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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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I am implementing my pH 7.2-7.5 Protocol (My Hypothesis) on myself Since I accidentally stumbled on Green Tea high pH 8.0 to 9.0

Hi All

First I like to introduce myself for all new comers.

I am a male and is 63 years old.

I was first diagnosed on 28 October 17.

I was unwell after a weeks holiday in Singapore so I had an ultra sound examination on 24 October 17.

CT Scan next on 25 October 17 and reports indicate right ureter blockage and hydronephrosis and hydroureter.

Cystoscopy carried out 28 October 17 and right ureteric stent attached. Massive tumour confirmed in bladder and resect section in blocked ureter and TURP.29 October 17 4 biopsies right & left prostate glands, resect samples TURP and ureter has Gleason 5+5=10

PSMA 28 November 17 Nuc Bone Scan 30 November 17 confirmed Prostate Cancer metastasised to numerous lymph nodes and spines and ribs. So I am being confirmed Advanced & Aggressive Stage 4 D 2

In my first appointment with Urologist on 17 November 17 was prescribed Bi Eligard (Lupron) but decided to delay my conventional therapy.

For the reasoning please check my initial post.

From 1-18 December 17 actively engaged in doxycycline & high oral dosage of vitamin C.

For details please again follow my previous replies.

On the 24 December 17 after chatting with Dan59 and finding Neal has Zytiga & Prednisone failing (Did not know that Dan59 has problems too and had to add Xtandi as additional) I decided to give Vernon Johnstone baking soda/honey ( replaced molasses) a try from 24-30 December 17. Clearly maintaining pH 7.2-7.5 minimum and moving to 8.0-8.5 on 4/5 days of treatment,

On the try was dosing up ( 30 g baking soda/per day ) I also use Ural after a unhealthy appetite. After day 2 felt weak from treatment ( not from flu ) This symptoms then recovered. After day 4 had bone pain in the spine. This symptoms recovered after 4 days,

31 December 17 I had 9 holes golf in the afternoon and encountered gross haematuria for the first time.

Immediately I stopped Vernon Johnstone's baking soda but discovered high pH value of Green Tea.

With more information in regards to Cassie ( Essiac Tea founder and testimony from Dr Leonard Coldwell (as a 14 year old) in regards to having cured her mum of numerous liver failures and incurable liver cancer and using tea as initial therapy I was by a stroke of luck able to fantasised my hypothesis.

For more details on Cassie and Dr Leonard Coldwell and how as a 14 year boy and able to cure his mum who then lived on for 30 years when she should have died under 6 months you can check it out yourself.

Now to add further and explanation make simple.

Obviously you would have heard about Chris who beats Cancer using carrot juice.

We know carrot like green tea has cancer killing properties. (Nalakrats totally disagree)

Chris clearly states you can not eat carrot to control/cure cancer.

Do you know raw carrot had a pH 10.

When you eat the carrot the Huge pH will not be enough to make a big dent as far as pH is concerned,

But by juicing the liquid/fluid content is now menacing enough to have your pH level raised to my pH 7.2-7.5 Protocol. When Chris alternate to other vegetables again juicing when in larger amounts had again the raising of pH although these vegetables do provide other nutrients.

So this Self Awatdee of Honorary Doctorate???? Still stands.

Thanks everyone for your attention and patience.

Roland ( Honorary Doctorate???? )

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Hi to All

As a courtesy I would actively engage anyone who do/can benefit from my hypothesis be kind/generous enough to donate to malecare and Deaf & Blind,

I have quoted quite often enough that due to my kind gesture of giving out $4000 from my own pension fund that I was being rewarded/repaid for having such a quality living and is still able/actively involved in sex and pain/fatigue free as well as indulgence in food,

Thanks again

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)


OK, we get it. Question, why drag Nalakrats into this? He is entitled to his own opinions based on his research. Everyone has a path to follow, please follow yours and try not to hand out to many leaflets along the way. Tea, carrot juice. Go for it. I hope it cures you.

Thank you for your kind donations. It was an admirable thing to do.


Hi nameless9999

Your comment is noted. I do remember I had a clash on my 2nd day back in 2 December 17 on this forum (I agree not to mention name as he personally requested it). It is I thought quite amicable that sometimes we can debate/argue to address a situation/something oblique whether it is an oversight or not.

I was able to come to certain conclusions in the regimen/treatment therapy is very obvious and I have so many times said thanks to very talented academics/intellects like Patrick,Kuanyin,AlanMeyer,Nalakrats and so many others and even you.

If I were not have the opportunity to have met/interact with them I was truly lagging/disadvantage and what I claim to follow through is doubtlessly very questionable.

Nalakrats has provided facts in regards to cancer cells jiving happily in a pH 6.7 environment and under. I have thank him for his input.

As regards to green tea ( his research is on tea so he has some proven facts and I agreed totally again on his findings) it is the high pH 9.0 that has yet to be looked at.

Another thing is in Nalakrats 10 modalities Protocol (he again mentioned it is very individual when he applied ceacium chloride treatment) so when I embraced/embarked on Vernon Johnstone baking soda/honey (I replaced molasses) I had a a very Doctor (a close relative) to rely on.

The amazing fact is in the protocol there is "Critical Control Point" (I sometimes refer as a bottleneck for obvious reasons when someone apparently overlooked its importance) is the pH 7.2-7.4 and this is the healthy range which our body can function (a perfect 10 score) and no harm of our body. Again Nalakrats has indicated this as a questionable theory (not been proven as yet). So with the Vernon Protocol as well as Ceasium Chloride a pH 8.0-8.5 ( not exceeding 5 days due to Heath issues) the cancer cells will die or they can hide as normal cells ( still cancer but in dormant).

I learned from this so I applied to my Hypothesis.

I have also checked on water management in swimming pools and if you keep a ware pH 7.2-7.5 (help out by baking soda) bacteria/algae cannot propagate and grow so this is what we want inside our urinary system.

So I reiterate that mentioning Nalakrats doesn't means name calling or blaming game but just to highlight our agree/disagree opinion.

Unless Nalakrats personally objects than I will not repeat and use his name.

Thanks again for your attention and patience.

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)


What Nameless said! Not sure why you felt you had to mention me, as if I had something to do with your treatment decision. I am not on xtandi currently. Only zolodex. Your donation was admirable

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Hi Dan59

I want to apologise if you are unhappy with my comment.

I am just conveying the message as how it happened.

But transpired is again due to the rewards I received from my kind gesture when I gave $4000 to the Deaf & Blind,

So far and being 1/2800 I have still managed to enjoy this quality living of pain/fatigue free as well as sex and indulging food,

I know it can sometimes cause discomfort/dissent in regards to sex/non cancer friendly food but I am able to do these and is still kicking as normal.

Thanks for your attention and patience.

Roland (Honorary Doctorate ????)


Dr. Charles Snuffy Myers, now retired, is an accomplished scientist and PCa expert. He was Chief Pharmacologist at NIH for many years where he developed several cancer drugs. He participated in the development of AZT, a drug that played a huge role in ending the Aids crisis. He has significantly contributed to the literature and has been a featured speaker at many PCa conferences. His biggest asset is his ability to understand the biology of PCa down to the molecular level. I was lucky enough to have him as my MO for 13 years. We had many discussions, and I always had a question or two for him. I asked him specifically about controlling PH about 8 or 9 years ago, and he told me at that time, he saw no benefit in it. He recommended eating carrots, but not drinking carrot juice. I did not question his reason for that recommendation. He may have changed his recommendations over the years. If so, I am not aware of it.

There are windows of opportunity in life that close if we do not take advantage of them. Cancer treatment is one of them. I know someone who died because he tried to self medicate. All of the recent advances made in PCa treatment were unable to reverse his disease. I fear, like yycandy, that someone new looking for sound advice will latch onto your protocol and their window will needlessly close. You call your protocol a hypothesis. By definition, a hypothesis an assumption or proposition. Your hypothesis seems to be based on anecdotal medicine and opinion, not evidence based medicine. Currently, it has no validity. You have shared your personal experience with members of this forum. Okay, we get it. Now it is time to consider the damage your postings may pose to newly diagnosed patients seeking sound advice on this forum. I wish you the very best outcome.

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Hi Winston40

I finally able to chat/consult with another Prostate Survivor of very sound standing. When I review my case I did search through the past histories so I will later check on you if you have posted them.

My hypothesis is no longer in the assumption Stage as what you just implied.

I have commented quite very often how people ( it may include you ) though they have huge academic/intellectual ability but experience this bottleneck situation.

It has been a top very debatable subject like even high Alkaline food in relationships to curing cancer.

No one so far has been able to put 2+2= 4

I have called this my "Critical Control Point" getting your Urine & Saliva pH to 7.2-7.5.

In one of my other comment I had mentioned that Dr Leonard Coldwell had claimed he has datas to show he indeed citied 35000 people.

Now with your well known Doctor at Dr Charles Snuffy Meyers what is the numbers?

With my hypothesis as I am apparently applied I need some time to prove it.

This is going to revolutionise if successful to Prostate Cancer and even beyond for upto 85 % of all cancers.

I am looking at numbers in my lifetime above 35000.

Since you have been under someone's care for 13 years now the next time prompt my hypothesis to your Doctor and get some answers.

Who can if so reveal to me.

I am currently pain/fatigue free apart from my haematuria which I said had not had a bad impact on my blood & urine tests on 2 & 9 January 18.

My last 2 CT Scans on 2 & 19 January 18 caused Radiologist to make mistakes and not been able to report correctly.

I have only undergone baking soda/honey since 24 December 17 (5 days) but now use it to make my Urine pH to my target level 7.2-7.5

I sincerely you hope you can contact your Expert Doctor and get back to us.

Thanks for your attention and your patience.

Before I finished I have been also eating junk food and it is not a worry.

As it stands I can always bring back to my Urine target pH 7.2-7.5 using only Green Tea, baking soda/honey, Ural ,Sodibic and as of yesterday I like to include canned black grass jelly ( it is so cheap and often use is deserts ) "Mesona Chineasis which has a pH 8.0 is derived from boiling the stall of this plant and definitely helps in my bowel movement yesterday. The success of this grass jelly is currently being reviewed by me.

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)


Hi yycandy

I appreciate your comment.

I just want to put this story to you.

I had a very undelighted clash with my Doctor relative so I told him this.

I am a simple person and I enjoy playing golf and like to keep things simple,

I was lucky to be able to have 5 "hole in one" in my 17 years playing golf.

So I had this hole in one and I put it to pure luck or lucky.

This is where and how I stumbled on some of the things that I now actively engage.

So I mentioned to this Doctor, me having a hole in one makes me very happy But do I need someone to then spend countless hours to try to check/dissect (do a post mortem ) what humidity/temperatures/wind speed etc etc to have created my hole in one or do I need someone to again to spend countless hours trying to check/analysis of how my muscles move/what enzymes etc etc that bring me this very hole in one.

So if I am lucky to stumble on a "hole in one" bandwagon same as now my "hypothesis " of control/manage cancer from growing/multiplying by using pH 7.2-7.5 so be it.

Thanks for your attention and patience.

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)


Hi yycandy

In regards to your comment please refer to my reply to nameless9999 I have highlighted to him how efficient modern medicine is but it's limitations. So if someone engaged in modern medicine and while it is still working ( before resistance/castration ) if you are confident in control/manager of cancer growth according to my Protocol pH 7.2-7.5 you can cure your self without the continuous medication.

I want to highlight to you Vernon Johnstone when 1st diagnosed he has gone on medication where by his psa was 22 and to 5.8 before his well know "dance with Cancer Protocol " After his 12 days treatment using baking soda his psa is nadir and Bone Scan shows no signs of metastasis.

I have pointed this out to Patrick before,

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)



Good luck with your plan. Chris cures cancer is a lot more than carrot juice. He calls his plan Square One.. it involves a lot of eating raw vegetables, taking supplements, fasting, exercise.. rebounding plus other things related to spiritual and mental states.. watch the videos. He has an advanced protocols class that includes even more. Many people in the group are doing integrative but still there are many folks doing square one along with other natural remedies. He mentions that you need to monitor your progress and if you are getting worse.. then you need to add other things to your plan. He strongly recommends have a doctor or naturopath available to help you with the battle.

I am all for someone dealing with cancer the way that they believe is correct. I hope you beat it. How has your psa been ? (I am assuming that your cancer can be monitored through psa)

Please take care of yourself.

tons of hugs and prayers,



Hi softwaremom00

I did not realise that you and Chris are friends.

I am delighted that you pointed out to me on many other things he engaged like supplements, exercise meditation etc.

What I claim here is in regards to "Critical Control Points" that is the pH 7.2-7.5 a healthy pH range in which our bodies can function normally and at its best as well as keeping cancer from growing/multiplying.

It is well know that Chris has a very good reputation and successful in helping this world resolving an alternate cure for Cancer.

We know Cancer has hundreds of different forms and treatment is so so complicated.

So I can only highlight out situation in regards to Prostate Cancer.

So far in my journey and especially the 4 weeks before my 75 days of Prostate Cancer Survivor I have gathered enough information that I can comfortably move forward and Using my "Hypothesis of pH 7.2-7.5".

Not to cause discomfort/dissent but do you know anyone doing what I do.

As an Advanced Stage 4 D2 metastasised Prostate Cancer claiming to be pain/fatigue free and also able to engage in sex ( now with dry orgasm ) and eating junk foods.

Due to my confidence having moved past my 75 days I can tell you that and not be worried.

Cancer cells do take time to grow and my that I meant if I indulge like what happened on 25 January 18. I attended my company get together celebration. During lunch I had a glass of sweet raspberry flavour slurpy, 330 ml Somersby Apple Cider 4.5% Alc and had steak, pork chop a lot of pork ribs with sauce,

After this indulgence I checked my Urine pH it has dropped from 9.0 to 6.0 ( a decrease of a few hundreds ) Mind you for those who are not familiar. To raise pH 5.0 to 6.0 this is logarithm it is by a factor of 10 and 6.0 to 7.0 it is again factor of 10. So from pH 5.0 to 7.0 you needed 100 times.

Also I have sex in the morning ( dry ejaculation) This is a happy experience and for that my Urine pH went from 8.0 to 9.0

I hope I did not bore you and thanks for your patience.

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)



I do not know Chris personally but have watched all of the videos multiple times and taken his advanced course. I have tons to learn for sure! There are a lot of folks on the square one forum using pH as an addition to the protocol... but I am not sure if anyone is using by itself. I think there are over 3000 members.

I messaged you about the Bob Beck protocol. It is pretty easy and might fit nicely into your protocol.

I wish you great success with your plan.


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Hi softwaremom00

Judy to keep you informed I have yet to use supplements. The simple ingredients that I used is baking soda, honey, Ural, sodibic, green tea and occasional omega 3 fish oil.

At the start of me in the forum I use doxycycline & vitamin c oral intake.

A few days ago I mistreated my bouts of dehydration by drinking too much fluid too quickly and drinking too quick to keep me hydrated, This I found out was incorrect and hence I had aches in my calf muscles for over 2 days.

Then I tried back 100 mg doxycycline and 2x4 g Vitamin C and it gives me relief.

As I said using my pH protocol I now control/manage the cancer by not letting in grow. I am now in control so when ever I want to actively kill more cancer cells (rather then using pH 8.0-8.5 for five days) I can use doxycycline & vitamin c,

My largest tumour is in my bladder, ureter as well as both prostate glands so I need some extra help,

I now enhanced with doxycycline & Vitamin c but only small dosage of 4 g twice a day I'd deem sufficient and I am confident of my success.

Thanks for letting me know about other methods/support/supplements.

I have given myself this big hat namely Honorary Doctorate so I am capable on my own battle this Cancer of mine effectively and efficiently or else I would not have claimed As I I have.

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)


Hi softwaremom00

I just checked on your reference on Bob Deck.

I like to get your attention in regards to Dr Leonard Coldwell when as a 14 year old boy he has cured his mum of numerous ailments and a terminal liver cancer who was given under 6 months to live. She survived and lived on for 30 years after that.

As a poor boy Leonard has no financial means to cure his mum. So he does this and it is so cheap and efficient.

He use a white large blanket (could be cotton) wet it down thoroughly then wrapped his mum with it. Obviously she shakes and feel cold all over, This coldness is only for a few minutes and then the body slowly adjusts and you be right. So with this treatment lasting about 35 minutes each time he managed to slowly extract the toxin in his mums body gradually plus of control tea to then cure her.

I hope this helps clarify,

So some things could be this simple provided you know how.

Thanks for listening,

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)

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Lots of positive support in this group for the integrative approach which is why I have the doctor monitor the PCa while doing whatever I can to keep my immune system be the best it can be I’m in great health other than having cancer ha!

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Gator Juice+Carrot Juice+Green Tea+Dead Rat Juice blended with 7 Dung Beatles and drink only on a full moon cures cancer.....Dr. Nalakrats



Hi BBruce

I know you have created yourself using the more absorbable vitamin c form. Sorry I am unable to recall the actual name.

Basing on my memory The High oral dosing Vitamin C founder is quite elderly and is still alive. It could be maybe 12 years ago that his wife died from cancer which he was unable to cure using high oral Vitamin C.

It has been documented that healthy people requires certain daily dose. And also Vitamin C has proven to be a Cancer killer.

Unfortunately the high oral dosages wasn't sufficient to contain this man's wife cancerous deterioration.

Now high dosage by intravenous means is another story and current intergrative cancer treatment uses it but very expensive and time consuming as you have to be in a clinic to pursue your treatment. Also quite often it was mentioned that they include small doses of chemotherapy drugs which wasn't so destructive to the body.

Hope you could earn your Honorary Doctorate and be a successful one.

I am planning too to do my 100 mg doxycycline & Vitamin C 2x4 g for 2 days a week for the next 6 weeks before my next PSA check and by then hopefully my haematuria would have improved.

So if my pH 7.2-7.5 Protocol can stop the cancer progress (status quo) then the excellent 100 mg doxycycline and Vitamin C 2x 4 g per day ( only needing 2 times a week ) should leads to more success.

Thanks for your patience,

Roland (Honorary Doctorate ????)


Talk to to a real Doctor face to face and ask him/her if it is plausible that anything you do will alter your internal pH.

I would also go give a gander at this website: quackwatch.com


Hi crashing

I am surprised you are what you are.

Had you had any idea at all what we are referring. This is talking about Urine pH.

I bade you to check it out.


Oops. Just skimming. Lol

Thought you were talking about the common BS about altering your internal pH to affect the growth of cancer.

You can't do it. If somehow you found a way to do it, you would kill yourself not the cancer.

Urine pH I associate with kidney stones, not prostate cancer.


Hi cesanon

Sorry if I lost my cool and snapped at you.

I am at fault for not making it simple and clear.

My humble apology again.



Hi cesanon

Let me elaborate, so I have a company get together and had lunch. My lunch on 25 January 18 I had a glass of sweet raspberry slurpy, 330 mi Somersby Apple Cider 4.5 % Alc and steak, pork chop and plenty of spare ribs with sauce. When I measured my Urine pH dropped from 9.0 to 6.0.

To bring my Urine pH back to the healthy pH 7.2-7.5 now I have to use 4 g baking soda/honey in 1/2 glass water and this will raise my Urine pH by 2.0 and then I might need to add 1 Ural sachet (1.76 g sodium bicarbonate) to raise Urine pH 0.6-0.8.

If you constantly keep to your target Urine pH 7.2-7.5 you can stop cancer cell grow/multiply. This is exactly the technique for correct water management in swimming pools to prevent bacteria/algae growing and leave you with a clean and sparkling pool.

Thanks for your patience.

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)


Hi All

I have to apologise for I have not started properly and has confused our new comers.

Our blood pH of 7.35-7.45 is in a very narrow range and we cannot change/meddle with.

The pH that I am referring is mostly in regards to your excreted Urine or pee. Quite important though your Saliva pH is another indicated if your body is too basic/acidic.

I sincerely hope to clarify this confusion.

Thanks for your patience.



We juice a few pounds of carrots every day and do BarleyMax as well Good luck to you with your dietary changes you might want to check out the Hallelujah Diet testimonies for some envouragement Update on me: finally got my consult with a MO and is not confirmed in my bones he will follow closely and we may decide on the genetic Lipton route Will keep you posted - stay positive and keep praying for one another

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Lupron not Lipton


Hi yycandy

I am really surprised with your attitude. I do read up on your replies and it indicates you are engaging in the best of both worlds ie I mean you actively complementing your conventional with other AC goodies.

Sorry if I got it wrong but I think I am correct.

Best Wishes.

As I am unable to convince you I prefer to finish off as Roland.


Hi yycandy

I really like you.

You are frank and straight forward.

Just before trying to engage you to reveal yourself more I was thinking whether I was too eager/obsess as for the last 4 weeks or so I have been more stay at home person,

I do like to go to the The Star Casino here in Sydney and I have not been there since 20 December 17.

I was just thinking of taking a 6 weeks vacation since I have nothing on myself ( test ) to report.

So if I quietly stay away it might do me good.

Thanks for your reply.

Just let you know we sometimes had a agree/disagree and it's natural.

Bye for now.



I've been on a carrot juice regimen for several months and I swear the posts here are much easier to read now

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Saturday 01/27/2018 7:57 PM EST


Hi to All,

I have noticed that people have pleaded with Roland to go to his doctor and get ADT + chemo. I hope their concerns are appreciated. I am going to go another direction. I may get tomatoes thrown at me. I like to read articles that are contrary to my beliefs, see the other side of the coin. Sometimes there is something there. Sometimes people are wrong, somethings scientists are wrong, sometimes doctors are wrong. I know, where are the studies? There will probably never be any on baking soda. There was a time when society believed in witches, they believed the world was flat, and doctors believed in bleeding people to let the bad spirits out. If this was many hundred years ago and Roland was telling us that the world was round and the planet revolved around the sun, we would be arguing with him and they might be throwing him in prison. And we would all believe that we were correct! I had my turn at laughing off the baking soda ph cure. But that idea has hung around for a long time. Maybe there is something to it. If one of my grandchildren had a brain tumor, we would go to the doctor. I wouldn't be trying alternatives, at least initially. But what if Roland is cancer free years from now? What if? I catch my doctors being wrong all the time! I have high homocysteine. All my doctors want me to take high dose of B vitamins and they KNOW I have PC. Yeah, no thanks. Then I my own, I find out that I have the MTHFR mutation. That can also result in higher levels of histamine playing out as a runny nose. I can walk into any doctors office and walk out with anti-biotics for a sinus infection. I have had all kinds of allergy testing. And allergy shots. None has helped one bit. I had a complete physical at age 49. My family tends to get heart attacks. So the doctor focused on my cholesterol. Never took my PSA. A year later I am in surgery for PC. I told him that my grandfather had prostate cancer. Thanks doc for covering all my bases! I respect Dr. Meyers, but has he ever been wrong? I saw a video of him talking about how some of his patients have lowered their PSA my taking cayenne pepper pills. How many doctors out there would tell you how crazy you are for bothering to take cayenne? I have read articles about people who were dying of cancer and decided to ditch the drugs and are still alive years later. I'm not saying that would be true all the time. But things like that do happen. Roland, best of luck to you and keep us posted. Cheers to you as I sip my brewed strong green tea!


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Hi Dave

I will probably take a long vacation as I will not be doing any further test (to check my PCa progress) at least another 6 weeks.

I am delighted with your caring opinion.

Also Dan59 has pointed out to me that "Dancing with Cancer" author Vernon Bruce Johnston had past away in Nov 2014 that was 6 years after his famous 12 days of baking soda/molasses treatment. So Cancer could be so devastating whether you are in remission from conventional/natural therapy it always come back.

My hypothesis on Urine pH 7.2-7.5 could just be the answer but who knows.

I am glad you are for green tea with as I described high pH > 8.0

My lastest discovery which I have applied on myself. I had Gross Haematuria when ever I play golf/physically exerted my body,

2 days of implementing (oral intake of grass jelly) I found it clears up my haematuria extremely fast as well as easy bowel movement.

More to it is its tumour reduction capacity same as green which has been fully explored by the Western World.

Check out "Black/Green Grass Jelly" It has pH > 8.0 The grass jelly is made from stalk and leaf of Mesona Chinesis by boiling.

I am so lucky again by announcing its capabilities to fight cancer and is delighted to increase it in my "Urine pH 7.2-7.5 Protocol,

Thanks for your attention and patience,

Sorry I am taking a 6 weeks vacation as of today so more than likely I will try not to reply/engage with any one.

I apologise for this.

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)


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