or it might help them with anxiety... Millions of things it could potentially have a good effect on.


  • You see, I know that most of what we hear is anecdotal, but so far that is all we have got. And if I hear 100 anecdotes and they all tell me that Cannabis has helped them on their cancer journey, for me that would be as valid as scientific research is.


  • There are so many using, and many reporting loss of pain, a feel good sensation. I would not smoke it but would personally be in favor of THC oil. This would be only. I am not recommending, But you can find lots of information, here, articles you can pick up on Google. Such as THC and Prostate Cancer.


  • Hi. I will definitely have a good look around the internet. Like you, I think that a combination - maybe one-to-one ratio, of THC and CBD might be a great thing But, anyway, it is neither here nor there because we don't have access to the plant at the moment. But if we ever do, I would love for us to try it. In the meantime, I will educate myself about this like I educate myself about everything else that is out there trying to fight this disease.


  • Yes, I must really go googling now.

  • It was helping Elgies, pain, well being, appetite and sleep. He only used it in the evening. Doctor said marijuana or pain meds. He had to stop marijuana. He lost about 18 lbs.

    Good wishes.


  • Very sad to hear that .

  • I have seen all of the info that you stated..personally I'm a believer...I've done so for 2ys now and I've had 1 yr of no Psa & no signs of Pc. My wife doses me and she sees a great improvement in my moods will properly dosed..The hard part for me was building tolerance..The most common belief is that you need both high thc and all of the cannebinoids to effect and kill cancer. Big word "Kill"" .. Lets use heal instead. Good luck in you pursuits .

  • Hi Lulu700.

    You say your wife is doing you. And she is obviously doing a great job. I am glad it is working so well for you.

    Now of course I would be very interested how she is getting the stuff. But I won't ask. The thing is really to find somebody here in Ireland who grows it and whom we can trust and then we could buy from that person or, even better, grow ourselves.

    There is a place in California apparently, Miriam's Hope, where they can tell you a lot about dosing. This is on my list for things to google too.


  • I don't mind chatting about it. I have a childhood friend that is an organic farmer .I grew up in N cal so I do have many sources to obtain good material and I'm getting quit proficient at making my own oil..It is best But you either must grow or know a grower.I started with a cal mm card then az , then Co. If you want to do a lot as suggested by Rick Simpson it will cost you an arm and a leg .I did that and spent way to much .Online you can find a site that will provide you material for free for serious cases. not sure but it's something like gorila growers .com Ive recently found organic legal producers in Co that charge $20 per gram.Thats a great fair price for the consumer. They are. Kona healing. Eric Solveson = Owner founder. 720-745-0048. @ konahealing. If i didn't make my own I would somehow either go my self or have someone pick it up for you. Because they can't legally ship it across state lines. It should be legal in every state. A lot of expense and stress for legit patients in those states that prohibit its use. All you need in Co. is an ID and to be over 21 From anyplace..Glad you have interest Good luck !

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