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Alternate Cure for Cancer Dr Matthias Rath Cellular Solutions

Hi All.

I send my condolences to wife of Jim ( nameless9999 )

I believe I am been insensitive and did not know he has been depressed of late.

In a reply to AlanMeyer 11 months ago he posted that he wasn't happy with his oncologist recommendation and how his journey has evolved.

I just hope he find peace.

I am sure my of you in this forum wasn't truly aware what better solutions are out there.

As an Advanced Prostate Cancer Survivor for now 100 days you would never in this world think I am capable of fighting this beast.

We my recent better feeling Heath wise I am more convinced of my work in progress Urine&saliva pH 7.2-7.5 Hypothesis.

I am able to play 4 times a week golf. Go to work (still on 6x3 hours a week) and is pain/fatigue free and can actively engage in sex. This quality living is what I am currently enjoying and I only hope some of you can wake up to this new reality.

If you can check your daily Urine&saliva pH and get it to my Critical Control Point you are putting the cancer on hold.

Using Green tea is a sure way to kill cancer cells. Just google for more proofs.

And if you like enhancing with my doxycycline & vitamin c is definitely a cancer killer or you can use Matthias Rath Solutions but add my Urine&saliva pH 7.2-7.5 Protocol and you will be righ.

I am looking for the days when people can come to this forum and learn from your successful stories.

Dr Leonard Coldwell said he had Cure 35000 people.

I am looking forward to breaking his record.

Go next time confront your oncologist and ask them how can/possibly Roland able to achieve what he claims. Is it even remotely feasible?

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As my grandmother used to say, Don't you believe yourself.

Drinking urine won't cure cancer, and "doctors" Matthias Rath's and Leonard Coldwell's only expertise is in extracting money from people, not in curing disease. If any doctor cured 35,000 cases of cancer, it would be headline news in newspapers all over the world.

I know, you're thinking it must be a conspiracy of all the doctors, the professors, the drug companies, the FDA, the newspapers, and the courts to stifle Rath and Cornwell. 50,000 experts are all liars and are aligned against them and only those two guys are telling the truth. Right?

If you want to try quack therapies, well, I can't stop you. It's your right to do what you want with your own body. But please don't try to convince others to try this stuff.



Hi AlanMeyer

Your experience and expertise is well known.

The question is have you ever been wrong?

I want to quote on my reply to Jim prior to his passing away.

In his reply to you some 11 months ago he truly registered to you that he did not like to be lemmings and face death by jumping of a cliff. This is the scenario he refers to with his oncologist recommendation.

He thought they were experts and with what he experienced obviously it is very disappointed and distasteful so he left a note for his wife to say good bye.

Had he known about what I am capable of doing to my self and still able to function so normal is truly unheard off.

Am I deliberately lying to you?

I now even have to fight my own brother who has for 30 years practices Western Medicine and from a nobody to now lecture him.

Think how hard is it for me?

I am a real person and I just let out exactly how it happens no lies and no hidden agenda.


Hi Roland,

Let me say first that I have never doubted your honesty or your sincere desire to help people. I believe you are a good guy and you mean well.

Have the scientists ever been wrong about cancer treatment? Many times.

Have I ever been wrong? Many more times!

But I believe that science is the only path to understanding how to treat cancer. The science is still in an early stage. It was only in 1975 that the first scientist discovered that DNA mutations are at the root of all cancers. For that matter, it was only in 1953, well after many of us were born, that the structure of DNA was understood and almost all of the extraordinary knowledge we have gained since then depended on understanding that structure.

A short posting on a web forum like this isn't the right place to explain why science is THE critical method for understanding the world, but I'd nevertheless invite you to imagine what would happen if people tried to design airplanes, computers, global positioning systems, cell phone systems, gasoline engines, etc. without understanding the relevant science? Cancer biology and treatment is not one whit simpler than those other kinds of problems. Suppose your cell phone, your GPS, or your computer CPU stopped working. Without knowing anything about advanced physics and electronics would you try to come up with your own ideas about how to fix them?

Rath and Cornwell have tried to do just that. They've disregarded all of the decades of research by thousands of doctors and scientists and come up with their own ideas that contradict everything we've learned. In their cases, I'm not at all convinced that they're doing it for the good of humankind. I think they're in it for the money.

If you want to truly understand cancer, I think you need to read books on biochemistry and molecular biology, not off-the-wall ideas that aren't based on understanding those things.

If I have been unfair or unkind to you, I apologize for that. That is not my intention. My intention is to help you and others on this forum to fight against their cancers in the best way they can. To do that, I try to interpret the bits of relevant science that I understand in ways to make them useful to others. I don't always succeed, but I have always believed, and continue to believe, that science is the only path forward.




Hi AlanMeyer

I always have great admiration for you.

You have a very scientific mind and wishes always to explore in very deep root causes for great as well as trivial incidents.

I have mentioned to my brother before about golf and having a hole in one.

Obviously being a technical minded person like you, you wanted to dissect/post mortem this rare occurrence and I can understand you.

The outcome is simple and could be pure luck. Obviously when you are battling cancer it is totally different.

As I have explained to Jim prior to this unfortunate ending I do not wish any of you to discard your current therapy but complement it to suit your individual needs.

Being able to monitor one's Urine&saliva pH allows you to see for yourself how efficient the treatment is panning out.

As simple person any one of us like to be able to do this rather then what Jim termed be lemmings to those expert oncologist.

I do credit Vernon for highlighting the healthy Urine&saliva pH 7.2-7.5 as at this level no harm to our body.

In the beginning for 18 days I have embarked on Doxycycline & Vitamin C and not knowing how to properly utilise its treatment effectively.

Now with this Urine&saliva pH Protocol I just have to maintain my Critical Control Point Urine&saliva pH 7.2-7.5 and use the doxycycline & Vitamin C (8-12 g) for only 2or 3 days and skipping baking soda (much too potent like other conventional cancer drugs)

By my method I am stopping my cancer progression so if I am healthy as I now am I can continue to enjoy my quality living.

So for anyone who agrees there is no huge change to your current protocol unless your body's already too weak to even attain this simple pH target.

Thanks for your attention and patience.


Hi Roland,

Please do read the web pages that ctarleton posted. Read them carefully. They explain why internal pH levels in various fluids are not really open to modification by diet. If, for example, you were to eat highly alkaline foods, your urine might become more alkaline, but that's because your body is getting rid of the alkalinity, not because your blood or other fluids have become more alkaline. The same goes for acid. I doubt very much if even a little bit of the acid or alkaline that you add to your diet ever touches any of your tumor cells.

Also, please note that your current feelings of good health are not a good indicator of the state of your disease. Prostate cancer does not usually cause any pain or discomfort until the PSA gets well into the hundreds. I don't know your "PSA velocity" so I don't know how long it will take to reach that level. You might feel fine for some years. However if your PSA is going up that's an indication that the cancer is growing and probably spreading and may become harder to treat. As others have suggested, I too would suggest that you get regular PSA tests and use that to see what's going on rather than consulting either your urine or saliva pH, or your feelings about your state of health.

Best of luck.



Hi AlanMeyer

Thanks for pointing out to me for I did not missed out on the details.

Unfortunately some of you do and that is why I often emphasise about The Deaf & Blind.

My interpretation is if your body's secretion such as Urine and if they cannot attain my target you would really have to struggle in your battle on your cancer. I have emphasise many times that The Critical Control Point of Urine&saliva pH 7.2-7.5 is the answer.

For the last 20 days I have been doing that and I am certain of my success.

This morning I have another PSA, blood & urine test done and I hope to get my no further progression (I will have to disappoint all of you if you intend to hear non detectable)

I also told yycandy about my fellow golfer who has recently been cleared of prostate tumour in his 12 samples. He has PSA 3.9.

I bet if you get him to do PSMA he would fail miserably. The other thing you mentioned about conspiracy.

I have pointed to yycandy if you do a Control Run using healthy individuals 30,40,50 years of age on the PSMA, again I bet 80% of those tested will have plenty of lights(uptake). Please prove me wrong on these?

So who do you want to believe?


Hi ctarleton

Thanks for your reply.

I guess you are in the opposite camp.

My 1st question to you?

I had a golfer friend who is 70 years old now.

3 weeks ago he had his psa checked and it came in at 3.9.

The urologist who regularly checked on him gave him 70/30 chance of being diagnosed prostate cancer.

It caused him 3-4 weeks of sleep deprivation and anxiety. He eventually had surgery to retrieve 12 samples for biopsy and they came back negative.

Now let me explain, this golfer friend of mine had a kangen water filter which he has installed 10 years ago and he has set a pH 9.0 and drinks 2 glasses in morning, 2 glasses in the afternoon and 2 glasses in the evening for the last 10 years.

Basing on my pH Urine&saliva 7.2-7.5 which is a very healthy range how possible could any cancer tumour ever live.

The other thing is, is it so difficult for you to even check for yourself what Urine&saliva pH that you have excreted from your body to disprove my hypothesis.

The other thing I want to specify is in regards to green tea. It has been proven that the Japanese are rated as the most heavily smokers and yet their lung cancer records are the lowest.

I don't want to be critical but you can continue to choose your own path to recovery but let those who wants to be like me enjoy life as I am having now.

There are a lot more I can challenge you,

Best wishes.


Hi yycandy

So my So caller of author "How to die " had make his present.

No BS very much thanks to Dan59 for pointing out to me.

I would not think you are up to the class of my younger brother. Oh so sorry I did not mention to you that he is a Specialist (gastroenterologist) and a very good one operating in Brisbane for last 25 years now. He was in Sydney for 5 years before that.

So I do not have the qualifications as my your brother but I don't need to lie.

You do know I had 2 Cystoscopy where by 2 ureteric stents are now in place.

My haematuria coming be causing partly by those 2 stents.

So enough I will keep you updated on my PSA soon.

So no BS now. At the very start of me entering this forum I had used Doxycycline & Vitamin C but that was my early days. I did state to you 3 weeks before my 75 days journey of being Advanced Prostate Cancer that I accidentally stumbled on my hypothesis and now it has moved past 100 days.

What I want to know is where is my so pain/fatigue?

I did mention that I can have regular sex and since you have established yourself that well I sincerely hope you are capable as I am on this field. We are all different so no bad feelings intended.

So my friend your request will be given to you in due time.

Best wishes.


Hi yycandy

Just let us be on some cleat understanding.

My treatment protocol is getting my Cancer under control so if my hypothesis works my psa is going to come down. I do not want any further progression, unfortunately if you think I am going to an undetectable state I am so sorry I would have to disappoint you.

My question on sex come on let the rabbit out of its hat.

You can't be so shy that you have to be silent on this.

Bye for now.


Hi yycandy

You are really an interesting man and I am starting to like you a lot.

You like to probe on things which where we are some what akin.

Now in my reply earlier I mentioned a gofer friend on mine. He is 70 years old and has PSA 3.9 so the urologist got him to have biopsies and it all come out negative as this particular friend happens to drink kangen filter water with pH set at 9.0 for the last 10 years.

So no tumour on him with PSA 3.9 but what do you think his results will be if he was put on PSMA pet scan. My answer to you is he will get plenty of lights ( uptakes ). So you reckon he should be on Lupron too.

Now if you were to do a control test run.

Let's say you gather 50 people each from 30 , 35 , 40 years of age.

Now you have 150 people who more than likes are cancer free. What would their PSMA Scans going to reveal. I bet many maybe upto 80% will light up (uptakes)

So do you start them on Lupron maybe knowing they will eventually have cancer.

So far in my probing I have upset quite a few very talented academics/intellectuals.

Please dig up on these. Can anyone prove me wrong? Is there anything at all on this?

What I am saying is now you have an undetectable psa and all the current medical experts says you are not finished yet as for them they have been relying on actual facts where recurrence is inevitable.

Now whether inspiring or not you come to my formula and you are able to use my Urine&saliva pH Protocol to stop cancer growing and it is so simple and you can continuously able to monitor on a daily basis whether it works or not. Wouldn't you be delighted?

So do me a big favour and check to see any PSMA is being carried out on healthy people especially younger age to prove me wrong.

Bye for now.


Thanks for your confidence and I would certainly like to include you as my first 1/2 dozen of happy partakers and on my way to beating 35000 target.

Please take up on my request regarding PSMA or similar studies on healthy people just so all this experts are not leading us like nameless9999 refer to lemmings.

I certainly will proceed to have my blood test done today.

As promised I will be satisfied with no further progression. This will mean I am going to continue to enjoy my quality living and having sex. (Sorry to have to stir you up as you haven't find me inspiring yeti)

Fingers crossed especially with my on going haematuria.


Roland, I've read your earlier posts with interest. You say you are an advanced prostate cancer survivor for 100 days. What lead to your diagnosis? DRE or PSA test? What was your biopsy result, Gleason score? I failed my DRE test, which lead to a Gleason score of 8. My PSA was a mild 2.7. I had no symptoms -- none -- yet I pursued treatment. First I got a 6 month ADT (eligard) shot. Then I was supposed to go for radiation after being told I was a poor candidate for surgery, as I had had TURP surgery years ago. I was a bit of a rebel and got HIFU surgery instead of radiation, out of concern for quality of life issues. If you don't pursue aggressive treatment at least get your PSA levels checked regularly. Feeling good and functioning well is not a prescription for a long life when you have this disease. I sincerely doubt that the regimen you describe will provide the benefit that you expect.


Hi WSOPeddle

I suggest if you want to put a bad comment at least try to read up on all my post.

I certainly did not have DRE although some of you might be tempted if you have a young an beautiful woman Urologist.

Hope you been enjoying your Bi Eligard which I have ditched so I still had my manhood.


Damn and I gave up a chance to take a speed reading course (smacks self in forehead).

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Friday 02/09/2018 7:28 PM EST


Roland -- is the Doxy and vitamin C working? I am thinking about trying it


Well I see this discussion was 6 months ago and found it my usual rabbit trails. I did find this however:


How are you doing Roland32017?


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