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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Docket axel and predisnone?

Met with the Oncologist today. Brief recap. Diagnosed 3 years ago ...mets to 5 places. Gleason 4 plus 3. Degarelix ever since and Cosudex a year ago due to rising PSA. This year bowel movements slow...scans found big tumor growing from prostate. 39 radiotherapy treatments finished 2 weeks ago.

Today the Oncologist said it's likely I will go on docketaxel and predisnone. More scans and blood tests first (let radiotherapy settle down). So...I would love to hear a little about the chemo. I am 62... Is it likely to give me significantly more years to live? I have to weigh up is it better to have less time but better quality or more time but with bad side effects some are telling me come with chemo. Love to hear from fellow travellors on this journey none of us choose.

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We are all different, but I have had 16 cycles of docetaxel with a small amount of nausea/fatigue in only one cycle. From my vantage point, it has already been worthwhile.

Over time, I have had some peripheral neuropathy, especially soles of feet and finger tips, but that hasn't been too bad.

I wish you well!

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