Hi my name is Bill age 63. I have stage four PC Gleason 8 and 9. I was first diagnosed about fours years ago PSA 53. I was too late for surgery so I had radio therapy 45 sessions. I've been on Lupron from the start and went through Casodex as well. My PSA jumped to about 150+ before starting Zytiga on April 23rd of last month. I really want to try one of the immunotherapies either Provenge or one of the trial drugs. I'm trying to get into a trial, but without much luck.

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  • Try looking up Aragon Pharma, to see if they are recruiting at a urologist near you. I'm currently on a non-met trial. They have another for met disease.


  • thanks Joe...I'll check it out

  • Is it ARN-509 that you are on?

  • Yes it is. I had originally applied for the met study, but lymph nodes do not constitute met disease. I didn't realize this at the time. And, $50 a visit ain't to bad.

  • Thanks Joe   I believe that drug has not had much success sequencing after Zytiga which I'm on now. ...good luck to you

  • Hi Bill,

    Glad that you have joined us.  I agree, immunotherapies have a lot to offer, including usually less side effects.  The trick is to have the therapy as soon as possible as it takes a while for them to begin to work.  This is different than with the other hormonal and chemotherapy type treatments.  Therefore, I would urge you to arrange for it immediately.


  • My PSA was 150+ and they weren't open to it. I just started Zytiga and hopefully my numbers will come down enough for them to give it a second look.

  • Hi there, you might be interested in attending a live prostate cancer webinar this Sunday. There will be lots of experts speaking, especially about immunotherapies and clinical trials Here's more info and registration link patientpower.info/event/pro...

  • tclementi ..thank you

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