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UK treatment

UK treatment

Hi All

I was diagnosed four and a half years ago with a PSA over 600, Gleason of 7. At the time I thought I had Rheumatoid arthritis, as I had lots of trouble walking and with sciatica. No real PCa symptoms like frequency of urination. I have seven bone mets, skull, shoulder, two ribs, pelvis and both femurs. 

In the UK we have the NHS, which provides free medical care, with few restrictions except for expensive new cancer drugs. There is a separate special fund for that, and I qualified for a multi-arm trial called STAMPEDE. 

After my initial 1 month course of drugs, including Zoladex, my PSA had dropped to less than 0.1, I then joined the Stampede trial and was given the Abiraterone arm combined with Prednisone and Zoladex. This was free of charge as it is jointly funded by the drugs company and our NHS. My PSA has remained below 0.1 ever since. My last PSA test was 7 weeks ago.

I am suffering strong side effects regarding muscle wastage which has reduced my mobility, but so what, I'm still here. 

Weight gain particularly around my midriff has also been an issue.

I have a very positive outlook, and I still work 5 hours a day and pursue social activities as much a possible. People are always surprised that I look so well with Cancer, there's always the preconceived notion I should be thin and bald!

Anyway, good luck all, onwards and upwards.


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Hi Martin  Brilliant attitude! 

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Martin,  Good for you and yes, Onward and Upward.



Keep up the good fight!


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