Advanced Prostate Cancer
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3/2006 diagnosed at age 54 with 7 of 10 cores Gleason 3+4 stage T2C after PSA trajectory of 1.2 > 2.4 > 5.8 over about three years.

5/2006 non-robotic radical prostatectomy (RP) - Gleason 4+3, no PCa found outside the prostate

o PSA went undetectable within a month and stayed undetectable for about a year

8/2007 PSA went to 0.12

11/2007 PSA went to 0.20, had 37 rounds of IMRT

o PSA went undetectable for 7.5 years

5/2015 PSA went to 0.02; 3 more readings since at 0.02 from the same lab, sandwiched around one reading of 0.08 from a different lab.

I'm following up with PSA tests every 6 months now; I've not at any point yet taken drugs for PCa.

Treatment benefits have been well worth my minimal side effects.

Advantages of Radical Prostatectomy that hardly anyone ever talks about

 PSA is a fairly reliable indicator after RP, very high sensitivity on progression, and almost 100% specificity

 no BPH and no problems urinating - for life

 no more "factory" for normal prostate cells to mutate into PCa

 no more semen (maybe some people consider this a disadvantage)

 no more biopsies

In addition to being a survivor, I have been working in the medical device industry and actively networking with healthcare professionals for since 2006.

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Great story, You are very lucky that you still have avoided hormone therapy, keep it up, life is better without ADT. Thanks for the positive of surgery.  Each of us needs to decide what is best for our own self.



Yes, I was lucky to have an "early" diagnosis. I only wish I had changed to quarterly PSA tests when my PSA first doubled. I suspect I would have had the RP a year sooner.



It doesn't matter what happened or didn't happen in the past, you can not change that.  What only matters now is what you do today and tomorrow,  Don't look back, what is done is done (or not done), look forward and to today.  Looking back brings regret and regret doesn't make anything better.


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No regrets. I only share that for the benefit of other men whose PSA velocity is suspect at a young age.


Got it and thanks



Hi Ron,

     I'm glad that you understand the benefits of the prostatectomy.    Many guys have problems with ED and incontinence, and don't consider that removal of the gland probably saved their lives.     

     My own PCa had spread and invaded the bladder and up against the rectum wall, and had already metastasized to the bones and lymph glands.      I wish that the cancer could have been surgically removed, but it was too late.

      You're one of the lucky guys, and you realize it.    Thank you for sharing and this should help other guys realize how lucky they are if removal of the prostate can stop the progression, despite side effects.


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