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Does anyone else suffer, and I do mean suffer, from restless leg syndrome? I take gabapentin every night. I thought I read somewhere that there is an increased incidence in people with adhd. I had low ferritin levels before a hysterectomy, but I have all that straightened out now. I think without medication my RLS could truly make me suicidal and I’m not bent that way at all.

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I get that now and then and for me it’s linked to vitamin d deficiency. I take vitamin d and it goes away. I think I read somewhere that many adhd people have a vitamin d deficiency so maybe that’s why many adhd have rls.

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I’ve read that as well. I used to take vitamin D but kind of fell out of the habit. I get tired of taking pills, even those I should. Probably part of adhd, wandering off task. 🤣

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