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Antibiotics and vitamin C could kill cancer cells

Antibiotics and vitamin C could kill cancer cells

In case this hasn't already been posted, it makes me wonder if the chemo, Doxil, which is an 'antibiotic type of chemo' is related to doxycycline, and if so, then could Vit C be given along with the Doxil chemo via the same IV?:

Mon, 12 Jun 2017 12:33:00 EST

"Vitamin C and antibiotics could be up to 100 times more effective than drugs at killing cancer cells – without the side effects," reports the Mail Online.

The news comes from the results of a study that found a new two-pronged approach using the antibiotic doxycycline followed by vitamin C could kill cancer cells.

Doxycycline killed many cancer cells, but others became resistant. The resistant cells were then destroyed by vitamin C....................

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Could you let us know more about you?

I am at the moment engaging this treatment in combination.

I am feeling fine and is curious on your interest.


Hi, how are you administering the vitamin C? You really need a liposomal application to create the anti cancer oxidising effect.

We cycled doxycycline a few times for my Dad. What dose are you using ?

There is a clinic in London called Care, who treat cancer patients with off label medications like doxycycline.


Coincidentally, Roland made an oblique reference to it 2 days ago, although the thread was about NAC. Both papers were co-authored by the husband & wife team of Lisanti & Sotgia.

You might be interested in something I posted a year ago:

"Tetracycline / doxycycline / minocycline"



Hi Patrick

I think you are s marvellous person. This is for tay123 who is into PCa because of his 78 year father. Currently I am taking 2x100 mg doxycycline, 1 in the morning and the other 11-12 hours apart. My Vitamin C ( bowel tolerance when I started 1Dec17 ) is 12- 15 g a day ( about 3 g/oral intake ) at least 2 hours apart.

I do a 4 g baking soda dissolved in water with a little lemon juice on waking up.

Dear Patrick I like your input and also Kuanyin and Alan. I am also heading to my local GP to order a CT scan referral.

My treatment commenced from 1 Dec 17.

Yesterday I had a slight tingling feeling and also this morning on my left side pelvic.

I am not sure is this where the bladder is located.

If it's the bladder ( my previous 2 CT scans indicated a slightly bigger tumour growth on the 2nd ) then it could be very active battle ( CSC apoptosis or growth ).

Imaging services is easily available here in Sydney but I like to know wether I need the CT scan right this moment or wait a couple of days later.



There is NO Magic Bullet although IV Vit C can be amazing. It ought to be used in combination with a more plant-based diet (organic whenever possible), some physical activity, detox (I like juicing and coffee enemas a la Max Gerson Therapy, and dietary supplements. I am the founder of Annie Appleseed Project.

Our all-volunteer nonprofit Annie Appleseed Project invites you to our 12th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference March 1-3, 2018 in West Palm Beach, FL. 2 1/2 days $279 includes THREE organic meals, snacks, giveaways, fresh-squeezed organic juices, Movie night, Yoga, Qi Gong, great networking, 16-18 Speakers including a Patient panel. See our link for all details.

(Continuing Education credits up to 13 hours $35)

REQUIRES Registration in advance. Join us for the 2018 Food First theme.


Hi AnnieAppleseed

Thanks for your post.

Congratulations on your recovery using partly herbal treatment in combination.

Please investigate my post.

I had also gave a fairly detailed treatment plan of mine when I replied to Richard.

This is my current treatment and you might like to add a thing or two,




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