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ADHD dual diagnosed. Meth vs Ritilin or Adderall?

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Am I just delusional when I say that I need to be on ritilin or another similar medication along with cognitive and behavioral therapy? I have been treated mainly for bipolar for most of my life with everything but a stimulant medication. But when I got mixed up with ameth habit, I accidentally discovered extreme difference in my overall life. Much like when my pediatrician treated me with ritilin back when I was 6-13. The stimulant medication helped balance me in all areas of my life. Gave I discovered my best treatment approach ever in my life only to be denied because I discovered the effects while using an illegal drug, even though the chemical makeup of the stimulant medications are very much similar to that of the meth. How do I convince a medical provider to medically subscribe the legal ritilin under medical supervision so that I can feel that sense of what I can only imagine normal feels like?

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Hi there,

Sounds like you’re in a difficult place.

I am sober, clean and in recovery.

I was unable to receive the help I needed whilst still actively drinking or abusing substances and it took me about 2 years of being in sobriety to then receive a proper diagnosis for ADHD and to be trialled on stimulant medication.

I was then closely monitored and had to work hard in my recovery alongside being treated for my ADHD.

Sometimes Doctors will not take us seriously whilst still “using” or whilst we are at risk of abusing the stimulant medication.

It’s to keep us safe but it does suck if you feel you are really struggling and need help.

It may be worth just having an honest chat with your doctor and if you are serious about staying clean from other substances and they can trust you are in a place where you’re not too vulnerable to try the stimulants, they you never know.

I guess they have to look at the risks before prescribing and treating you so they can make a choice that’s in your best interest.

Message me in the chat if you want to talk further.

Best wishes x

I suspect you know that Meth is a magnificent killer. Many here including myself understand the mental benefits of stimulants though, as I drink my coffee and take my Adderall. I’m concerned for you using stimulants as that could encourage a relapse. You can determine this risk with a professional, but in the meantime you could get some cognitive behavioral therapy, maybe Wellbutrin.

I would look for a Doctor and Therapist that understand or specialize in ADHD. Get a diagnosis and that will pave the way to getting a prescription, if that is in your best interest.

Im sure I don’t know what normal is and really don’t care. Design a life that will yield what is best for you and the ones you love.

Honestly… you will have a hard time.. I was a nurse and I am now ex with Bipolar and ADHD, Severe , Mixed and recurrent PTSD , GAD, etc etc… I think the only way is to go to a doctor that also does substance abuse that way they can do random drug test.. I go to a pain management doctor for Chronic pain and fibromyalgia and they pres

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Hansch68 in reply to Kabfitz

I kinda expected that it would be difficult to get a stimulant prescribed after being on Meth. I have to agree with Tim_Othy in that I don’t really know what normal is. But when I initially started using meth, the world finally and for once in my life seemed to slow down a notch, and for me it was paradise. I could think clear. I could put my attention on sobering and finish it without having to stop every so often to regroup my thoughts. Life didn’t seem so hard to navigate. But when I started using excessively, I literally experienced total dementia. I was losing my mind all together. But overall, in lower, controlled deposes, I was functional. I experienced that level of normal for about a year and then I made the mistake of asking for help to get off when it got out of control and now I’m back to where I started. Hoping I can find a way to get that feeling back.

without a diagnosis no reputable medical professional will prescribe a stimulant or other ADHD med.I am a Nurse Practitioner with ADHD. And please you need not do METH. It can only lead to bad ends and it is so addictive! Please if you are still using get help to STOP ASAP! Suggest several things 1- See a Psychiatrist who will get the testing set up.Then he/ she will discuss meds . Rialin is an old drug there are so many more now - And it is important to know what type of ADHD you have and if there is any other diagnosis like depression/anxiety, bipolar disorder which often goes with ADHD .

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