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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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hormone refractory PCa, what next?

Hi All, just found this site. I am 73, diagnosed in Oct 2017 with advanced PCa, metastasised to the bones (which may be weakened), PSA 960. Within days of seeing a specialist, I was put onto Hormone Therapy (HT), pills first (bicalutamide) then 3-monthly jabs of leuprorelin. I quickly began to feel better, no more pain killers, only side effect hot flushes. PSA already down to 6.9. Now the flushes are the only reminder that I have PCa. Life expectancy a few years. I have accepted consultant's offer of 6 rounds of docetaxel chemo, starting very shortly, which on average should add 1-2 years to my life.

Researching what happens after that, my impression is that, once PCa becomes hormone refractory (i.e. HT ceases to work) that is curtains, though plenty active research (e.g. disulfiram, just published in Nature and reported in mainstream newspapers). Can I help myself with diet and supplements and lifestyle? Clearly yes, but limited.

I have a particular question. Can anybody advise on Pfeifer Protocal (google it)? It looks highly promising but last reference I can find is a utube video of a lecture in 2015 by Prof Ben Pfeifer. After that I can find nothing about Ben Pfeifer nor his protocol. He is no longer with Swiss clinic. Has he retired? I am suspicious that I can find no publication of the results described at the end of his seminar.

Advice on this and more generally is welcomed. I should have some years yet, and badly want "some" to be more than 5!

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Sorry that you are here, but welcome to our family of cancer warriors!

Please ask about being put on Lupron and Zytiga at the same time. Studies published last summer showed dramatic improvement using both at the same time. Please review the below reference


The thing about cancer is you CAN NOT judge how long you will be here by reading statistics. There are a lot of great men here with hormone resistant cancer. They are still here and going strong! They give me reason to hope when, one day, Lupron and Zytiga no longer works for me.

Finally, you will never be alone. Everyone here is your brother or sister. Like the song says “people like us we have to stick together!”


Many thanks for that. Translation for all: Lupron = ADT injection leuprorelin; Zytiga = abiraterone. STAMPEDE link gave me useful info. I will certainly ask my specialist when I see him shortly.

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Welcome to the group and sorry you have to be here. No one knows how long they will live, even those with cancer. We only know that someday we will die. That has not changed from the day we were born.

I know it's hard when you are first diagnosed, we all go through this. Naturally, we all want to know how much longer we have, but thinking about that will reduce the quality of life you have left. Advice for the young at cancer: learn to live in the moment. Other than for basic planning purposes, I recommend eliminating thoughts about "the future" which is a non-existent, theoretical place in time anyway. Learning to live in present tense is a great gift you can give yourself.

I wish the best for your treatments. You can always call on us here when you need support, someone to talk to that has been there.


There were posts about the Pfeifer Protocol here about a year ago, e.g.


As for your survival time, Nobody can now predict that for you as an individual. You appear to be getting the latest in approved treatments, and are having very good responses, so far.

Good luck with the added chemo.



thanks Charles, I checked those out. I agree with the comment to be suspicious of treatments that have not made it into published literature.


to rpol

"Life expectancy a few years? "

Now would you please predict the winning Mega or Powerball numbers for me (off line please).

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Monday 01/01/2018 2:33 AM EST


that's the general tone of replies, : live in the present. Good advice


Welcome to the elite fightin' warrior's club---have fought this disease for 16 years and last 5 with Zytiga with Lupron and now on Xtandi...have avoided chemo to date thanks to a great Onc at USC Prostate Cancer center.

Stay positive and enjoy life!

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