Gator Blood Works...No Not BIRM but Gator Meat

Based on the study below and other articles on Gators, one month ago I started eating one ounce of Gator Jerky a results of PSA test today...PSA went from .24 to <.1. So I am going to hold off on my Xtandi/BAT protocol.


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  • Were you on the Xtandi at the same time?

  • no

  • Would Gator jerky work??

  • Gus, you've been joking about gator blood and such and now it is revealed as a serious subject. Interesting.

  • Good Morning Gus,

    Hell, I have taken every drug known for past 5+ years and now chemo, so bring on gator jerky!

    Who do you buy from? Some vendors seem to mix beef with the gator.


    Best wishes. Never Give In.

  • the jerky is too expensive for the long term...this outfit sells white meat...even the heart and liver...or you can buy the whole gator

  • Good for you Gus, I am happy for you! I have serious doubts that it is a result of gator jerky however. lol

  • i think it is far better than the rattle snake copper head combo i have been on

  • Let's face it: this is a hypothesis for which they have conducted "preliminary studies" that don't even merit citations. It's always nice to hear about something else that may be an anti-PCa agent, but we don't have any citable research yet on this one.

  • Gus thanks for the info, I just ate my wife's pocketbook I'm still searching for her shoes...(I gotta check her watch bands)...


    Good Luck and Good Health.

    j-o-h-n Sunday 10/22/2017 5:31 PM EST

  • Well now you have done it. At least we know how Gator Blood works, by preventing the formation of Hyaluronidase---the transporting agent for Neuroendrocrine Pca. How it does other thinks with other cancers is still pretty mysterious.

    I would suspect that since you are doing your variation of a kitchen sink worth of supplements, that those combined with your current therapies, kicked in.

    I miss my Gator Pictures.


  • Thanks for the smile this morning!

  • Thanks everybody, for the smiles this evening. We were up at 3 and at 5 went outside with a flashlight to haul in four heavy buckets of this year’s potatoes since we didn’t think Les would be able to lift them following the Vantas installation which happened in downtown St. Paul at 8 a.m.—a process that took about 5 minutes and was “duck soup”. So now Les has all 5, i.e. Vantas, Casodex, Avodart, Proscar, and DIM. Wonderful not to have any more injections for a year. Too bad after all that that we can’t afford the jerky, Gus. You-Know-Who

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