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Food/Supplements to avoid while on Chemo?


Just wanted to ask if you have avoided taking in any specific food, supplements, fruits or juices while on Chemo (Docetaxel)? Our MO is quite wary about taking in high antioxidant stuff while on chemo as it might make the treatment less effective. Im sorry if this has been discussed before but for some reason I cannot do a search on previous posts with similar topic.

Appreciate your thoughts on this.

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There is another school of thought that says your MO, is on the wrong side of the tracks.

I subscribe to one of them, but will remain neutral, as to my choice.


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Thanks Nal, i know you are pro supplements and actually my husband is still following some of the supplements you have recommended up until chemo infusion. So decisions decisions decisions...

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Simple if not a Internal Medical Doctor that Practices also Naturopathy, it would probably best to follow the guidelines and abstaining.


Yes, avoid all supplements while on chemo. You have no idea what the interactions may be.

Thanks TA, I want the maximum effect of the chemo but at the same time im also torn as to how should I make my husband’s immune system strong at the same time. He is starting to feel weak and nauseous, and not eating as much. I know these are normal side effects for some. I do hope he gets better in the coming days.

I believe that one of the ideal times for Provenge is during chemotherapy. Provenge contains GM-CSF, which is sometimes given on its own for men suffering from febrile neutropenia from docetaxel. They often give prednisone along with docetaxel, which may make some of the side effects more tolerable, but may also have an immune dampening effect. Some MOs are questioning its necessity.

Oh thank u, will ask our MO abt provenge. How about dexamethasone with docetaxel? During zytiga husband was taking dexa (.75mg x 2times a day) up until chemo infusion day last wk wed. He had 3day dexa regimen before-during-after chemo infusion.

Is it advisable to continue daily with dexa (.75mg x2times a day)? Doctor stopped Zytiga for the time being while husband started on docetaxel but might mix it together later on depending on tolerability i guess.

prednisone and dexamethasone are similar. You have to take one or the other with Zytiga, and must slowly ramp off of it afterwards.

My instructions from my MO during chemotherapy: no supplements; no milk or milk products; no anti-oxidents.


Thanks Gourd, did your MO stopped you from taking Calcium sup for the bones? Im thinking since its not high in antioxidant is that it would be ok.

His exact words, “Zero supplements.” Then, “What are you currently taking?” Answer: “None.” I have never taken supplements. I started taking ARREDS 2 for my eyes last year.....

Point is that I followed my guys instructions to a T. No deviations. I never 5hought that I was smarter than him....... :)

Best of luck in kicking this bastard.


Have you been told that his calcium is low?

To be honest, we dont know if calcium level is low, we havent checked 😔 but because of several bone mets, doctor advised us since the beginning of daily calcium supplementation but minimal only, not more than 500-600mg. Ive read that daily reqt is 1000mg so I felt that minimal supplementation might be good for bone protection.

It's easy enough to get a calcium level from a normal blood test. Low total calcium intake (below 604 mg/day from all sources) has been associated decreased risk.

Get calcium and vitamin D readings if he is taking a bone protectant. Get a DEXA scan to see if he needs one.

Thanks so much GD and TA for your guidance. Really thankful for wonderful and helpful people like you guys!

Anyway, I will ask around where to get that DEXA scan around here.

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