Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Was a lurker in advanced cancer group. Lots of info and compassion in that group.

Diagnosed Oct. 2006 age 68

t2c 4 of 8 positive left side GS8 psa 11.7

Rrp dec 2006. Post psa 0.6.

Imrt March 2007 Started 6 month adt2.

Psa .01at 6 months.

Holiday for 32 months. Started 6 month adt2 and clinical trial with Avastin.

Holiday psa 0.01. Lasted

44 months. On adt1 6 months (Lupron) psa .2 Now on holiday 8th month psa .2

Best wishes to all the brothers and there families.


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Hi Gerry Great that your ADT holiday is now over 8 months! At what PSA will you decide that your present holiday is over (until the next one)?

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Hi Darryl

Some where in the 2.0-3.0 range.

I have an oncologist at Dana-Farber in Boston.

My pathology after surgery was pt3b GS 4+5

Second opinion at Dana was pt3b GS 8+t5 = GS 9

That was 9 years ago

My oncologist says I respond extremely wall to first line adt.

My second holiday was longer than my first.

No casodex this time just 2 three monthly shorts of Lupron.

Best wishes to all


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Hi Darryl,

I am planning to bring my brother to Dana Farber soon. He has stage 4 prostate cancer.

I would like your suggestion as to a doctor there.

If you have an opinion, please let me know.

Thanks, Annette


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