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What should I look for in ADHD coaching provider?

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New here, but am looking for advice---I have been searching the internet for an ADHD coach. I already see a therapist weekly for my depression and anxiety (and really my undiagnosed-until-about-a- month-ago ADHD) and plan to continue, so I am really looking more for like a life coach sort of vibe who will teach me executive functioning skills and strategies so that I can do my job and take care of my home in a reasonable amount of time.

What are some questions I should be asking them during a consultation? Beside the typical questions about payment and scheduling, is there anything else I should be asking? What are your thoughts about working with someone who also has a diagnosis of ADHD vs someone who does not have the diagnosis (although I think I have a preference of my own)? Any advice is welcomed. I've spent far too long thinking that I was lazy or dumb and I want to hit the round running with this.

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Hi 👋 this is Shnookie. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ if U have contacted CHADD. They R in MD. They R a nonprofit that deals with ADHD

and they have life coaches as well. Perhaps they have backgrounds on their coaches.

I see an LCSW, licensed clinical social worker, who specializes in ADHD. Through an online service. It's been amazing.

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Would you share what online service you use?

Try ADD coaching.com.

The highly respected author Edward Halliwell recommends this organisation, who use a strengths based approach to coaching: addca.com/adhd-coach-direct...

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