Padless at Last

For the first time in probably eight years, I am padless this afternoon! After my RRP surgery nearly ten years ago, I recovered continence pretty quickly. Over time and with further treatments, that changed--first with afternoon incontinence and eventually to being a 24/7 pad user with my daily number of pads increasing.

I've known for a while about the availability of artificial urinary sphincters, but I was not eager for another surgery. Then last summer I was forced into gallbladder surgery. I tolerated that well and recovered quickly, and that was the impetus I needed to screw up my courage to pursue an AUS. I started the process in the fall and got sign-off by October. I scheduled the surgery for late February right after I returned from a vacation. The surgery was uneventful. The post-operative swelling and pain were worse than I expected, but the recovery went well, and I did not get any infections. That had been one of my big concerns given the locations of the incisions.

Today I returned to my surgeon's office for a checkup and activation. I wore a pad home, and when I got here it was completely dry. Dry! So I've gone the past couple of hours without a pad. Honestly, after all this time, it's a bit of an odd feeling. But it's also exhilarating. So now I'll go order a split seat for my bike and look forward to resuming biking in a couple of weeks.

For anyone considering the surgery, I have no reservation in recommending my surgeon, Dr. Arthur Burnett, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland.

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  • Great news! I like your idea of going out and enjoying the world. You deserve it!

  • So happy for you Yost!

  • What Jackie said!


  • That's wonderful news and happy for you that it went well!

  • Sincere congratulations, Yost, and thanks for sharing the news.

  • Yost,

    Wish you lasting happiness with your AUS.


  • That's fantastic. Know it must not have been an easy decision, but the alternative is so limiting. Congrats!

  • Awesome news!!

  • Great to read your positive post. Congrats!

  • great feeling! I'll never be "permanently padless" again, I guess, but after sling surgery I only use one pad a day and can spend time in the morning, when the muscles aren't tired, without a pad (or be in my bathrobe without underwear--freedom!)

  • How wonderful to hear some positive news!


  • Some good news for a change. Were all happy your happy.

  • Been using one pad a day for about 5 months.....I think it is time to "get'er done". Glad to hear it went well

  • Thanks for reporting this. I've been incontinent since prostatectomy a year ago, despite kegels and physical therapy.

  • It's nice to hear good news on this forum. I am guessing that you wish you had gone this route sooner.

  • Great news, Yost! Glad it all went pretty well!

  • Congratulations Yost!!!!

    Hey Yost, if l live as long as you, will my incontinence get bad where I need pads 24/7 too?

    I am getting used to heading for the toilet every 2 hours and when I do go to pee, I practice stopping and let going my pee for a few times . I wonder if it will get worse so that I will need to head for the toilet every 1 hour and eventually need a pad.

    Geez, I gotta appreciate the side effects that I have from now on. :-)


  • Wilfred, hopefully things won't get worse for you. I have a pretty aggressive cancer, and we've hit it hard. Over the years, it just took a toll. If I were more fit, maybe it would have been slower, but who knows? We're all different. It sounds like you're on the right track.

  • Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! Much appreciated.

  • To YostConner,

    Thank goodness no more asking "TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE?"....


    j-o-h-n Friday 03/24/2017 5:14 PM EST

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