Long term side effects of Lupron?

I can't find long term side effects of Lupron anywhere on the internet.

My oncologist said there wasn't much data out there.

I have arthritis in about every joint and still have bone and muscle pain and weight gain. Last checked my testosterone levels were 238.

He is reluctant to try hormone replacement therapy because of the prostate cancer.

PSA Is 0.08 now, but at least I'm back to work. I've been back at work for 2 years now. I drive a truck, but there was no way I could do that while on Lupron.

Thanks for any information!


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  • Long term side effects include weight gain, osteoporosis in bones that can be helped with various agents, zometa , denosumab ect. adequate vit d and calcium. After a while it becomes the new normal, did I say lack of libido, after 30 years my wife considered that time off for good behavior . On the upside you get to live , enjoy grandkids, enjoy family ect. Not sure why you could not drive a truck. I fished alone in the ocean commercially for 8 years on hormone deprivation therapy. And had no problem driving. Good thing you may not need it now with such a low psa, but if you should need it, it is not that bad. I too would be reluctant to try trt with active prostate cancer, but there are clinical trials now with that very thing.


  • Howdy and thanks for the reply!

    I was taking Vicodin for pain, that alone prohibits me from driving a truck.

    My memory was so bad, that I forgot to pay my COBRA and they dropped me. My HR gal was able to help me get it back, tho the $1800 a month insurance was high, I was getting $2400 for long term disability. Tho truck drivers are considered unskilled labor, we are subject to the same drug testing as airline pilots.

    Anyway, I went to my pcp and told her about growing breasts and the tenderness of them. Her response was "welcome to our world"....kinda pissed me off..

    I have arthritis so bad in my right elbow, that I have limited mobility there, and the orthopedic Doc wants to fuse it or replace it. Either way, I can't drive a truck anymore, so I'm fighting that.

    My latest blood work is showing kidney function starting to decline. Not major now, but watching.

    I'm taking shots for the "whoopie".... That helps.

    Just was wondering if anyone else has been off Lupron a while but still suffer.


  • Dale

    What are you taking for arthritis? I've been on Celebrex (now celecoxib) for a very long time and it's worked quite well. My joint pain stopped after coming off Lupron and bicalutamide.


  • Howdy!

    I'm on a Butrans patch then all the ibuprofen I can handle.

    I do get Tramadol for when it gets bad. I'm going to ask for Celebrex next time I see doc.

  • Celecoxib is the generic ; it's easier on the stomach than ibuprofen

  • Dale,

    With ADT, the Metabolic Syndrome is hard to avoid:


    Here is a German paper on "complications" of ADT:


    Best, -Patrick

  • Wealth of info. Thank you.

  • Thanks. The thing is that, I'm 2 years out from Lupron.

    The side effects I can find are all for current dosage.

    What happens 2 years, 5 years, 10 years out?

    Like I said, I had pretty much all the listed side effects except for the heart disease and bone loss.


  • Me too so far.Lucky not to have the last two which I consider the worst of the worst.Good luck.

  • One of countless discussions discussions of ADT SEs is at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl... .

    There are about 394,000 more hits on ADT side effects at


    Lupron has been around for decades, so there are mounds of evidence about its effects, good and bad. OTOH, if your oncologist wasn't smart enough to prevent your breast growth and pain, maybe she doesn't read much.


    Your low T is teaching your remaining PC cells to become castrate resistant, which is the terminal phase of PC tumor evolution.

  • Howdy!

    My oncologist did a great job of helping me while I was doing treatment and up until the last Lupron.

    After that, he turned me over to the pcp.

    The breast thing has let up, so that's good. Just plugging away at the rest!

  • Both of those are good. Most oncologists refer us to our PCPs for SEs even during treatment, and gynecomastia (enlargement) and mastalgia (pain) are normally permanent.

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