Advanced Prostate Cancer
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So here I am

In the last quarter of 2013 I began having erection and urination issues, which the urologist treated as BCH. Then in Feb. 2014 in my regular annual physical my PSA came in @ 5.0 and I had discussions with the urologist again and we decided to closely monitor, but took no tests. In July 2014 I began to experience back pain after a hilly round of golf. My PP and I both thought it was an inflamed sacroiliac. This condition came and went and in January 2015 I finally had an X-ray that showed something in the pelvic area. The PP initially thought it might be Pagett's disease, but the blood panel came in with a PSA of 58. CAT and PET scans showed lesions on pelvis and L5, and the biopsy came in with a Gleason of 8 (4+4) and we went straight to hormone therapy (Lupron). The scans also showed enlarged nymph nodes and fuzzy spots on the liver.

I went to LA to get a second opinion, and it was recommended that chemo would be a good idea because of the lymph node and liver issues. So In July I started a 6 cycle x 3 week infusion regiment of Doxetaxel (Taxotere), and Xgeva (to address the bone lesions). At this time PSA was down to 2.74.

By the end of the Chemo, the lymph nodes were back to normal and the liver spots were gone, and PSA was 0.67.

By December 2015 PSA was 0.53, but in February it was 1.09 and I started on Casodex. March 8th it was back down to 0.95.

I have some typical symptoms of hormone therapy, libido, hot flashes, a little weight gain, but the back pain is presently gone, and I am running and playing golf without trouble. I am continuing with the Lupron (every four months), the Xgeva (every month) and Casodex (daily).

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Ask your doctor if weight training would be helpful; adt disrupts muscle mass


Thanks Darryl

I've been involved with Rugby since a child, and with the exception of the few months while undergoing the Chemo, I've always maintained a regime of strength conditioning, as well as both aerobic and anaerobic exercising and stretching. I have found it a much longer process than I expected to return to the levels I was at before the diagnosis, and may find I never get there. But, unlike the fox, I will keep on trying to get those grapes.

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Sounds as if you have been receiving excellent medical care given what you shared. Keep us in the loop and don't forget you have to buy us all a round of drinks when you get the hole in one.




I have to credit a local support group for providing me with the idea and name of a group in LA that only treat prostrate cancer. The visit there was the best thing I have done so far. No knock on the local physicians, who were looking at the same possibilities, but were not as focused on approaching my aggressive cancer as aggressively.


Hi, may I ask you what was the name of the place in LA that only treats prostate cancer. They seem few and far between. Where I go I am just a number and they treat all types of cancer. Thanks. Sinjonn.


The group's name is Prostrate Oncology Specialists. They're in Marina del Rey. The doctors are Mark Scholz, Richard Lam and Jeffery Turner. I saw Turner. Here's their details. Best wishes and good luck.


4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 101

Marina del Rey, CA 90292

310.827.7707 ph


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