Advanced Prostate Cancer
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quick recap....89 YOA...1995 PSA 12 gleason 3/2. external bean radiation.....lupron/casodex...intermittent.. 8 ..histrelin implants..AstraZeneca ZE 4054....Taxquinimed....56 injections of Xgeva....ARN 509...prosvac....Zytiga/predinisone...4 .urinary stints.....6 xofigo infusions ...

You name it and I have done it. My PSA is now over 130. I have just started Xtandi.

I am not sure if I want to Start the Sotio Study, (uro says "yes") or add a Chemo drug to the Xtandi. On the positive side I have no pain. just a few side effects from the Xtandi. I do not think I could handle the Sotio study because there is so much involved. Is there anything else I could do. I am not ready to let go of my life..(my wife needs me and I am having a great time).....What to do????

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Sounds like you are doing well in handling what life has given you. You alone are the arbiter of what you need to do to extend your life, while balancing quality of life. Good that you resist your doctor's suggestion regarding the immunotherapy study, if you feel that it is too much of an imposition on your life. What to do? Perhaps more doctor opinions, of course. But most of all, enjoy your life.


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