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Zytiga+Zoladex instead of Taxotere

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Good day everyone,

Just wish to share with you this update..

I sought a second opinion on whether Taxotere was the most appropriate course of action after casodex and Zoladex which reduced PSA only to a certain level and stopped to drive it down.

The second oncologist advised me to do Zytiga and Solupred and Zoladex for two months, leaving taxotere after we exhaust these options

Anyone here had any luck with Zytiga and Zoladex after casodex immediately and no chemo?

I can't thank you enough for being a source of support for me and a source of much needed hope

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Our esteemed member Patrick recently published the following information.


I think there is also a study with early zytiga and adt,showing a benefit ,but it is in early patients,What are your stats ie ,date of dx age , general health ,initial psa and stage. What was the lowest psa? Have they seen anything on scans? General Health has a lot to do with the decision to do chemo, Many on this list made it through 6 cycles without much problem. In the words of Dr, Myers “it is always good to do whatever you have to , to get a complete response “, however you do it when on adt. We have to get as much as we can out of these drugs. Many on here are in favor of using dutasteride to keep (DHT) dihydrotestosterone in check.


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auroracham in reply to Dan59

What does adt stands for? I often see it here. Thanks.

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Androgen deprivation therapy

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auroracham in reply to NG17

Thank you

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Dan, we have been on Casodex and Lupron since May 2017 (i.e. 8 months). This took down PSA from 194 to a lowest of 38 (nadir), then it went back up to 59 in recent months. Two doctors advising two difference courses of action:

Doc 1: Taxotere 100 mg every 2 weeks (4 cycles only)

Doc 2: Zytiga + Lupron (2 months) and we test PSA

So I am at a crossroad to make a sound call with my dad for his best interest

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NG, That is not a great response to Lupron,Has he done a testosterone test to make sure the T is below 32? The Lupron does not always work as expected, sometimes it does not lower t enough., also if he is in General good health, I would go as aggressive as possible, and that means adding 3week docetaxol to the adt, If He is old and feeble he could still do the zytiga. The goal is to knock the psa basically to 0. I wish you the best,keep us posted. It is great that you advocate for your Dad

I joined the Stampede trial 6 years ago, I’d had 1 month of casodex and immediately started on Zytiga/Prednisone with a Zoladex implant. No chemo was offered, as my Dx was pretty bad, PSA a little under 600, 7 major bone Mets but Gleason 7. The trial has been a fantastic success for the 1900 or so of us on this trial, personally, my PSA has been constant at immeasurable for the last 6 years. The only downside has been severe muscle wastage, particularly in my already cancer damaged legs. That apart, bloods are good, BP is good and I’m generally quite well.

Good luck with this course of action, it’s worked incredibly well for me.

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NG17 in reply to TommyTV

Could u pls let me know how long it took Zytiga and prednisone to take PSA to undetectable? And once undetectable do you stay on them as well? Tnx a million

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TommyTV in reply to NG17

This reply is going to surprise everyone. It took 1 month, which I’ve come to understand is amazing. I will be staying on this treatment until I become CRPC. Other options will then become available.

Through all this, my treatment has been completely free of charge. Our wonderful NHS in the UK looks after us from cradle to grave.

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BigRich in reply to TommyTV

Tommy, that is truly amazing!!!! That only rivals the case in the medical literature of an individual fighting PCa for 39 years. You both should be in the record books,


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TommyTV in reply to BigRich

It’s so unusual, I’m seeing my research nurse in a couple of weeks, I’ll check I’m not mistaken. I’m pretty sure that was the result, I wasn’t that surprised at the time as I thought that was what was supposed to happen. I was a lot less knowledgeable than I am now.

That sounds great! I wish you continued undetectable PSA👍👍 and lots of good things to come your way

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