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Side Effects of Lupron plus Abiraterone

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I'm 56 and 15 mos post radical prostatectomy. I'm on Lupron and Abiraterone plus prednisone. Aside from the 'normal' side effects of low/no libido, reduced testicle size, etc., I am losing much of my body hair. I'm referring to arm, leg, chest and armpits. Hair elsewhere is hanging in there, including beard. Anyone else seeing this?

33 Replies
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Yep! I have lost most of the hair on my legs, arms, chest, arm pits. I have had a goatee and mustache for about 30 years and they are surviving but I don't have to trim them as often and don't have or shave as often.

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jmarsh in reply to Alturia

Thanks for the reply. Same here with goatee. Actually seems that facial hair and head haven’t changed much on rate

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Carlosbach in reply to jmarsh

Same for me. Ironically, my bald head has fuzzies on it for the first time in a couple of decades.

Fortunately for me, my wife likes my new sleek, manscaped, look

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Yes. Almost 2 years in with Abi and Lupron also diagnosed at 56. Have a little armpit hair and thinned out Pubic hair( sorry if TMI). Head and beard very good and robust.

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Atdabeach in reply to TylexGP

I'll go the other way ... 8 months on Eligard and abiraterone+prednisone, while my body hair may be even thinner (wasn't a super hairy guy anyway), both my wife and the woman who cuts my hair have observed that the bald spot on my head is filling in! Seems like I've read somewhere (maybe here) that male pattern baldness is linked to testosterone, so maybe having less T has one tiny positive side effect? Hey, I'll take what I can get at this point!

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Used to take a week for my beard to get 5 o'clock shadow. Now Its 3 days and looking like Im homeless.

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Have the same hair-loss experience. Another SE that I've experienced, and a few others on this site have reported, is that I have absolutely no BO (wife even confirms) after going a few days withour showering. See if you notice this too.

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Balsam01 in reply to Gearhead

I second that BO comment. I save money on deodorant!

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Cyclingrealtor in reply to Gearhead

It's interesting that you pointed this out. I have actually noticed that too. I had gone like two full days and I was thinking......sniff.....sniff.....sniff.......has it really been two full days? LOL

Even when I have worked out hard and start a really good sweat, it hasn't been bad at all.

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garyjp9 in reply to Gearhead

Similar for me as to both the hair loss and the BO. Also, my facial complexion is smoother and more blemish-free than ever before. Not worth those gains for what's been lost, of course.

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I have been on ADT for almost 5 years. I have definitely lost body hair. On the positive side, I don't need to shave every day and I have no body odour. I haven't used deodorant for almost 5 years. My partner confirms that there is no armpit smell.

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yes. But forget that. The key to feeling better and living longer is resistance training (weights are best) at least three days a week. All Muscle groups. Huge difference maker.


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Mjex in reply to Schwah

Same here. I lost most body hair and don't have body odor after Erleada and Lupron. Kept the beard, but don't have to trim as much.

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Yes...I lost the armpit hair...chest and legs and arms. The hair on my head has actually increased a little. I had RP in 2016 and have been on ADT Lupron and Nubeqa since 2017

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Opposite for me. Used to get hair cut every 6-8 weeks, now every 4-6. Body hair seems stable.

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I’m on the exact same treatment and have also lost hair in those places. I’m quite certain it is related to the altered hormones from the treatment.

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Funny, been on abi for a few months now, and I honestly I hadn't noticed until reading this thread. Absolutely have.

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Cyclingrealtor in reply to Jp2sea

Right!!! sniff...sniff... sniff..... Hmmm, it's true!🤣

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yeh, my husband was quite hairy and now he's smooth as a baby. I think even his eyebrows got thinner and his hair(on his head) got curlier

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I had exactly the same experience and was told all that was quite normal. one good thing is bo body odor. Have my last soon.

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I am on Eligard (Leuprolide/Lupron) only and have exactly these same SEs.

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Lupron + Erleada and I have lost all my armpit hair (although I'm not positive there was any to begin with) but not face or head hair. (Again, impossible to be certain.)

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Yup! All of these symptoms, plus I have grown a fine set of breasts.

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Yep. All gone.

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Absolutely, even nose hair has disappeared, almost no BO...these are the slight advantages to this bloody disease

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Lost pretty well all body hair. Beard and head are stable. I had a very hairy back that bugged the heck out of me with itching. All gone!

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jmarsh in reply to gsun

Well, theres a silver lining, huh?

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Yep - like most. I remember standing in the shower 6 months after ADT started, and looking down at the drain cover and realizing that I was looking at a bunch of hair !!! Also pubic hair is mostly not there. Re: body odor - the scent of a man is not something that I find unpleasant - miss mine.

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Radiation, HDR, Lupron & Nubeqa. Going on 8 years. Same hair condition. Just took one month to grow beard and head as to expect given age of 75.Actually kind of good.

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Don't worry about it. ADT, Zolodex in my case affects you in many different ways. I have had 2yrs Zolodex and about to enter a vacation. My PSA is consistent at .008. I have no hair on my body basically. Lost all chest, stomach, back hair. Armpits smooth as can be, very little hair on my arms, smooth legs. I have belly fat caused by ADT. Mood swings. Have no energy (no testosterone). I have tits (no longer pecs, lol) that some would die for, lol. You need to exercise even though motivation has gone out the window. But, I have now got a good beard and a healthy head of hair! I have just grown a beard and let my hair grow to compensate for lost hair elsewhere. No libido, dick and testicle shrinkage of course - but, who cares, because I'm still breathing and trying to live a normal life. Hang in there, be happy and just keep enjoying life as much as you can. Cheers.

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Reduced body hair is normal. Worse yet, a year after ending ADT after 13 months of Eligard shots, I still have diminished body hair and am still dealing with many of its other side effects. I'm beginning to think that some of these side effects may be irreversible. 🦊

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All body hair gone now (even pubic is very thin).Was like guy the gorilla before.Can’t even grow a beard anymore.On the plus side don’t have to shave my nose daily now and my wife prefers the smooth look ! Miss my beard though

Taken after finishing radiotherapy (for bowel cancer ) 2018

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