Advanced Prostate Cancer
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A little about me... and my Journey

Was diagnosed back in Nov. 2010 with a PSA of 1.4 Gleason of 3+4 After Robotic Surgery my PSA was undetectable my Gleason score was now 4+3 for about six months.. Started salvage radiation 40 treatments at 70 Gy's to my knowledge.. My PSA went down during treatment.. which I was told was unusual .. simply because of the inflammation during treatment.. it continued to go down almost back to undetectable levels .. and then about a year or so after treatment.. It started to rise.. and it was suggested that I go on Hormonal therapy the drug they started me on was Lupron.. and it seemed to work very well.. my PSA went from 3.8 back down to 0.28 .. I was put on holiday from Oct. 2015 till this month June 2016.. when my PSA rose back to 2.86 Just had my shot on June 1st and we'll see where it goes from here.. I was also diagnosed with two tumors in my bladder unrelated to my PCa .. they were removed and graded as surface tumors.. one was low grade and the other was or seemed to be of the aggressive type. I am being scoped every three months to keep an eye on them.. I have lost bladder function.. not very happy about that.. but Hopefully it will return.. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.. Peace Brothers..

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Thank you for your post. All the best!

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You're welcome. ..and Thank you. ..


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