What Drugs do you use while on CHEMO

I am doing Taxotere Chemo, I will start cycle #8 this month, I would like to know what drugs you guys use, (what feel good drugs do you use ) to help you get through the chemo cycle

what drugs do you use to overcome the bad side effects of chemo ?

I am using 1, Norco (Hydrocodone) 2, Codeine 3, Morphine pill 4, Ambien (sleep )

tried medical marijuana and hated it, extra strength Tylenol is helpful, lots of laxative and stool softener, drink lots of water, my regular steroid, Dexamethasone or Prednisone .

eat small bland soft food meals every four hours, etc..

I cut my pills in half and take a half a pill every two or three hours and rotate through all my meds that seems to work ok,

what drugs do you use?

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  • Mr Jack, I am starting my first cycle docetaxol in the morning, as far as I know I am taking dex twice day day before , day of , and Day after, I have my frozen gloves, pill for nausea, if needed. I am ready to try glucosime powder mixed with cold water for a mouth wash, thank you for the tip on bland small foods,Tylenol, lots of water and stool softener I will see how it goes. Congrats on getting though 8 cycles.


  • yes don't wait too late to start the laxative , it is vital , I use a stool softener daily while on chemo and then I use a product prescribed my doctor called Lactulose ( which I refer to as the nuclear option) very important.

  • PEG is a great laxative for constipation and does not deplete other medications. It draws water into bowls to help you go. Widely used in hospitals. PEG is just added to juice and drink it.

  • Thanks for this advice Jack, I thought of this when I started and have needed it and used it

  • Do you mind sharing your PSA levels through your rounds? My dads went from 59 to 46, but then only 46-43. Wondering what the norm maybe or is it not working for him. Thanks

  • Keeping in mind "everyone's experience is different" I started Chemo Sept.2016 my PSA was 45, a month later it had dropped to 12, with just one cycle, (everyone is different) a month after that it dropped to 5, I had a good start, sad to say my PSA is now rising again and I am now at PSA 15 and will take cycle #8 at the end of February, I am scheduled for 12 cycles, so it is becoming less effective, as I write this I feel great, no pain and no medications required. I expect to finish my 12 cycles and then start the other chemo drug that I have left to try and get another year of life.

    anyway good luck to you, do not ever quit or give up, those 14 good days a month that I have now are still worth it.

    may God Bless us all. stay positive.

  • Thank you for sharing. Hard to say if chemo is working.

  • I may go on chemo on March 1 (still researching the literature to make up my mind, considering its reportedly very high risk of serious permanent SEs). Looking into its associated drugs, too. For example. the FDA has issued a warning on Miralax and other stool softeners using PEG, Yale Med (Petrylak) says prednisone is not necessary w/PC chemo, and Harvaed says fiber laxatives such as Metamucil actually exacerbate opium-induced constipation. I'll be eagerly following this thread for more info, and will report my findings as greater details surface.

  • Hi MrJack,


    What I would try is real Marijuana. Med MJ is manipulated to much. And the side effects aren't bad.(wonderful) I will continue to promote this because I have a few mets. And since I have no pain from them, I don't need to have radiation, either external beam or with Xofigo. I don't have to take opiods, although one will never get past my lips. I've seen too much hurt caused by them. No aspirin, no Tylenol, no nothing, and no pain. I think I'll keep on my daily regimen as it is.


  • "no pain. I think I'll keep on my daily regimen as it is"

    was my studied conclusion for many years, too, until my doubling time went through the roof. It took four emerging facts/data points and some simple arithmetic to change my tune FOR MY CASE (YMMV):

    • Doubling time plummeted from >30 months to 4 months.

    • PSA hit 50.

    • Those mean 100 by March, 200 by July, 400 by November, etc. The pain is not far away.

    • Scans finally ruled out localized treatment.

    • Those scans' hottest spot is snuggled tightly between my carotid artery and trachea.

    It's time to stop this runaway train before it goes off the tracks.

    My point: even our most basic paradigms must be closely watched for signs it's time to change them.

  • I have smoked the real marijuana from the local clinic, and sometimes it was ok, it can become psychologically habit forming, and I probably will try it again, I am thinking of trying the tincture type drops on the tongue, I don't like all the paraphernalia pipes and lighters etc. I don't want to feel like a drug addict, ( sometimes I forget, I'm dying and nothing matters anymore anyway )

  • I understand that, completely. There is a supplement called Kratom that the DEA wanted to put a Schedule 1 stamp on it, without even testing it. It comes from SE Asia, and it's been used forever. Read a bit about it, It may cure what ails you. In the pain department, anyway.

  • I kind of have the same reluctance about medical marijuana, mainly due to the association and "recreational use", whatever that means. But the fact is, there are many more drug addicts hooked on prescription meds sanctioned by our medical establishment than there are using marijuana. A lot of the prescription pain meds offered by doctors are far more addicting than marijuana. Medical marijuana has reduced the use of opioid-based drugs significantly and has less side effects so use it if it helps. If you live in a place where you can grow it like I do, you can grow organically and of course much cheaper.

  • I'm only taking 10mg prednisone daily to help with side effects. I take it only for the first week after the chemo infusion. I tried stopping after 5 days last cycle and really felt a loss of energy and just felt lousy after stopping. I could really notice how much it was helping. Plan on taking it all the way through the first week this time.

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