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Herbal remedies for lupron side effects?


Is anyone aware of herbal remedies to counteract the side effects of lupron, particularly the hot flashes? These have become so bothersome, frequent and debilitating that I am considering stopping the lupron.  I do NOT want to take a toxic allopathic medication to reduce the hot flashes.

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Be careful that any herbal remedies you take don't also have any hormones like testosterone in them.  They would help alleviate the hot flashes, but they will undo the Lupron.  

You might want to try acupuncture.  A number of men, including my own personal experience, have found that it does cut back on the number and the severity.


Have you tried estrogen patches? Not exactly herbal.... but maybe what you should look at before trying something like what you are looking for. 

wellness in reply to cesanon

Yes, that is what I am currently investigating

I have been on Lupron continuously for 7 years and the hot flashes were interrupting sleep. Herbal remedies were strongly dissuaded due to the lack of science, the frequent contamination with hidden hormones and lack of control of dosing. I was enrolled in an acupuncture study at the University of Colorado. I found it interesting and relaxing but still had the flashes. 2+ years ago I started on transdermal estrogen which has really helped. I do have breast enlargement and initial tenderness but it is livable. The value of transdermal is that it does not put you at risk for DVT and other more serious side effects of estrogen therapy. Look up work of Richard Wassersug a researcher and prostate cancer patient. He has written extensively on the use of Estrogen and is very happy to return an email.

My urologist put me on Megestrol Acetate for hot flashes. Really reduced intensity and frequency. Only side effect seems to be an increased appetite. Tough when you are trying to diet.

adlerman in reply to George79

About 20 years ago Magestrol or something sounding very much like that was given to HIV and AIDS patients to increase their appetite.  So many off label uses for many drugs.

George79 in reply to adlerman

According to the paper that comes with the drug, Megistrol is given to female cancer patients on chemo to increase appetite so I'm not surprised it was given to AIDS patients also.

I'm taking Gabapentin to reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flashes from Lupron.  I too am finding the sight of food enticing and even think about eating when I'm not hungry.  My body fat has also been repositioning itself around my middle.

pcasucks in reply to charmander

Gabapentin worked quite well for me while I was on zoladex, the hot flashes were interfering with my sleep to much. I originally started taking it for nerve pain and realized  my flashes were getting less intense. 

My oncologist suggested Black Cohosh Tea twice a day to lessen the ADT symptoms such as hot flashes. I liked the tea, but found it only slightly effective for relief. I may work better for others, though.

aksns61 in reply to Umpire20

Im 3 months into my 6 month ADT for PCa and often bothered by hot flashes. My Urologist suggested Black Cohosh. Several websites also said to not drink caffeine or eat chocolate, but neither was any help. I'll give this tea a try. He also said that all of my symptoms related to testosterone reduction will evaporate by September which is 2 months after my Eligard dies off.

The none medicinal options for treating hot flashes from drugs, like Lupron, are covered in the 2014 book Androgen Deprivation Therapy: An essential guide for prostate cancer patients and the loved ones.

First, ask your Oncologist before you take any supplements. I was on Lupron/Eligard for seven years before I came off. Side effects do lessen with time. Weight gain and muscle tone are more concerns than hot flashes. As I was on a trial, absolutely no supplements or Rx medicines since I was Dx'd. Remember what side effects you experience far outweigh the alternative. Stay positive in all that you do  

Second, keep kicking the bastard. 

Gourd Dancer

I too have had success with Gabapentin. Reduced the severity and frequency of the hot flashes.

hi, I tried to email you and can't figure it out although I've done it before. can you email me.. thanks.. it's about ozone ivs and alternatives with Lupron etc... genie

wellness in reply to Bluebird11

You can reach me at 530-925-6620 or craiginindia@gmail

I found that walking does help with the hot flashes! But I'm still looking for something to stop the penis shrinkage!

I've been on Eligard for 2 months now and not experiencing hot-flashes. I thought I read somewhere that soy milk helped with hot flashes. Also read about staying away from dairy and red meat. Heck with that. I tried almond milk and experienced horrible constipation. I am experiencing muscle loss despite working out -- back of my shoulders getting very bony.


If you just began ADT, you'll be fine for a while. I tried meds and herbals, and nothing worked for me with the flashes. After six years with them I'm used to it. I never changed my diet much at all at the beginning. I try to avoid processed food now. I was able to work for the first 3 1/2 years with not many problems. I was into commercial maintenance at the time. And, no, not a janitor. I was 160 when I was diagnosed, then I got an appetite, and then a lot of double cheeseburgers put me near 210 in less than a year, so be careful. Real milk, real meat, cut way back on sugar, now about 180. It's all about how you handle it. A good attitude is the best defense.


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