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Workout struggles.

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I want to work out daily and want some guidance. Is there a workout app that has been good for you over time? Don't like going to the gym because the equipment I would like is usually taken and I have a 30 minute commute and don't want to sacrifice family time or sleep. I have used fitness blender at times and even some P90X and similar type workouts. I don't have a lot of equipment. I like to listen to music when I exercise typically rap. I also run and bike on occasion. I have played sports but it is hard with 4 kids with their own stuff I want to attend. So tell me some fitness programs/apps that have worked for you and don't require a home gym/workout equipment that is going to cost me thousands of dollars.

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Honestly the easiest, cheapest and most convenient is YouTube, you can find so much on there from HIIT to yoga. You’ll have to do some digging as well as trial and error to find teachers you like, but that really helps me. My husband and I invested in a stationary bike and we use the Peleton app even though the bike isn’t one, which is actually great, it has so many workouts on there other than biking.

I hope this helps!

I have done a lot of YouTube with yoga and fitness blender (male and female who do different styles of workouts/cool downs/streches for all levels and equipment). But my issue is sticking with it. I did alarms and stuff and eventually blow them off or ignore them. I need something to stimulate me but also keep me accountable.

I haven’t tried it but apple fitness is an option. And I think peloton has classes that don’t require bike.

Not an apple person. Peloton is something I've looked into some coworkers use it.

I like chargerunning.

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I'll look into this.

I've been using runkeeper app to track my morning runs for the past year. I aim for 30 mins runs every other day, and follow the guided workouts. I try to make this my first priority the moment I wake up.

I just started to do strong lifts 5x5 app. I personally think it's the most simple and easiest to manage strength training program. Only 3 exercises, and can be quickly done.

Hope this helps!

My first question for you would be in actual reality, how much time can you actually commit to working out on the week days? This is after work, after personal relaxation time, after family responsibilities, and any other high priority tasks you have.

It’s totally okay if you say 20 min a day but only 2 times a week! It’s hard being honest with yourself about how much time you can commit to something when you have adhd.

Once you have an idea of how much time you can give to fitness I can recommend a few ideas that meet that timeframe. Personally I feel apps won’t really help you with fitness but a changed perspective will.

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Ok so I like to workout in the morning so I don't take from other commitments. I like to get to work early so if I do that 30 minutes maybe 45 but thats rushing to get ready which I don't always want to do. But I have wiggle room that's 30 minutes early to work for quite planning.

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