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Hello Gentlemen, My cancer has come back on my L4/L5 albeit scan shows light gray area. My Oncologist suggested Xofigo and I start 10/6. Get this, my PSA is over 100. Scans show no other areas i.e. abdomen, lungs, tissue, bone etc. Looking for success stories with this drug. Had prostate removed 10/09, gleason 9, 39 radiation treatments to prostate bed, ADT , Zytiga, now CRPC. Had one shot of 6 month shot of elligard a few months ago. Best I have ever felt since coming off the zytiga. Thanks Bill

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  • You had RP last October, followed by radiation. The surgery should bring your PSA close to zero, and the radiation should be just for safety. You had no mets at the time. Your PSA began to rise quickly, and so in July you got a Eligard depot, which seemed to have little effect, so your doctor gave you abiraterone. Now your PSA is up to 100. Last year, you had no mets that showed up on a tech-99 scan and now you have two.

    You could easily have more mets. Radium-223 seems to me to be in-between a systemic therapy and a focal therapy. It goes to the skeleton; to any place that bone is being deposited. This includes mets. I would say Radium-223 is sort of a good idea, but your mets seem to be growing faster than Radium-223 is reputed to work. Just for starters, Radium-223 is not known for its ability to control PSA; namely, not known for its ability to kill lots of prostate cells, including not know for its ability to kill a lot of metastasizing cells.

    I don't get what is going on with you. Does not sound good.

    Let's see what others say.

    I'd would think a better scan (at the mayo clinic C11).

    Did you have ductal cell or cribiform on biopsy, or the new scary thing Neuroendocrine prostate cancer (NEPC) ?

  • While you are at the Mayo Clinic, see if Dr Kwon will give you ipilimumab with Provenge.

  • Sorry Sir, October of 2009 was my RP removal robotic. I was being treated at OSU James cancer here in Columbus then I decided to get a second opinion and was being treated by Dr. Myers in Va. until he semi retired and doubled his rates. I know Xofigo will not drop my PSA. I am just looking at does it work? I would think that the James Cancer Center here at OSU would have the scan you are talking about (C11). This has been incredible journey for me as I am a Marine Vietnam Vet that was subjected to agent orange. Since 10/09 I have been feeling pretty good except for when Dr. Myers (who I have a ton of respect for) had put me on vivelle patches that reduced my energy level but did not lower my PSA. Thanks for your reply Martin. P.S. was on the shot first with eligard w/casodex. Then went to the Zytiga. I am sure you have been around and you can see a pattern here as I see it with everyone. Great conversation and website. Guys helping guys.

  • Yes I missed that the RP was 2009.

    I dont understand when you went on ADT. etc.

    Or when Dr Meyers semi-retired.

    I should not have tried to guess. That was silly.

  • No problem my friend I could have been clearer. I feel the provenge has been effective. Just looking for someone who has had Xofigo and it has worked. Best to you

  • I have had 5 injections of Xofigo with the 6th scheduled next month. No noticeable side effects. Great pain relief from multiple bone mets in spine,ribs,sternum and femur from after my second injection. See my profile and posts for more details of progress on Xofigo from the beginning. Hope it is helpful.

  • Very helpful. Thanks so much! Bill.

  • My husband had his first xofigo in July followed by a pain flare ..which the dr said was good meaning the inj was working ..no issues w the 2nd inj and the 3rd has been postponed due to low labs ...hope he can have it Tuesday .it did help w his pain and he has decreased his pain med ..occasional upset stomach for a few days ..

  • Thanks so much and I will pray for your husbands successful completion of treatment. Best Bill

  • Xofigo is a really good drug that has been effective for many. Positive effects can include pain relief, although it is not a list effect. In most cases it shrinks the bone mets and has proven to extend survival.

    Don't expect it to have any effect on your PSA.

    It should be taken along with the other standard of care, so don'r discontinue other treatments while you take Xofigo.

    Increased survival and pain relief adds up to a good drug.


  • Joel, do you know the result of studies comparing Xofigo & Zometa?

  • I am not aware of any studies comparing the two drugs. There is little reason I could think to compare the drugs since they are entirely different and do entirely different things.

    Zometa delays the on set of bone involvement while Xofigo is a radio pharmaceutical that specifically attacks bone metastases.


  • Thanks Joel, my bad. So Xofigo is radium 223? I mixed it up with the newer alternative to Zometa. I didn't have a choice, because Kaiser was only offering Zometa. But a UCSF urologic oncologist told me there was then-new research that indicated that the new one might be a bit better.

  • Thanks Joel, I appreciate it. That is exactly what I was looking for. Best Bill

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