problem with urgency to go

Hello all, now I have recently developed a problem with "Urgency" to go pee...

I get the urge to pee more frequently now and when I go to the toilet I only can go a little

why do men develop this problem and what can be done? will it go away?

what do you guys know about the problem of urgency.

I had my robotic prostatectomy about six years ago and am on Chemo now with HT.

my psa is about 5, and I feel ok considering...... but I normally don't use of need a pad

my continence has been ok, only leaking a few drops here and there.

carry on men.


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  • Hello Jack, when I started this journey my symptoms did not include peeing. Never had. But if I didn't pee I couldn't poo and vice versa. That's why I went for assessment and was already Stage 4, metastatic. Been OK no probs but cancer drugs have 'disturbed' my diabetes and latest meds from my diabetic doc (as warned) make me pee all the time but clearing my level of diabetes. Check your meds Mr Jack. Any changes? Even diet. God bless again...we are all brothers and sisters.

  • Jack,

    I had the urge to pee every hour or two. Really tough to get any sleep. I tried a couple of medications, by the only one that worked and did not completely dehydrate me is a drug called Myrbetriq. I take the 50mg dose and it works well much more manageable

    Hope that helps! Best of luck with this!


  • Jack,

    Scar tissue in the urethra would mess with your flow, but 6 years after surgery? Get it looked at.


  • Get a script for Flomax, 4mg, twice a day or two at once, I have used twice a day for 14 years. Spend 30 minutes in a hot sitz bath several times a day and pee away until it is under control. This is the best advice that I ever received from my Radiation Oncoligists' RN. If you don't you will end up at the hospital catherized to pee. Yes, it's a pain, but until the inflammation in your bladder and urethra are resolved, it us the best way.

    With this said, if scar tissue is the issue, get ready for a roto-rooter job.

    Keep kicking the bastard.

    Gourd Dancer

  • Jack,

    I belong to the every two hous to pee club. Not sure if it or the hot flashes from Lupron get me up first. I tried Myrbetriq but it raised hell with my blood pressure. I have scar tissue from an urethra resection after cryotherapy four years ago (bad choice) DRs advise further surgery could result in incontinence so I can live with intermittent sleep and occasional dribble. Maybe Myrbetriq would work for you.

    Good luck,


  • My surgery, reduced the amount of urine my bladder can hold, and I go also every 2 hours. There are drugs, and I tried them, but they did not work, very well. Also tried Pumpkin Seed Oil Caps, the natural approach. And did not work either. My Urologist can correct the issue surgically. But it would be probably elective---and I cannot pay for it, or wish to have more surgery at this time. So I live with the signal I get, and make sure I am always near bathrooms, or I use my outdoors trees. I use Depends, to make sure. Only once in about 19 months did I lose it, as I was on a highway stuck in traffic. Could not stop it. I can assure you Depends does work--LOL.


  • See a urologist. I used tamsulosin (generic flomax) when I had a frequency problem and it went away.


  • I tied mine in a knot....

    j-o-h-n Friday 08/11/2017 2:33 PM EST

  • Haha mine is too small to make a knot!


  • mine is too short now, I cant tie that small of a knot ;-)

  • now I am thinking I should start up doing Kegels again, I have never heard "how long, how many years , or how often should I do Kegle exercises" ?? I did them in the beginning but stopped after the first year, since I am happy with my level of continence. and my urgency problem just started. ;-)

    carry on men, be strong.

  • I pena morewhen I'm stressed or hear water running. I don't Peea all nite,hardly ever at nite other than before after bed

  • yesterday I thought I could not pee for the doctor, but when I went into the bathroom and just saw the toilet I could not hold it and almost peed my pants I ran to the toilet and relieved myself a little

    and I had almost none left for my urine sample, that's almost as funny as not being able to find my car in the parking lot, ha ha I am getting so funny I make myself laugh.

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