Lymph edema

Psa level 5.1 in 2000, chose wait and see. Biopsy 2009 Gleason 7-8. No treatment until 2011. Metastasis, lymph nodes and ureters. Firmagon since then PSA dropped to below .5 until late 2016. Steadily rising. Left urologist treating to an oncologist we have now tried Lupron and Casodex. Psa still rising . Next step Xtandi, waiting for approval from VA. In the meantime I have developed lymph edema of the right leg. Emergency room visit, CAT scan confirming swollen lymph nodes. Three day weekend while waiting for approval . Frustrating as hell.

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  • What was your PSA in 2009 when you chose to have a biopsy? Was that your first biopsy? I totally empathize with your frustration.

  • I added another post to explain my whole journey.

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